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23 2011

A Pathetic Response to a Sales Enquiry

Syndicated from: Fearless Selling Blog ~ Increase Your Sales

A friend sent me an email exchange he recently had with a sales rep.   We are planning to build a new house in 2012. The goal is to make it as energy efficient as possible. The back roof is unobstructed, and would be dedicated to solar. Not interested in Micro-fit, and I don’t think we quite want to go off-grid, but am hoping to be able to create a system that will offset a large portion of our electrical usage, and will serve us if need be during power failures, etc. I don’t really understand the process well, but I’m envisioning a panel-battery system that draws off the grid whenever necessary. Is this something you can help us with? I’m out of town on Monday, but if someone could call me later in the week that would be great (telephone number was included here). Thanks!   Here is the sales person’s response: PLS contact me, Company logo Sales person’s name Address Telephone number Fax number Website   I was stunned!   This guy’s response was lazy and pathetic and it demonstrated a complete lack of professionalism and initiative.   Especially when you consider that my friend has budgeted $50-80,000 for this purchase! I’m sure he gets frequent requests for information from people who aren’t serious but my friend is definitely serious about moving forward with this project. Shouldn’t he be the one to set up a time to call rather than make my friend call him or make a random call in hopes that my friend will be available to talk? This guy just doesn’t get it…   Could your team benefit from the concepts in this blog? Feel free to reach out if I can help. 905-633-7750 Tweet This

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