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14 2013

A Valentine call to action: Carpe Diem!

Syndicated from: Networking for Results Blog

Who are you thinking about this Valentine’s Day: a loved (and loving) partner, a valued colleague or a significant person in your life? The Valentine’s Day “window” is a powerful reminder that relationships, especially personal ones, are core to our feelings of personal satisfaction, self-esteem and success. This annual focus speaks to the power of “love”, but on a deeper level, it acts as a catalyst for validating and expressing the feelings that are the foundation of the deep and meaningful relationships in our lives. Here are five Valentine-focused strategies that can have a significant impact on those around you. Realize the impact. The incredible power of Valentine’s Day lies in its reminder that love is all around us, and is expressed in any number of ways: deep personal relationships, intimate client partnerships, and inter-dependent professional connections. Take time to reflect and recognize who these people are and how they have impacted your life. Express your feelings. This special day carries a window of opportunity to communicate your feelings of gratitude, so why not leverage the momentum and make it a point to tell others how you feel. Unless we share our feelings, others will not realize the importance they have or the contributions they have made. Do both yourself and those close to you a great service and tell them exactly how you feel and why. They will be pleasantly surprised. Make a gesture. Sometimes words are not enough. If expressing yourself verbally is uncomfortable  (yes, I’m speaking to the men reading this), making a gesture can be even more powerful. Often, a personal note or special card can deliver a powerful message, without the embarrassment of a well-intentioned, yet fumbled few words. What gesture could you make that would show these special people in your life what they mean to you? Deliver a gift. Valentine’s Day and gift-giving go hand-in-hand. In fact, there’s a whole economy around the formal part of this special occasion. This is probably the simplest and most effective way to show others in your life that you have special feelings about them. There’s a caveat though: make sure the gift matches the relationship. Without this link, the gesture holds little meaning and will have little or no value; it may even be misinterpreted. Make it public. One of the most powerful ways to express deep feelings on this special occasion is to go public. We’ve all heard of public wedding proposals or seen them on Youtube. Every year, I buy corsages for each of the 4 special ladies in my life (mom, wife, daughter, daughter-in-law – and soon-to-arrive grand-daughter) and bring it to them at their place of work, so I can publicly and proudly demonstrate my love for each. What can you do to have a similar effect with your special Valentine(s) this year? Michael Hughes is Known as Canada’s networking Guru. To get more info about him or have him speak at your next meeting or conference, visit his web site  

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