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06 2011

An Icon Lives On.

Syndicated from: The Essential Message

An Icon Lives On. I heard the news that Steve Jobs passed away when I happened to glance up at the television screen in front of one of the exercise machines at my fitness gym. The news hit me hard, like I had personally lost a member of my own family. It hit me hard, like when John Lennon died on Monday, December 8, 1980. I remember exactly where I was, blankly looking through the window of the office in Paris and feeling somewhat numb. Twenty years from today, people will ask, ‘where were you when you heard that Steve Jobs had passed away?’ and I’ll be instantly transported back to the gym. I’ve been a Mac user since 1984. Yes, that was the year the famous Superbowl television commercial launched the Macintosh. Steve Jobs was huge in my life. He stood for everything different, bold, intelligent and innovative — all qualities I continue to aspire to and connect to my own identity. A giant has passed away. An icon lives on. The Apple Macintosh 1984 commercial. It still inspires me.         Steve Jobs’ 2005 Stanford Commencement Address: How to Live Before You Die.           An excellent tribute from Wired Magazine.         Keep thinking different, Michel Neray Chief Differentiation Officer The Essential Message

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