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02 2012

15 Biographies Every MBA Student Should Read

Syndicated from: Business in Motion: Insights from Business Leaders

Every MBA has an opportunity to make an impact on the business world in their own way, but first, it sure doesn’t hurt to find out about the greatness of others. Reading about the lives and work of business icons from both the past and present can lend a great deal of insight for your own career. Check out these biographies to discover the entertaining and educational stories of 15 great men and women in business. The Snowball: Warren Buffett and the Business of LifeWhat does it take to become one of the richest men in the world? Get some insight from The Snowball, the story of successful investor Warren Buffet. You’ll find insights into not just his strategies for business and investing, but his personal life as well. Certainly a good choice for any budding MBA in search of wisdom from one of the greatest men in business. My Years with General MotorsWritten by former GM CEO Alfred Sloan in 1963, My Years With General Motors has been regarded as a management classic for many years. So much so, that Business Week named it their top pick for their “bookshelf of indispensable reading.” Full of ideas for creative business management, Sloan’s biography is no less than a manual for managers. Read his story, and you’ll be able to better understand the basic concepts of the discipline of management, and how Sloan put these concepts to work to turn GM into the biggest company in the world after WWII. Steve JobsIt’s no wonder that Steve Jobs was Amazon’s best selling book of 2011: it’s an amazingly insightful look into one of the most talked about men in business. The late Jobs is legendary for his creativity, innovation, and being notoriously difficult to work with. Apple fans, business students, and those curious about Jobs’ life will be satisfied with this biography that delves deeply into his life. Call Me TedFollow media tycoon Ted Turner’s story in this book, from dropping out of college to turning his father’s billboard company into an international media empire, and going on to become a champion in his personal interests of sailing and baseball as well. Written primarily by Turner himself, Call Me Ted also includes passages from those close to him, including family, colleagues, and competitors, all revealing how Turner has pushed through setbacks and learned how to achieve greatness in business and in life. The Autobiography of Andrew CarnegieThe hard work and frustrations of business school may have you questioning what the point of all this is, and Andrew Carnegie’s autobiography might just answer that question. As a man who amassed a great fortune, Carnegie famously put his money to work as a philanthropist. This book explains how he created organizations that allowed him to give away more than $350 million in his own lifetime.Read the rest of this post at 15 Biographies Every MBA Student Should ReadGeorge Torok Host of Business in Motion Business Speaker Listen to Business in Motion audio PodCasts On iTunes Business in Motion on Facebook a2a_linkname="Business in Motion";a2a_linkurl=""; Business in Motion Weekly radio show Host: George Torok

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