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Your Remarkable Brand - Roz Usheroff

A Simple Holiday Recipe for Joy and Meaning This Season

I invite you to consider gratitude from three perspectives: a way to increase joy in good times; a way to lessen pain in bad times; and a way to build your brand by giving voice to the gratitude you naturally feel in your heart. Be grateful in good times Thankfulness is a great equalizer. In […]


Wisdom, Opportunity and Wealth for Corporate Women

Do you possess the style, grace and savvy to take on tough issues in the boardroom? Does your leadership and communications style need more focus? Learn what it takes to make this happen with our Art of WOW DVD. Successful women can reach career plateaus that are perplexing and frustrating. In fact, many are held […]


Miracles Happen When You Care

Become Your Personal Best In these challenging times, your success will depend on the attitude you choose daily and how you decide to embrace change. The success you experience in your career will depend on the choices you make every day. You don’t get to vote on how you are perceived.  How others see you […]


What Did Your Last Email Say About You?

Increasingly, an email — whether initiated by you or forwarded on your behalf – is your first business contact with a prospective client, business partner or colleague. Email interactions now outnumber telephone and in-person contact by a wide margin — even with colleagues sitting in the next cubicle. Do not mistake the ease and speed […]


Big Things Start With Small Talk

As an executive coach, I have often witnessed companies withholding promotions from individuals who cannot relate to others on a personal level. The smart and the savvy know a conversation that starts as simply as a comment about the weather can be the beginning of a great friendship, a creative collaboration or a lucrative contract. […]


Becoming Connected: Your Network = Your Net Worth

Whether you are looking for a job or not, it’s in your best interest to continuously network, promoting yourself and your expertise to management, peers and those in positions to champion you. This lays the groundwork for your next career move, and it distinguishes you from your competition. Ultimately, the purpose of networking is: * […]


Summertime, and the Virtual Networking is Easy…

Summer can be a great time for working your way through a few items on your perpetual To-Do list. Congratulations if this includes creating or updating your Virtual Network! It is so critical to keep your information up-to-date and relevant. Your online profile is a terrific opportunity to present your unique brand to the corporate […]


Can’t Be There? No Problem! Virtual Conferencing Etiquette 101.

No need to shorten your summer holidays for an essential meeting at the office – just make it virtual! Even without your actual presence and involvement, you can still be your best PR person and be heard. Remember these basic common-sense rules for this great technology, to ensure your virtual presence is as impactful as […]