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Francisco Lingad

Challenges Faced When Growing Your Business

Francisco Lingad, ANCL Partners BC, Vancouver BC, Futurpreneur Canada Mentor The biggest challenges for entrepreneur’s growth opportunities in the local as well as other market beyond their provinces are: 1) Sustainability, nurture the ongoing business and grow by making business operations simple, enjoyable and fruitful. Keep the income streams flowing, if you need to expand […]


Expanding Your Skills, Values, and Building Confidence

Francisco Lingad, ANCL Partners BC, Vancouver BC, Futurpreneur Canada Mentor There is a hidden hand that propels you to succeed, and that is your confidence. Confidence can open doors as it gives an initial impression of who you are. Also, if you are confident in yourself, your business and your services, your client will also be […]


Developing Business Relations in Cyber Space

Francisco Lingad, ANCL Export Import Canada, LLP, Vancouver, BC, Futurpreneur Canada Mentor  Cyber marketing through social media networks and communication platforms provide chances for you to reach out to a wide customer base as well as develop valuable business relations. The following are leads on what you have to focus on for effective and positive […]


Reading From Inside and Outside: The Box of Objectivity

In celebration of National Volunteer week happening from April 6 – 12, 2014, CYBF is celebrating mentors’ valuable contribution to young entrepreneurial success! Why is mentoring important to entrepreneurial success? Francisco Lingad of ANCL Partners, explains his mentee’s experience. Generally to get an objective view of the situation, you need to look at both outside […]


Challenges: Changing For The Best

There are practical ideas and insights to survive and thrive in the real world. Most of these ideas and insights are learned by experience or shared by people who have encountered them before. You can read these in books, or you may have similar events which you can relate to this empirical knowledge. In business, these are […]


Keep it simple

The key to success is to start with a simple idea. Once you have the idea, it’s important to take action and move it forward. Work as if you are working on a puzzle and stick with it until you connect all parts together. Get help if you need to (CYBF offers full mentoring programs […]


Universal language of business

Accounting and financial reports are the universal language of business. The whole dynamics of the numbers in these reports – knowing, preparing, using and analyzing them – are valuable business tools. Your stakeholders, team members, financiers, banks and your customers read these numbers. You and your stakeholders will feel confident if your business is doing […]


Advice for people considering a start-up business

Be positive. Work positively; create goals and mini-goals. As you reach your mini-goals, you achieve success and move forward. If you fail to reach this goal, workout another strategy and review your actions; your failure should be perceived as a learning experience. Move on and see the future with optimism. Identify what pulled you down […]


The chaste idea

“The Internet is becoming the town square for the global village of tomorrow.” — Bill Gates No matter how good the idea is, don’t assume it will grow on its own. You have to develop, share, communicate, refine and make it work. In today’s technology, idea-sharing transcends to the level of perpetual influx. Social media provides the […]