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28 2011

Are You Presenting To Win?

Syndicated from: Fearless Selling Blog ~ Increase Your Sales

A client recently told me about a sales presentation she was subjected to. It was obvious that the seller was flying by the seat of his pants and winging the presentation because he rambled off topic, discussed things that were unrelated to his proposal, and in general, he lacked focus. He obviously showed up to present instead of thinking about how he could present to win, and as a result, earn the business. When you present to win everything you do and say is designed to compel the other person to do business with you. When you present to win, you don’t take ANYTHING for granted. You carefully script your presentation. You rehearse your presentation until it flows naturally and smoothly. You anticipate potential objections, concerns and questions. You plan how you will respond to each objection or issue. You know exactly who will be present at the meeting. You are poised, confident and professional. You leave ample time in case you encounter traffic jams, construction or other delays. You arrive early to familiarize yourself with the meeting room. Presenting to win also means discussing just the key points that are relevant to the prospect’s situation. It sounds like an easy task but too many sales people get drawn into the trap of over-presenting and wading too deep into a “feature” monologue. Presenting to win requires laser-like focus and discipline. The more important the sales opportunity, the more critical it is that you invest the time to develop a powerful and compelling presentation. Plus, you need to show up with the intention of winning, not just to present your idea, product, service, solution or offering. You can show up to present or you can present to win. The difference might be subtle but the impact is dramatic. Could your team use some fine-tuning in this area? Give me a call and we can discuss a program that will help them create and deliver more compelling sales presentations. 905-633-7750   Tweet This

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