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Tom Heintzman

How long until wind energy gets to the same price as fossil fuels in Canada?

Reaching cost parity with fossil fuels, where renewable power doesn’t cost any more than fossil fuels, is one of the holy grails for renewable power, and it looks increasingly possible. According to a recent study by Bloomberg New Energy Finance, in parts of Europe onshore wind energy will reach cost parity with fossil fuel-based electricity […]


Sometime in the near future…

What would a zero-emissions life look like? This isn’t science fiction. In 2050, we could find ourselves living in a net-zero energy home and commuting to a smart office in an electric car powered with green electricity. The U.S. Department of Energy’s Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory and the San Francisco-based energy consulting firm Energy and […]


Rise of the Canadian cleantech industry

Did you know that Canada’s clean technology (Cleantech) industry is now rivaling mining, forestry and logging in revenue and jobs? According to the recently released 2011 Canadian Clean Technology Industry Report, more than 44,000 Canadians are now employed by Cleantech, about the same number as those employed by the mining industry. Cleantech revenues for 2010 […]


Canada can lead international reform on energy subsidies, says leader of International Institute for Sustainable Development

Bullfrog Power has long advocated that subsidies on fossil fuel-based energy generation be reduced. Subsidies help feed a reliance on polluting forms of energy generation (and energy waste) and do not motivate Canadians to develop or champion alternate (currently, more expensive) renewable energy options. Franz Tattenbach, president and CEO of the International Institute for Sustainable […]


Canada needs a clear climate change strategy

Bill C-311, also known as the Climate Change Accountability Act, was voted down by the Senate on Wednesday, November 17. The bill called for the federal government to develop strategies to bring greenhouse gas emissions 25 per cent below 1990 levels by 2020, and to bring emissions 80 per cent below 1990 levels by 2050. […]


The implications of fossil fuels on global food supply

Another massive but hidden cost of fossil fuels that is not reflected in the price we pay is its impact, via climate change, on the world’s food supply. In the past few days, there have been two articles in the Toronto Star on the heat wave in Russia and its impact on wheat supply: “Today Russia, […]


Increasing energy efficiency in China: uncovering the hidden costs of energy

This morning’s Globe & Mail article on China’s order to close more than 2,000 antiquated and energy intensive factories is a strong reminder that the developing world understands that the world is transitioning to a low-carbon economy, in which energy prices will take into account the costs to health and the environment – costs that […]