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Charles Marcus

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Success Strategist

According to Charles Marcus, perfection is a form of procrastination. Speaker, Success Strategist and author of Success is not a Spectator Sport, Charles Marcus defines his life as a speaker and the difference between perfection and excellence. Overcoming a strong speech impediment, he shares the lessons learned and the influences that helped him along the way.


Tom Stoyan

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Canadian Sales Coach

Do you wear a sales hat? Canada’s Sales Coach, Tom Stoyan, offers coaching insights on how to become active in your customer’s buying decision and sell more effectively. Tracing his 24-year career, Tom Stoyan shares the lessons, influences, and challenges that have carved out his ‘Selling with Integrity’ training program.


Bob Gray

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Building Total Recall

Are you good with names and faces? According to memory systems expert Bob Gray, everyone has the ability to have total recall. A professional speaker for 25 years and a Guinness Book of World Records holder, Bob Gray tells of the circuitous route that lead him to where is he today.