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Podcast: Picasso and the Art Market

Click to play: Download 46.1 MB MP3 Molly Ott Ambler and Elizabeth Gorayeb Recorded on Wednesday, June 6, 7 p.m. in Jackman Hall Duration: 01:20:41 Molly Ott Ambler and Elizabeth Gorayeb, vice-presidents from Sotheby’s New York, visited the AGO on June 6 for a fascinating discussion about the intriguing world of the art market for […]


The Silent Muse: the Influence of African Art on Picasso’s Early Work with Dr. Gus Casely-Hayford (Audio)

Click to play: Download 53.8MB MP3 Recorded: Wednesday, May 9, 7 pm in Jackman Hall Duration: 01:34:04 During the early years of the twentieth century a new form of painting was born. This was not a further resolution of the aesthetic conundrum that had been teasing European artists for centuries – this wasn’t an evolutionary […]


Meet the Artist: IAIN BAXTER& (Audio)

Click to play: Download 49.5MB MP3 Recorded: Wednesday, April 4, 7 pm in Jackman Hall Duration: 01:26:36 Baxter’s work encompasses photography, installation, sculpture, painting, drawing, and a performative aspect that seeks to challenge and redefine the role of the artist. Collaboration and contingency are central to Baxter’s working method. In 2005 he legally changed his […]


Meet the Artist: Stephen Shore (Audio)

Click to play: Download 47MB MP3 Recorded: Wednesday, March 21, 7 pm in Jackman Hall Duration: 01:22:16 Stephen Shore is an American photographer, known for his pioneering use of colour in art photography. His book Uncommon Places is  a classic in the field. His acclaimed writings on The Nature of Photographs illuminate the many ways […]


Tintin and the Thomson Collection of Ship Models at the AGO (Audio)

Click to play: Download 47.5MB MP3 Recorded: Wednesday, February 29, 7 pm in Jackman Hall Duration: 01:23:06 Join Simon Stephens  to hear about ships, ship models and Tintin. Simon Stephens is curator of the Ship Model and Boat Collection at the National Maritime Museum, London. He curated the Thomson Collection of ship models installation at […]


The Art of Healing: Artists and Medical Practitioners in Duet (Audio)

Click to play: Download 55.3MB MP3 Recorded: Friday, February 24, 7 pm in the Weston Family Learning Centre Duration: 01:36:42 In the 1300s plague ravaged Europe and was called the Black Death. The horrors of this pervaded all aspects of medieval culture and especially art. What are today’s plagues and how do we cope with […]


Art & Philosophy: Borduas and the Existential Drama of the Visible (Audio)

Click to play: Download 54.3MB MP3 David Ciavatta Recorded: Wednesday, February 15, 7 pm in Jackman Hall Duration: 01:34:57 What is it that we actually see when we take the time to linger with one of Paul-Émile Borduas’ abstract paintings?  The paint on these canvases does not completely efface itself for the sake of allowing […]


Rembrandt and the Face of Jesus (Audio)

Click to play: Download 51.5MB MP3 Lloyd DeWitt Recorded: Wednesday, February 8, 7 pm in Jackman Hall Duration: 01:30:04 In mid-career, Rembrandt shifted to a new model of Jesus based on a living, accurate-looking model, possibly the first time in the history of Christian Art this had been done.  Lloyd DeWitt will outline the recent […]


Behind the Scenes: The Art of Jack Chambers (Audio)

Click to play: Download 41.8MB MP3 Recorded: Wednesday, February 1, 7 pm in the Jack Chambers exhibition Duration: 01:13:12 Join art historian Dennis Reid, curator of Jack Chambers: Light, Spirit, Time, Place and Life, for a tour of the exhibition.    


Betty Goodwin’s Tarpaulin #8 (Audio)

Click to play:
Download 1.52MB MP3
Duration: 00:02:13
Listen to AGO conservator, Sherry Phillips, talk about Betty Goodwin’s Tarpaulin # 8.
Photo Credit: Betty Goodwin (Canadian) 2009, Tarpaulin # 8, 1976. Tarpaulin, rope and wire. 322.6 x 261.6 cm. …


Meet the Artist: Yael Bartana (Audio)

Click to play: Download 54.1MB MP3 Recorded: Thursday, January 26, 7 pm in Jackman Hall Duration: 01:34:40 Yael Bartana is an Israeli-born artist and filmmaker now based in Amsterdam, Berlin and Tel Aviv. Her film trilogy “And Europe will be Stunned” made between 2007 and 2011, was shown at the Polish Pavilion of the Venice […]