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Jill Donahue

Post image for Jill Donahue

Ethical Behaviour Change


Cathy Nesbitt

Cathy Nesbitt interviewed by Randall Craig on Professionally Speaking TV

The Power of Vermicomposting

Slimy, slithering worms. Our image of these crawly critters may be outdated according to Cathy Nesbitt, founder of Cathy’s Crawly Composters – a business built on vermicomposting (composting with worms). Sharing insight into the world of converting household waste to nutrient-rich fertilizer, Cathy Nesbitt openly discusses the basis of her composting business and what is making it a huge success in the world of business.


Pina Russo

Pina Russo interviewed by Randall Craig on Professionally Speaking TV

Cross-cultural + Digital Strategies

Pina Russo, Director of Mercatto Media, is an authority on cross-cultural intelligence in the Hispanic segment. She is also an author, blogger and speaker with a deep passion for exploring how culture and consumer behavior are affecting the way we communicate and work with ethnic markets.


Maxine Warsh

Maxine Warsh interviewed by Randall Craig on Professionally Speaking TV

Anti-aging, Beauty, Skin Care

Maxine Warsh, entrepreneur and anti-aging specialist, talks about her personal introduction to the nonabrasive, cosmetic microcurrent technology. She speaks passionately about the benefits of these treatments and how they helped her and her clients look younger and feel rejuvenated.


Sarah Wiley

Sarah Wiley interviewed by Randall Craig on Professionally Speaking TV

Inspiring and Challenging Journeys

What better country to cultivate resilience, leadership, connections and compassion through inspiring and challenging journeys of self-discovery in the natural world? Sarah Wiley, Executive Director of Outward Bound Canada, joins us on Professionally Speaking TV to showcase some of what makes Outward Bound an incredible experience for both adults and youth. With Wilderness Expeditions and Urban Programs, Outward Bound Canada has a journey for everyone. Sarah Wiley also shares some of her own expeditions and experiences in her long relationship with Outward Bound.


Helen Wilkie

Helen Wilkie interviewed by Randall Craig on Professionally Speaking TV

Organization Communication

How often have you had to suffer through a meeting that had no point? Or maybe this three-hour meeting could have been delivered in 30 minutes? Helen Wilkie, President of MHW Communications, says that poor communication in an organization is expensive. Discussing the topics of meeting culture, business writing, e-mail etiquette, and more, she offers tips and strategies on how not to waste time – yours or others.


Frank O’Dea

Frank O'Dea interviewed by Randall Craig on

Co-founder, Second Cup

“It’s about an idea that worked, and made a difference.” Second Cup Co-founder, Frank O’Dea, shares his link between hope, vision, and action in this interview with Randall Craig. Climbing out of homelessness and substance abuse, he shares his entrepreneurial success story(ies). As Co-founder of a multibillion dollar industry, Frank O’Dea takes us through his entrepreneurial adventures while offering advice to those starting out.


Jessica Ching

Jessica Ching of Eve Medical interviewed by Randall Craig on www.ProfessionallySpeaking

Female Friendly Medical Devices

Jessica Ching, founder and CEO of Eve Medical, joins us in the PSTV studio to discuss her new venture. Sharing the challenges and successes, Jessica Ching talks about what it’s like to enter the whirl wind of entrepreneurship.


Ken Gruber

Ken Gruber of Delta Chelsea Hotel interviewed by Randall Craig on

Hospitality Marketing

Marketing Director of the Delta Chelsea Hotel, Ken Gruber, joins us in the PSTV studio to discuss Toronto’s entertainment hotel. He shares his marketing tips on what they’ve done lately to promote these 1600 rooms, and how they market the city with the hotel. From traditional to online to social media, Ken Gruber examines the effectiveness of past campaigns and the impact it’s had on business.


Riz Ibrahim

Riz Ibrahim interviewed on Professionally Speaking TV

Career Counselling & Development

With a history in the not-for-profit sector, Riz Ibrahim, the Vice President and General Manager of the Canadian Education and Research Institute for Counselling (CERIC) joins Randall Craig in the PSTV studio. Exploring CERIC, its current and past projects, as well as its defining features, Riz Ibrahim discusses what CERIC does for both the employee and employer. With a focus on career planning and career development, this interview spans everything in between.


Hessie Jones

Hessie Jones interviewed on Professionally Speaking TV

Seasoned Digital Strategist

Discussing all things digital, Hessie Jones, Digital Strategist, joins Randall Craig, Host, in the Professionally Speaking TV studio. No stone is unturned in this one-on-one discussion of community, mobile, influencers, and strategy. Hessie shares tips from the field and valuable insight in her years in the digital field.


Wendy Kane

Wendy Kane interviewed by Randall Craig on Professionally Speaking TV

Event Marketing Specialists

Wendy Kane, founder and President of Wendy Kane & Associates, joined Randall Craig in the PSTV studio to discuss event and sports management. As a leader in the industry, Wendy Kane shared her challenges and lessons moving from an entrepreneur to a giant in the industry working gaining experience with such events as the Winter Olympics and the Grey Cup!


Paul Hill

Paul Hill interviewed by Randall Craig on Professionally Speaking TV

Panic Free Job Search

A critical interview for anyone (employer, employee or unemployed) in today’s workforce. CEO of Transition to Hired, and author of The Panic Free Job Search, Paul Hill, joins us to discuss tactics, strategies, and plans for getting hired. With 26 years in Search, he shares his wealth of knowledge on how to manage your own career. Discussing Job Boards, Search Firms, Career goals, interview tactics, elevator pitches and more, Paul Hill talks about how to use existing tools and overcome hurdles.


Steve Paikin

Steve Paikin interviewed on Professionally Speaking TV

Host of TVO's 'The Agenda'

“Every night is different, every week is the same” says Steve Paikin, Host of TVO’s The Agenda, as he discusses his career and role in the media. With a 30-year history in journalism, he recounts his various television reporting and hosting experiences up to his current role at The Agenda. Now in its fifth season, we learn how the stories are chosen, and where they get their ideas. Recalling his observations and experience from the G20, Steve Paikin shares his thoughts on the rise of Social Media and citizen journalism, and the impact it’s had on the media.


Laurie Turnbull

Supply Chain Expertise

Supply Chain Consultant at Cole International, Laurie Turnbull, joins us to make the complex simpler in Supply Chain Management.


Bill Johnson

Post image for Bill Johnson

Former President of McDonald's Canada

From burger flipper to CEO, Bill Johnson, former President of McDonald’s Canada, traces his climb up the ladder. Now a coveted speaker at IVEY School of Business, he shares his ‘no cash registers in the boardroom’ philosophy. Revealing trials and lessons learned, Bill Johnson talks about developing the business in Mexico, building a new supply chain, and the international aspect of McDonald’s.


Dr. Anthony Watanabe

Dr. Anthony Watanbe interviewed by Randall Craig on

Sustainability Consulting

Dr. Anthony Watanabe, CEO and President of The Innovolve Group, joins PSTV host, Randall Craig, in a look at sustainability from a local and global perspective.


Dr. Deborah Nixon

Dr. Deborah Nixon interviewed by Randall Craig on Professionally Speaking TV

Money, Management, Planning

Discussing all things financial, Dr. Deborh Nixon, Founder and President of My Money Mindset, joins us on PSTV this week.


Gael Hannan

Gael Hannan interviewed by Randall Craig on Professionally Speaking TV

Hearing and being heard.

Using humour to engage and bring about awareness, this is what Gael Hannan does with her audiences. A Hearing Loss and Hard of Hearing Consultant, she sheds light onto this often overlooked and avoided subject. Join Gael Hannan in this delightful interview where she shares stories from the stage, and personal triumphs.


John Stanton

John Stanton interviewed on Professionally Speaking TV

Marathons, Training, Retail

“Much of our success is that tie-in to the community.” Founder of Running Room, John Stanton, joins us in the studio to discuss his hugely successful retail chain and the 25+ years of entrepreneurial triumph. Talking about his first run and where Running Room came from, John Stanton shares the challenges of expanding into the American market and what they are doing to succeed.


Nuzhat Jafri

Perspectives, Requirements, Actions

Executive Director of the Office of the Fairness Commissioner, Nuzhat Jafri, joins us in the PSTV studios to discuss regulated professions, fair licensing, and how it connects to other issues across Ontario.


Mario Fiorucci

Mario Fiorucci interviewed by Randall Craig on Professionally Speaking TV

Live to Eat

Co-founder of The Healthy Butcher, Mario Fiorucci, joins us on PSTV to discuss the success of the business on the rise of the organic trend. Tracing his path along a unique entrepreneurial adventure, Mario Fiorucci shares the challenges, set-backs and successes with us in this inspiring interview.


Shawn Casemore

Shawn Casemore interviewed by Randall CRaig on Professionally Speaking TV

Improving Operational Performance

“Success is not elusive,” says Shawn Casemore, Founder and President of Casemore & Co. Discussing the key elements in achieving operational success, Shawn Casemore talks about the importance and skill in executing strategies, aligning processes, and integrating software. He also reveals what’s changed in operational excellence over the years. Revealing secreats to craftinga great team, a multi-generational workforce, procurement, and the future of supply chain, Shawn Casemore hits all the key spots making this an interview you won’t want to miss!


Marg Hachey

Marg Hachey interviewed by Randall Craig on Professionally Speaking TV

Advising Women Business Owners

Marg Hachey, a leader in entrepreneurial guidance and mentorship, joins us in the PSTV studio to discuss and the female entrepreneur. As a founding member of the Women Presidents Organization (WPO) in Canada, Marg Hachey offers sought-after insight into what makes a company a success. She takes us through her impeccable track record of leading successful organizations and promoting rapid growth. Find out what you can do to encourage and support your own company success.


Andrew Leslie

Andrew Leslie interviewed by Randall Craig on

Defense, Technology, Military

Retired Lieutenant-General, Andrew Leslie discusses his 30 year career in the Canadian Armed Forces, his steep career progression, and his transition to the corporate life at CGI. Breaking down the army organization into bite-sized pieces, he shares processes on recruitment, training, and soldier pay. Taking a broader look at warfare, Andrew Leslie touches on his final role in the army with a closer look at funding, overhead, and sober second-looks. With his transition to CGI, he talks about overlapping elements in cyber warfare, and cyber security in Canadian corporations.


David Patchell-Evans

David Patchell-Evans interviewed by Randall Craig on Professionally Speaking TV

Founder and Owner, Goodlife Fitness

Overcoming the odds, David Patchell-Evans founder and owner of Goodlife Fitness, discusses how he entered the business of fitness. Now with over 300 clubs across Canada and counting, he talks memberships, motivation and the health of Goodlife Fitness. Talking about his book ‘The Real Sexy, Smart and Strong’, David Patchell-Evans reveals the strategy behind the book and why its impact is timeless.


John Rafferty

John Rafferty, CEO of the CNIB, interviewed by Randall Craig on Professionally Speaking TV

Seeing Beyond Vision Loss

John Rafferty, CEO of the CNIB, is interviewed by Randall Craig on Professionally Speaking TV.


Suzanne Stevens

Post image for Suzanne Stevens

Sales, Management, Philanthropy

What’s your potential? With the unique belief that we perform best at the edge of our comfort zone, President and founder of Ignite Excellence, Suzanne Stevens, shares her company’s approach to sales and leadership training. She defines several key areas of focus such as, differentiating the sales process, establishing the relationship, and using Socio-Value Influencers. In the professional arena as well as the personal, Suzanne Stevens challenges the restrictions we place on ourselves and to get out of our own way.


Janice Diner

Janice Diner interviewed on Profesionally Speaking TV

Creative Director and Technologist

On the leading edge of technology is where Janice Diner sits. As founding partner and CEO of Horizon Studios Inc., emerging technology is her business. And as an award-winning Creative Director – she does it with style. In this interview Janice Diner discusses her inspiration, challenges, and where she goes from here.


Wilf Dinnick

Wilf Dinnick interviewed by Randall Craig on Professionally Speaking TV

Community-powered News

Wilf Dinnick, CEO of Open File, shares insight into freelance journalism and what Open File is doing to stay competitive in the business of news.


Kenny Wise

Kenny Wise interviewed on Professionally Speaking TV by Randall Craig

Beauty Supply Distribution

Kenny Wise, President and CEO of CanRad Beauty Ltd. discusses this family owned company and its generations of history. Taking a peak into the wholesale and distribution business, Kenny Wise shares his own landmarks and how he took CanRad to the top of a competitive and blossoming industry.


Simon Heath

Simon Heath interviewed by Randall Craig on

Presence, Presentation, Communication

Simon Heath, Executive Communication coach, speaks to us about breaking bad communication habits and integrating best practices. With demonstrations on breath and body positions we learn what impact we have on our audience. Drawing examples from his seminars and workshops, he shares stories on engaging an audience, speech structure, rhetoric, and the infamous Charlie Brown Teacher Syndrome.


Wendy Cukier

Wendy Cukier interviewed by Randall Craig on Professionally Speaking TV

Innovation, Education, Research

How do you build a culture of innovation? Wendy Cukier, V.P. of Research & Innovation at Ryerson University, joins us on set at Professionally Speaking TV to discuss just that. Speaking first on Research, Wendy Cukier discusses funding options and breakdowns. Weighing the pros and cons of traditional and non-traditional funding options, she talks about the current emphasis on partnerships, community, private sector support and the proprietary nature of research. Moving into the realm of innovation, Wendy Cukier takes a closer look at innovation systems. Looking at government, private sector, and higher education, she discusses how to balance traditional rigor and innovative space to produce leading outcomes. Wendy Cukier shares the remarkable transformation of Ryerson University and the impact that it has had on reputation and visibility.


Shenda Tanchak

Shenda Tanchek interviewed on Professionally Speaking TV

Self-Regulating Physiotherapists in Ontario

Shenda Tanchak, CEO and Registrar of the College of Physiotherapists of Ontario, joins host, Randall Craig, on the set of Professionally Speaking TV. This in-depth profile takes a look at the College of Physiotherapists of Ontario, their role in the community, and the regulatory process.


Andrew Angus

Andy Angus interviewed by Randall Craig on

Educating Your Audience

Andrew Angus, founder of Switch Video, joins us on PSTV with stories from the entrepreneurial trenches.


Bob Oliver

Bob Oliver of Pollution Probe interviewed by Randall Craig on Professioanlly Speaking TV

Clean air. Clean water.

How much do you do for the environment? Bob Oliver, CEO of Pollution Probe, discusses all the work this environmental organization does. With work in defining environmental problems through research; promoting understanding through education; and, pressing for practical solutions through advocacy – there is a lot to cover in this one-on-one interview.


Jim Geraghty

Jim Geherty interviewed by Randall Craig on Professionally Speaking TV

Career transition, Career management

Coming up on August 20th 2012


Peter Temple

Peter Temple interviewed on Professionally Speaking TV

Media and Presentation Strategist

Writer, Director, Producer, Peter Temple joins us in the studio to talk about film, video, and putting it all together. Exploring the concept of the ‘Money Shot’ and other sought after frames, he runs us through how the industry has changed in his 35+ year career in the television and film industry. Don’t miss Peter Temple offer exclusive tips in corporate videos and presentations. Learn how to appear more professional and confident in front of the camera. Learn what you can do at home to produce your own videos. And learn when you should call for a professional, like the Media Maestro himself!


Jenny Faucher

Jenny Faucher of Managing Matters is interviewed by Randall Craig on Professionally Speaking TV

Event & Association Management

Managing Matters can do “everything from A-Z to run an association.” Says Jenny Faucher, President and Founder of Managing Matters. With a diverse background in HR, Marketing, and Association Management, she takes us through how Managing Matters came about and what makes it different. Discussing changes in the association world and how she’s helping her clients become proactive in a shifting environment, Jenny Faucher shares tips on membership, events, community engagement, and current trends.


Jill Harrington

Jill Harrington interviewed by Randall Craig on Professionally Speaking TV

Helping Sales Professionals

Join host, Randall Craig, as he interviews Sales Expert, Trainer, and Speaker, Jill Harrington. Sharing insight from years of experience in the sales field, Jill Harrington talks about closing the gap between buyers and sellers. She reveals how to gain faster access to the customers you want, and how to keep them coming back for more. Jill Harrington also shares her entrepreneurial adventure in building up the sterling reputation of her organization, SalesSHIFT.


Dan Goodwill

Dan Goodwill interviewed by Randall Craig on Professionally Speaking TV

Logistics, Transport, Supply Chain

“Smart companies see strategic supply chain management as a competitive weapon,” explains Dan Goodwill, founder of Dan Goodwill & Associates. Defining freight transport and the industry dynamics, he discusses capacity and managing the impact and efficiencies.


Kim O’Connell

Kim O'Connell interviewed by Randall Craig on Professionally Speaking TV

Design, Print, Campaigns

“Communication is always the key.” Kim O’Connell, General Manager for Artistic Minds Inc (AMi), and print production dynamo, talks about the inner workings of an internal print agency and how they support some of the biggest fast food agencies in North America – KFC, Taco Bell, and Pizza Hut. In the print industry for 35 years, Kim O’Connell shares thoughts on direct mailing, coupons, trade printers and outsourcing. She offers insight into the age-old debate of traditional marketing versus social media and how AMi, a non-profit agency, stays competitive.
***** Due to technical difficulties, this interview has been removed. *****


Alex Barseghian

Alex Barseghian interviewed by Randall Craig on Professionally Speaking TV

Gift Box Experiences

The unique concept of the gift box experience was turned successfully into a thriving business. Here to talk about this exciting venture is Alex Barseghian, CEO and Founder of Samba Days. Listen in as he shares his lessons and learnings on PSTV.


Min Basadur

Min Basadur interviewed by Randall Craig on Professionally Speaking TV

Creativity, Innovation, Solutions

“There is no problem that is not solvable.” Min Basadur, founder of Basadur Applied Creativity, discusses innovative thinking. Defining ‘complexity’, Min Basadur discusses inventing the process of problem solving. Comparing innovative thinking to analytical thinking, he summarizes the industry of thought. Using actual case examples, he introduces his famous ‘Simplexity’ while defining some of the skills and tools needed to use the process. If there’s a problem to solve, learn how to get the right people in the room, and learn how to get the right process to solve it. And learn how Min Basadur helps people make complex problems simple.


Ann Webb

Ann Webb interviewed by Randall Craig on Professionally Speaking TV

The Business of Art

“The Arts make us human.” Ann Webb, Executive Director of the Canadian Arts Foundation, Founder of the Reel Artists Film Festival, and Publisher of Canadian Art magazine speaks about art in Canada – emerging and long standing. Revealing her challenges and passion in the arts, Ann Webb traces her career path through some of Canada’s most revered cultural institutions. Naming several ‘Art Stars’, she discusses art coming out of Canada. Ann Webb discusses the success of the Reel Artists Film Festival, a venture which she founded in 2004, while outlining the year over year success this community festival has experienced.


Debra Joy Eklove

Debra Joy Eklove interviewed by Randall Craig on Professionally Speaking TV

Meditation, Empowerment, Wisdom

“It’s a process of mind, body, and spirit integration,” says President of The Art of Living Foundation Canada, Debra Joy Eklove. Defining the organization that recently celebrated their 30-year anniversary, Debra Joy Eklove talks about the international, humanitarian, and educational efforts they have been making. With a focus on yoga and meditation, she describes it as a spiritual approach to life while distancing the organization from religion.


Haig Baronikian

Haig Baronikian interviewed by Randall Craig on Professionally Speaking TV.

Projects, Technology, Management

Haig Baronikian joins us on the set of Professionally Speaking TV to offer insight into the process of Project Management. Discussing recovery, management, and stakeholders, this wide-ranging discussion also focuses on key issues that can impact delivery such as lead replacing, and sponsor issues.


Sharon Worsley

Sharon Worsley interviewed by Randall Craig on Professionally Speaking TV

Personal Leadership

Join Sharon Worsley, creator of The 4 Diamond Leader, as she takes us through what makes an effective leader.


Connie Clerici

Connie Clerici, Founder of Closing the Gap Healthcare Group, interviewed by Randall Craig on PSTV

Healthcare, Community, Partnership

Connie Clerici and Israel Mendez join Randall Craig in a frank discussion about healthcare in Canada and Closing the Gap Healthcare Group.


CSAE Social Media Best Practices Research

Randall Craig and Gerry Bramm CSAE Social Media Best Practices Research

Research, Benchmarking, Social Media

Randall Craig and Gerald Bramm discuss their recent report on CSAE Social Media best practices.


Judy Thompson

English is Stupid

Founder of Thompson Language Centre, Judy Thompson, joins us in the Professionally Speaking TV studio to discuss her book, English is Stupid – a ground-breaking method of instructing English fluency and pronunciation.


Deborah Del Duca

Deborah Del Duca interviewed by Randall Craig on Professionally Speaking TV

Girl Greatness

Discussing all things Girl Guides, Deborah Del Duca, CEO of Girl Guides of Canada, joined us on the Professionally Speaking TV set. Tracing the 102 year history of this landmark organization, she explores the diverse and multi-generational groups that make up their various programs. Deborah Del Duca’s role is explored as she talks about what she has learned since being a part of Girl Guides of Canada.


Shawn Saraga

Shawn Saraga interviewed by Randall Craig on

Solving the Puzzle of Franchising

Mr. Franchise himself, Shawn Saraga, joins us in the PSTV studio to share insights and pitfalls in the franchise industry. Offering valuable tips and lessons to both franchisee and franchiser, he bares all in this informative interview.


Humble and Fred

Humble and Fred interviewed on

Radio and Podcasting at its best.

“Our audience is valuable because it’s ours.” With their usual self-deprecating humour, Howard Glassman and Fred Peterson, otherwise known as Humble and Fred, joined the PSTV set to discuss their wildly successful podcast – and why their fans are so unique. From early days at CFNY to their current digs in their 5-Hour Energy Studio, they take us through their 20+ year career in radio, how it’s changed, and what’s the same. Humble and Fred bring honesty to the forefront as they discuss career stumbles and successes – all with their usual banter and quips. From fan engagement to show predictions, we cover it all in this interview with the notorious Humble and Fred.


Mary Anne White

Mary Anne White interviewed by Randall Craig on Professionally Speaking TV

Materials scientist, Chemist and Physicist

Prolific scientist and researcher, Dr. Mary Anne White, Research Professor at Dalhousie University, talks to Randall Craig about the University Professor life. Defining her own area of research, Dr. Mary Anne White discusses her fascination with thermal properties of materials while giving several examples including an exciting product development from Toshiba. Discussing university teaching life she openly talks about sessional teaching, tenure, and specifically, teaching in the field of science. And with seasoned experience Dr. Mary Anne White explores the ins and outs of publishing academic papers, plagiarism, and the relationship between teaching and researching.


Ed Barisa

Ed Barisa interviewed by Randall Craig on

Boards, Professionals, Members

Discussing legal, regulatory, and advocacy issues in Ontario Real Estate, Ed Barisa, CEO of the Ontario Real Estate Association (OREA), offers insight and wisdom into an old and often misunderstood profession. Ed Barisa talks about the Competition Bureau, the Multiple Listing System (MLS), and the Buyers Representation Agreement as he takes us through some Real Estate industry trends.


Karen Thorne-Stone

Karen Thorne-Stone interviewed by Randall Craig on Professionally Speaking TV

Cultural Media Industries

As President and CEO of the Ontario Media Development Corporation (OMDC), Karen Thorne-Stone defines the organization as an economic development agency by generating investment and job creation across six different creative industries. Discussing the impact of the OMDC, Karen Thorne-Stone outlines what their funding is for and how to get it. “This is not a one-horse town,” says Thorne-Stone, alluding to their ability to support initiatives across sectors and broker relationships between industries. Learn how OMDC measures their success.


David Gouthro

David Gouthro interviewed by Randall Craig on

Facilitation, Conversation, Leadership

“You learn faster if you’re willing to blow it.” David Gouthro, President of The Consulting Edge, talks facilitation and the role of the facilitator. Bringing about a higher quality conversation is a particular skill of his as he shares facilitation tactics and success stories. David Gouthro reveals the top three questions to ask a facilitator when outsourcing, and how to get the most out of that relationship.


Greg Taylor

Greg Taylor interviewed by Randall Craig on Professionally Speaking TV

Premium Canadian Pilsner

“We’re all about the celebration of Craft Beer.” Greg Taylor, Co-Founder of Steam Whistle Brewing Company, joins host Randall Craig as they discuss the art of brewing beer. Tracing his path to his current role, Greg Taylor tells the story behind the business. From bottle design and packaging to ingredients and brewing process, he reveals the advantages and disadvantages of craft brewing. Greg Taylor reveals why Steam Whistle Brewing focuses on doing one thing really well and how that focus has launched a successful brand. The interview continues onto grow opportunities and industry trends as he touches on what’s in store for Steam Whistle Brewing Company.


Diane Craig

Diane Craig interviewed on Professionally Speaking TV

Image Enhancement Expert

How do you not detract from your message? What makes a good first impression? Diane Craig, President of Corporate Class Inc., answers these questions and more on building an executive presence. With strong roots in fashion and image, Diane Craig tells of her start in the world of corporate image. Drawing from client experience, she reveals the images and styles that are most in demand and how to achieve them. And to help wade through the complexity of looking professional, she also offers specific image tips for men and women in the area of clothing, colour choice, and dining etiquette.


Patricia Moser

Patricia Moser interviewed on Professionally Speaking TV

Procurement, Supply Chain, Demand

Breaking the glass ceiling of Supply Chain, Patricia Moser, President of i3 advantage inc., traces her career path. Reviewing processes and practices in past senior roles at Rogers Communications and Grand & Toy, she shares lessons learned and best practices. Patricia Moser discusses several contributing factors in successful procurement such as data mining analysis, effective value propositions, and supplier due diligence.


Beth Terry

Beth Terry interviewed by Randall Craig on Professionally Speaking TV

Resilience Mastery

Encouraging one step at a time, Beth Terry, Cactus Wrangler, talks about building resilience and becoming a stronger ‘you’. First defining what resiliency is, she offers strategies to help ‘get your bounce back’, and unload the baggage that may be weighing you down. Taking a look at both of her books, Thinking About Thinking and Walking in a Crowd of Angels, Beth Terry traces her motivation for authoring and shares her favorite pieces of each accomplishment. Taking a closer look into her speech writing ability, we gain a birds eye view of how to structure a speech to be impactful, and a few tips to help avoid common pitfalls.


Jeff MacInnis

Jeff MacInnis interviewed by Randall Craig on Professionally Speaking TV

Explorer, Adventurer, Entrepreneur

“We need a reason that’s bigger than ourselves to make things happen.” This is Jeff MacInnis, Founder of The Business Race, and how he connects the embodiment of racing into everything he does. As a participant in several national and international races and expeditions, he draws parallels between racing and the corporate world. Jeff MacInnis talks about racing as a business strategy, feedback versus encouragement, as well as collective versus individual goals. He recalls inspiring stories and lesson learned along the way.


Stewart Hardacre

Stewart Hardacre interviewed by Randall CRaig on Professionally Speaking TV

Affordable housing, Partnership, Advocacy

Building simple, decent, and affordable housing, Stewart Hardacre, President and CEO of Habitat for Humanity Canada, discusses how they empower change and break the cycle of poverty. Defining the housing need in Canada, he traces the application and selection process as well as the Habitat for Humanity Canada funding. As they offer a ‘hand up’ to hundreds of Canadians across the country, Stewart Hardacre explains how the real magic is what happens after the ‘Habitat’ experience.


Andre Mech

Andre Mech interviewed by Randall Craig on Professionally Speaking TV

Green House Gas, Emissions, Reductions

“Small groups of dedicated people are the ones who make huge amounts of change,” says Andre Mech, Principal at Mech and Associates. Discussing emissions, carbon credits, and offsets, he explores greenhouse gas measurement and explains how it’s done. As Andre Mech breaks down the complex terminology, he explains the existing systems, the growth of the industry, and the role that government plays. Siting facts and figures, he discusses the Kyoto Treaty – the impact and the disappointment – while encouraging our own due diligence.


Mark Haan

Mark Haan interviewed by Randall Craig on Professionally Speaking TV

Migration, Naturalization, Immigration

What do new Canadians need? How do they find the resources they require? What organizations are available to help? Mark Haan, Executive Director of the Canadian National Migration and Naturalization Association, answers these questions and more. Defining his organizational role in the grand scheme of things he talks about newcomer obstacles and challenges. He reveals how to fill the gaps between the mother culture and the adopted one while advising on pitfalls that can be avoided. Touching on language, translation and interpreters, Mar Haan reveals the niches and functions and needs of related industries.


Matthew Teitelbaum

Matthew Teitelbaum interviewed by Randall Craig on Professionally Speaking TV

Art, Community, Learning

From the Art Gallery of Ontario (AGO), CEO, Matthew Teitelbaum joins us as he discusses curating and collecting. Revealing community responsibilities of the AGO, he defines the role of curator and what lead him to the AGO. Matthew Teitelbaum shares the challenges and inspiration of the AGO Transformation process and how it came about. Gaining first-hand insight into the newest addition of the AGO, The Weston Family Learning Centre, Matthew Teitelbaum discusses it’s integration into the AGO.


Denise Meehan

Denise Meehan interviewed by Randall Craig on Professionally Speaking TV

Fast food, Retail, Marketing

“We cook with a conscience.” Denise Meehan, founder and owner of Lick’s Homeburgers, shares the defining inspiration behind this Canadian institution. Maintaining the ‘homemade’ taste unique to Lick’s, she discusses the reach into grocery retail, controlling the supply chain, and protecting the integrity of quality. Denise Meehan recounts how the Natureburger her investment in beef pasteurization has paid off by providing food that fills a growing demand for healthy and safe options. Maintaining the mantra that Lick’s serves good food that is good for you, the Lick’s experience hasn’t changed much over the years. Maintaining an eye on food quality and service, Denise Meehan talks about staying ahead of industry trends and what’s next for Lick’s Homeburgers.


Ross Jefferson

Ross Jefferson interviewed by Randall Craig on Professionally Speaking TV

Destination Marketing

“Waterfronts can be a very powerful catalyst for change in a community.” Executive Director of Discover Saint John, Ross Jefferson, discusses city character and destination marketing. With waterfront cities acting as a ‘gateway’, he shares the connection between economic development and tourism, and how the public/private partnership model of Discover Saint John is a benefit to all involved. Ross Jefferson reveals the biggest challenges and biggest opportunities he faces in destination marketing, and how he approaches each head on. Learn where the dollars come from. Learn what the tough questions are. And learn how Saint John is quickly becoming a top tier destination.


Cliff Korman

Cliff Korman interviewed by Randall Craig on Professionally Speaking TV

Urban Architect and Designer

“Without the urban design, you cannot create the architecture.” Discussing the balance of community and urban development is Cliff Korman, Senior Partner, Architect and Planner of Kirkor Architects & Planners. Running through the thousands of considerations in an architectural project, Cliff Korman uses two of his recent projects as examples: the Bell TIFF Lightbox and the Hull Centre. This award-winning architect shares his thoughts on ‘smart growth’ and urban intensification with examples of enhancements benefiting community needs. Cliff Korman reveals the steps in building a collaborative planning process.