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07 2014

7 Networking-Related Trends for 2014

Syndicated from: Networking for Results Blog

A new year brings with it new hopes, new dreams and new opportunities. After scouring the internet for what 2014 holds, here are my thoughts on how to successfully network for more and better results in the coming year. 1. Networking is alive and well. Most professionals have now returned to reality. The importance and value of face-to-face contact has never been stronger. In fact, surveys confirm that offline networking still accounts for the majority of time spent and results earned in marketing. 2014 Success Strategy: Invest more time and effort networking with your target market. 2. Blended networking strategy. Just as the lines between mainstream and mobile marketing are now becoming blurred, it’s essential that a networking strategy incorporate both online and offline components. 2014 Success Strategy: Learn to maximize the compatibility factor that online and offline networking offers as one relationship-building strategy. 3. “Networked” Content marketing. Content marketing is being touted as the next big thing, especially online. The reality is that the marketplace is becoming so saturated with generic messaging and regurgitated info, most of its impact is lost. 2014 Success Strategy: Content marketing can be quite effective, when its context and relevance match the client base. Be selective and strategic. 4. Online communication skills. Research confirms that social media has become the mainstream communication vehicle for up to 20 percent of professionals, yet very few understand the characteristics of effective communication in this unique environment. 2014 Success Strategy: Prioritize the development of online communication skills. They are different. 5. Influencer marketing. As more and more people gravitate to, and share information on, social networks, so does the power and potential of Word of Mouth (WOM) and referral marketing. The ability to leverage connections, contacts and clients via online networks will continue to grow. 2014 Success Strategy: Leverage your network of choice for testimonials, referrals and brand-building. 6. Collaboration nation. The competitive business environment is forcing everyone to re-evaluate options and exploit new opportunities. Networking connections must be explored more deeply to assess how they can help reduce costs of increase revenues. 2014 Success Strategy: See every contact in the context of collaboration. Your success may depend on it. 7. The relationship factor. This is a word that is now top of mind with everyone, everywhere. The reality is that very few professionals encompass a relationship mindset. Trust, value and contribution are buzzwords that, when applied consistently, represent the linchpins to results. 2014 Success Strategy: Move from talking about relationship-building to implementing it a core business-development component. Let’s discuss how I can help you build better relationships. This philosophy and methodology is the cutting-edge success strategy in today’s complex and competitive business environment. Email me at P.S.: I truly do want to be of service. Let’s dicuss how I cna help you  

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