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29 2012

Are You Doing The Work?

Syndicated from: Louise Karch - Performance Coach, Speaker, Agitator

A pair of boots walked into Starbucks and I asked their dusty owner if I could take a photo. “They are more like sandals” the young workman said chuckling. “Yes, but they prove you do the work.” Do you? Do you have two strategies that you use each month to put yourself in front of your ideal clients or funders? Can you host a free private showcase?  (these are invitation only events where you share your expertise).  Can you  speak? Host a webinar? Host a charity event? How can you become more valuable to those you value? Twice a month, no matter what. “Manage the activity and the money will come,” says Executive Director Nancy Sutherland of The Sunshine Foundation. Wise words from a woman who has used this philosophy of disciplined strategies to raise almost a million this year to make dreams come true for kids with major physical challenges. Come on boots, let’s get walkin’.  

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