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Natasha Stephens

It is finally here…the time to celebrate!

The doors to CSI Regent Park are now
open to the public.  It has been a very successful opening, all systems
working and no major issues!read more


Why Is Social Innovation Essential to Revitalization?

last three months have been hectic to say the least!  I have
held information sessions in April and May, set up information booths at
three community events in Regent Park, and I am still busy planning the
logistics of launching CSI’s t…


CSI Regent Park Blog: Grow, Reach Our World!

This is my
favorite time of the year in Regent Park; it’s sowing time in the community
gardens that spring up in the green spaces at the foot of many of the old
buildings. The gardens are not just for a show, by the summer, there will be
peas, lettuc…


CSI Regent Park Blog: Revitalization or Gentrification?

has been a significant amount of media attention recently about the Regent Park
revitalization.  The underlying debate being “revitalization or
gentrification” which, in my opinion, is a debate that will not be settled
until the effects …


CSI Regent Park and the road ahead

It has been six weeks since I went on the tour of the new
CSI Regent Park with Tonya, Eli and Barnabe.  I had only been in the job for fifteen days
and I was still trying to grasp the scope of the launch of CSI Regent Park.
When I watch the video …


Welcome to CSI Regent Park!

My name is
Natasha Stephens and I am the newly appointed manager at the Centre for Social
Innovation Regent Park.  If you want to
know a bit about my background, check out my profile here (I’m
pretty amazing!).  But for my f…