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26 2011

AgendaCamp Sudbury is Underway

Syndicated from: Steve Paikin

 First it was Dalton McGuinty's backyard in Ottawa.    Then Andrea Horwath's hometown of Hamilton.   Then we hit the Niagara Peninsula, which Tim Hudak calls home turf.   And now we've come to The North, to Sudbury, for a long overdue visit to the Nickle City.   If you haven't been to Sudbury in years, you won't recognize the place. Back in the 1970s, the American space administration NASA had some of its astronauts train in Sudbury, to become more familiar with local rock formations that resembled the surface of the moon.     But three or four decades later, this city is a gorgeous green.  It's become a hub of northern outdoor education, particularly here at the site of today's AgendaCamp, Laurentian University, which is led by the youngest university president in North America, Dominic Giroux, who's 35.   The mining sector is doing extremely well, as many companies have clustered around here. A significant indication of how much this city has changed could be seen during the Vale Inco strike.  The strike lasted a year, ended a year ago, and the city almost didn't miss a beat.   To be sure, the families of those thousands of miners who lost a year's pay were affected. But as a city, Sudbury is no longer as profoundly beholden to the vagaries of what happens at Inco at it once was.   At today's AgendaCamp, participants are discussing energy, health care, social services, the environment, and local governance issues. They're hammering out questions on the big issues that we'll put to our political panel tomorrow night, live at 8 pm from City Hall.   Our representatives are: Former CTV anchor Tony Ryma, the Liberal nominated candidate in Nickle Belt; Vic Fedeli, the former North Bay mayor, who's running for the PC's in Nippissing; and France Gelinas, the NDP MPP for Nickle Belt.   Follow today's AgendaCamp activities through my twitter account (@spaikin) at or on our special website:       

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