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Ashish Malik

Janet Carding

Janet Carding interviewed by Randall Craig on Professionally Speaking TV

Director & CEO, Royal Ontario Museum

Bringing the Royal Ontario Museum (ROM) back to the community forefront, Director and CEO, Janet Carding, joins host Randall Craig to discuss culture in contemporary times. After tracing her continent-spanning career, Janet Carding delves into the cultural heritage housed at the ROM as she guides us through top exhibits, rare collections, and the ROM’s award-winning research. Taking a closer look at the ROM online and curator interaction, she talks about Royal Ontario Museum’s recent deep-dive into social media and online content development.


Susan Sweeney

Post image for Susan Sweeney

Internet marketing

The 101 Ways Susan Sweeney, Internet marketing expert and author of several books on the subject, shares some powerful information and Internet marketing wisdom. Susan Sweeney talks about how she became a force in the online marketing world as she traces her career history and all it’s triumphs and pitfalls. She reveals her no-nonsense approach of: meet objectives, fit target markets, and promote products and services.