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16 2011

Allison Graham

Network, Connect, Relationships

Founder, Elevate Seminars + Strategic Development Inc.,

Networking expert and President of Elevate Biz, Allison Graham, shares strategic business networking tips designed to "deepen the level of conversation".  As she advises on ways to create a genuine connection, Allison Graham reveals typical blunders and top tips to keep in mind at your next networking event. Learn effective ways to manage a large network. Learn how to politely disengage from a conversation. And learn what Allison Graham's personal mission is – and why you really should never do this.

Interview Date: January 2012

Allison Graham: Blog

Apr 02 2013

Good-bye Boring Socks, Hello Socks that Start Businesses

from: allison.graham

Syndicated from: Getting Connected

As I put on my socks this morning, I couldn’t help but think “how boring”. They were just a simple pair of lady’s trouser socks. Sure I wore a nice pair of black dress pants and a very hot pair of Stuart Weiztman heels, but the socks themselves, well, they were a just ho-hum. One […]

Sep 10 2012

How to Avoid Event Overload.

from: allison.graham

Syndicated from: Getting Connected

Today’s column talks about the potential overload for events in London and gives some advice on how to choose (copied below). I’m curious, which events will you attend? How do you choose? Do you have specific criteria you use to target your efforts? GETTING CONNECTED: Professionals run the risk of overwhelming their schedules and their […]

Aug 27 2012

Adventures in Wardrobing

from: allison.graham

Syndicated from: Getting Connected

Navigating the ins and outs of a professional wardrobe during any season, especially summer, can be a real challenge for women. Over the last few months I’ve been learning about this very topic from Jo-Ann Fisher and the team at the women’s clothing boutique Fisher & Company and Accents by Fisher & Company.  The team […]



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