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09 2009

10 Steps to Losing Your Fear of Public Speaking

Syndicated from: Vocal Power

1. Accept your fear and make it work for you, use your nervous energy and turn it into enthusiasm, which will relax you. 2. Learn to relax your body before speaking. Take a deep breath from your diaphragm, not your chest, feel the difference and relax. 3. Practice reading out loud to help improve diction. 4. Read a child’s a book to improve your tone and emotion. 5. Speak in front of a mirror to improve your smile and body language. 6. Never memorize a speech, know the content, and use key words on cue cards to keep you organized. 7. Speak as often as possible in public, this will improve your comfort level. 8. Use humor to relax, not only you, but your audience. 9. Use a video recorder to evaluate your skills. 10. PRACTICE…PRACTICE…PRACTICE.

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