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04 2012

2 More Ways to Increase Your Sales in 2012

Syndicated from: Fearless Selling » Blog

Yesterday I posted three ideas to help you increase your sales in the upcoming year. After writing that post I decided to post a few ideas every day this week. Here are two more suggestions. Increase your Actual Selling Time I know, you’re probably thinking that you already spend 40 hours a week selling. Well, the truth is most sales people do NOT spend as much time selling as they could. Productivity expert, Mark Ellwood, has discovered that most sales people spend as much as 78% of their time on non-selling activities. This includes: travel time, admin work, planning, researching their prospects, fulfilling orders, dealing with client concerns and problems, attending meetings, training sessions, conferences, and trade shows. This does NOT include distractions, socializing, and interruptions. If you want to have a great year you NEED to maximize your selling time. This means doing pre-call research, completing expense reports, and other admin work during non-selling times. The most successful sales reps do this type of work early in the morning or at the end of the day after they have returned to the office. If you want to be achieve your sales targets in today’s new economy you need to discipline yourself to do this additional work at a time when it doesn’t interfere with actual selling activities. Improve your Ability to Connect with Decision Makers This is one the biggest challenges because decision makers are so busy in today’s business environment. Decision makers are incredibly busy which makes it extremely difficult for sales people to actually connect with them. It can even be difficult to connect with existing customers. It used to take about 7 attempts to connect with a decision maker but now it takes as many 16 tries. And that’s just to connect with them for the first time. Maintaining ongoing contact is another challenge. This means you need to change your approach. Instead of taking a shotgun approach and trying to connect with decision makers in dozens of companies at the same time, you need to focus your efforts on trying to get into a few businesses at a time. And to achieve this you need to use a variety of strategies. This includes; calling, snail mail, networking, email, tapping into your network, referrals and using social media. The key with any of these approaches is to create a compelling message or to demonstrate your expertise on a particular business problem your prospect may be facing. This does not include sending self-promotion emails, corporate brochures or leaving long-winded voice mail messages. If you want more ideas, tips and strategies that will help you increase your sales this year listen to my latest audio program, “Make 2012 Your Best Year Ever.” Get the details here.

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