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10 2013

Are You Leaking Focus? (5 Ways to Plug the Holes)

Syndicated from: Box of Crayons

Hey you! Over here! No – over here! (Actually, I’m behind you now…) Did you see Monday’s provocation? Take a look. It challenges you on where you might be leaking focus. So let’s assume that’s happening. That just occasionally you get distracted. Occasionally you take a left hand turn when you really should be keeping on the straight and narrow. Now and then, you wander off… Not only can that get in the way of getting things done, but a study from a few years ago suggests that we’re less happy when we get distracted. So Hans Brinker it When this happens to me (which it does, daily) here are some of my strategies. 1. Prune Sometimes, my lack of focus is because I’ve taken on too much. So I ask myself what I can drop, right now. 2. Shhhhhh Declare library rules. Set some standards with those around you on how to behave. 3. Run Run away. Stop working in that place where you keep getting distracted. Go find somewhere new. One of my go-to places in the excellent AGO, where there’s a quiet room and (crucially) no internet connection. 4. Time it I’m just back from Australia and as well as hanging out with my awesome nieces and nephews, I worked on (and finished) the first draft of the new book. Exciting times. The secret to my success was this well-named app. It kept me working in 25 minute bursts with a five minute break. I committed to doing four of these a day, and it made for good progress. 5. Judo Sometimes you just need to roll with it. Rather than gritting your teeth and struggling into the headwind of distraction it’s easier just to let it all go and embrace full distraction. And then, when you’ve had the break. Come on back.  And you? What do you do when you’re leaking focus? PS – The Gang In case you’re wondering, here I am rehearsing a Christmas play with my nieces and nephews…  

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