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What are your anniversaries?

Birthday, sure.
Marriage – for some of us.
Divorce – for others.
I think it’s worth tracking all sorts of milestones, even first birthdays that take about 165 years to roll around.
Aug 12 – 5.75 Questions You’ve Been Avoiding launched
Sept 14 – arriving in Canada (10 years this year!)
Sept 15 – anniversary of my death (2043)
How about you? […]

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Intimacy & uncertainty

Jonathan Fields, a friend and a mentor, has a new book coming out in September.
I’ve read it – a bonus for being a friend of his – and it is powerful, useful stuff on how our brain craves certainty but so much of success lies in the ability to manage (and stay with) uncertainty.
He’s just […]

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What have the last 10 years taught you?

I’m in London enjoying a short break after working with favourite client of mine here.
I strolled Carnaby Street today – once the epicenter of British fashion – and found this painted on the changing room wall of Howie’s, a fantastic Welsh outfit committed to making great stuff with passion and with mindfulness.

27 insights for you […]

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