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Adam Gellert

Yes, we utilize social media

It’s interesting to think about how we got to where we are today. How we take different roads to success. How we continue to push and explore new possibilities and new avenues. All of this not only builds our own character, but these new roads shape and create opportunities for those around us. What I […]


Growth strategy: plan your hiring ahead of time

Start-up companies are no different than mature companies – their success is contingent on finding good talent. When a start-up company is ready to hire, they usually need the new resources on an ASAP basis, but it is critical that they do not compromise on the quality of talent they hire, as the adverse effects of […]


Employee perks: attracting employees for your start-up

Are you thinking about starting to grow your team? Many entrepreneurs are faced with the same challenges of finding ways to attract employees for their start-up, while staying lean and not breaking the bank. You can get creative with your approach to compensation by offering perks that can be appealing to your new hires. We […]