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Christiana Mbazigwe

5 Tips to Change Your Business Strategy

Your business strategy is part of your company’s long term plans. Needless to say that if you’re changing the direction of your company, you first have to analyze and evaluate your current situation to determine if a change is truly necessary. Changing your business strategy should be well planned and implemented slowly, step-by-step. Set up […]


The meaning of financial literacy and its importance

Financial literacy is the ability to understand how money works: how someone makes, manages and invests it, and also expends it (especially when one donates to charity) to help others. In-depth knowledge of financial literacy is required to understand how money works and how it can work for you – even when you’re sleeping – […]


Advice for starting and growing a successful business

There are various factors that contribute to business success and a few of them are discussed in this article. Building a business is like building a house, flying an airplane, and raising the child from cradle to maturity. It takes time, money and efforts. Before launching a business of your desire, you have to consider […]


Shifting your business plan occasionally

A business plan is a proposal, a road map, a blueprint and a master plan for an organization. A business is like an organism, it has life.It goes through the normal life processes; ideation stage, conception and incubation of the business idea, birth, growth, maturity, decline, recovery or death.This is like the business lifecycle. An […]


Storytelling as an effective marketing tool is important in business

Storytelling according to Wikipedia is the conveying of events in words, images, and sounds, often by improvisation or embellishment. Stories or narratives have been shared in every culture as a means of entertainment, education, cultural preservation, and to instill moral values. Storytelling is well connected to evaluation. Everyone has a story so tell your own […]