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28 2011

‘Sales & Marketing’ or ‘Marketing’ and ‘Sales’?

Syndicated from: The Essential Message

‘Sales & Marketing’ or ‘Marketing’ and ‘Sales’? Most people lump sales and marketing into the same category. Many companies even have one person in charge of both functions. But is there a danger in thinking of both sales and marketing in the same breath? Let’s think this through for a minute. The best definition of those terms I have ever heard is that ‘marketing’ gets people to come to the table; ‘sales’ gets them to sign. It’s a very important distinction. While the lines may often appear blurry, marketing is usually what your reputation, newsletter or blog, advertising and website do. For small budget items and many consumer goods, a well-written landing page could help you complete the sale. But for corporate contracts and business-to-business services, sales takes on a life of its own — and almost always requires you to pick up the phone. On my to-do list, I used to have ‘Sales & Marketing’ as a single header. Then I realized that I was completing all the marketing tasks, but somehow the sales tasks kept slipping to the next day, (and the next, and the next…) That’s when I created two separate headings, and put ‘Sales’ first. I made my three calls this morning. How many did you make? Essentially yours, Michel Neray Chief Differentiation Officer The Essential Message

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