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01 2013

A Confession About Confidence

Syndicated from: Fearless Selling Kelley Robertson» Blog

Yesterday, I wrote a post outlining the importance of displaying a confident demeanor when dealing with prospects, especially senior executives. Afterwards, I remembered a situation when I displayed the same timid behaviour as the service advisor I mentioned. Eight years ago I was meeting with a prospect to discuss a sales training project. We talked about their goals, objectives and outcomes and what type of program would work best. Eventually, they asked, “How much will this cost?” I started to reply and the words got caught in my throat. You see, until that point, all price discussions with prospects had been done via telephone or through email. To make matters worse, I had just increased my fees. The little voice in my head screamed, “You can’t charge that much!!” I started to freak out, wondering how I could deal with the situation without looking like a wimp or worse, an idiot. So, I wrote the fee on a sheet of paper and slid it across the table to my prospects. They looked at each other, nodded and said, “Sounds good. Let’s get going.” At that point, I made a commitment to never allow that to happen again. Confidence is a funny thing. We need it to survive, especially in sales. And the most successful sales people tend to be very confident. However, even top performers lack confidence from time to time. An effective strategy to prevent confidence from escaping you when you most need it is to preview—in your mind—the situation beforehand. If necessary, verbally rehearse what you need to say so your brain, mouth and ears all work together. This approach can help you maintain your confidence when you need it most and prevent you from acting like a sales wimp.

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