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10 2014

5 Reasons You Aren’t Achieving the Success You Deserve (and What To Do About It)

Syndicated from: Networking for Results Blog

You were created to achieve. It’s in your DNA. You are destined to succeed. The only thing that can get in the way of this outcome is you. No matter how passionate, disciplined or competent you are, there are roadblocks that appear. Here are five of the most common and what you can do to blow them out of your way. 1. Misaligned purpose. You were put here for a reason. Discovering it, and driving towards it, is your ultimate life mission.  This will be the true measure of your success. When you become aware of the contribution you are destined to make, nothing will hold you back. Life is a continuous process of discovery. Sometimes, we only have some of the pieces of the puzzle and presume that we have the whole picture, perceiving success only in monetary, career or personal terms. If you feel frustrated or discouraged, it could be that your purpose has not yet fully unfolded. If the answer is not, clear, you simply need to ask more questions. 2. Incomplete planning. Everyone knows setting goals is a secret to success and that working towards them is another. How many times have you set an important goal and watched it disappear within a few weeks or months? How often have you started a new regimen, only to fall back into your old habits? The problem is, too many people focus on each as separate areas. Long term goals are meaningless unless broken down into the individual components that create the intended outcomes. It is the goal-focused daily and weekly activities that accumulate to deliver your success. Success is a symbiotic process that marries goal structure to activity from concept to conclusion. 3. Ineffective accountability. Holding oneself accountable is a cornerstone of success. It is the link between determination and discipline. Being accountable means accepting that achieving success requires a structure that keeps you aligned with your destination. The issue is that, too often, we incorporate an “accountability flex factor,” monitoring the measurement process in isolation. Accountability is more meaningful when it is measured in a transparent environment. Success-driven accountability means monitoring performance in a team environment or making it a public process. 4. The high score factor. Success is a journey that includes peaks and valleys. We often achieve positive results early, or hit streaks of higher-than-anticipated outcomes. These unexpected windfalls build confidence and confirm we are moving in the right direction. An unfortunate by-product of higher-than-expected results is that they can negatively impact our performance and long term focus. Superb results can be the result of excellent work, but they can also mean goals have been set too low or the market is over-correcting. Remember, success always comes at a price. Are you being rewarded for the price you paid, or are you preparing to pay it later? 5. Lack of growth. You are an evolving creature. Knowledge is the fuel that propels you forward and upward. You have achieved your current level of success as a result of the investment you’ve made in developing yourself and your skills. Just as your body continues to grow, develop and evolve, so must your mind. Continuously investing in personal and professional growth is the most effective strategy to accelerate success. The future is in the hands and minds of those who have the courage to grow. You are meant for more. Your mission is to create it. Are you struggling with achieving success in your life?  Let’s chat. Simply email me at Michael Hughes

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