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Who Says the Customer is ALWAYS Right?

Everyone at some time or another has worked on the service side of the business – trying to manage the client’s expectations while, many times, acquiescing to their demands, just to make them happy. Smaller companies and start-ups, whose customers are everything to the business, cannot afford to leave any of their paying clients unhappy. […]


Sir Robert Peel’s Social Media Principles of Modern Policing #SMDAY

Originally posted on Walking the Social Media Beat:
To honor the 5th Mashable Social Media Day, I thought it would be fun to re-write Sir Robert Peel‘s,  “Peel’s Principles of Modern Policing” with a social media focus. Enjoy. Social Peelian Principle 1 The primary objective for policing efforts through their social media presence must be…


The Perpetual Lie: When your Online Persona Precedes the Real You

I believe all humans were created with a reasonable sense of integrity. We are on this earth to do good, right? But along the way, we were misguided. Our egos got the better of us and we lost our way. The real life that we lead can be easily masked, however. We have the haven […]


Being a Start-up Mom: An Introspection

As I write this, it is early on a Saturday morning. Trying to find some quiet time before the family rises, I retreat to the dining table, riddled with the incessant flow of paper work – yes, work that I must put on my to-do list– but after I get this post written. As I […]


The BEST Morning Shake via @RyanPannell

Every since my dear friend, Ryan sent me this recipe, I was hooked. It may sound cliche but healthy can taste really good. Another friend of mine calls this my morning green goo! Little does he know how very very good it is for you. So, I used to drink this every morning 7 days […]


SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT: ArCompany and InNetwork Announce Strategic Partnership

I am so excited today. As we start moving in this social intelligence space, we’ve built some pretty amazing relationships along the way, including this one with Innetwork Inc. You can also see this at the ArCompany Blog. ArCompany and InNetwork Inc. Announce Strategic Partnership, Combine Social Media Intelligence with Influence Marketing July 15, 2013 – Influence […]


When Life Makes You Think

I was going about my day when I saw my friend Lindsay Bell post a note on Facebook about an explosion at the Boston Marathon. From the time it took to read that post to the time my kids came home from school 20 minutes later, thousands of posts both on Twitter and Facebook were […]


Memories of #SXSWi 2013

For all the hoopla about #SXSW I can say the following: I’ve never seen such a dysfunctional transportation system in my life. Cabs not being available for hours on end was really frustrating! The weather was somewhat fickle. It didn’t know whether it wanted to be nearing summer or receding to dark, dreary winter. On […]


Happiness is Amazing Customer Service: Thanks Apple!

Apple Runs Circles Around Google in Customer Service


My Next Journey: ArCompany

Almost four months ago, I came to a cross-roads in my career. Having just left yet another start-up that had tons of promise but eventually began to show signs of waning, it was pretty evident that the frustration I had encountered in the last 7 years in the social media business was coming to a […]