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30 2013

Basics of Effective Team Leadership

Syndicated from: balance-AND-results

Exchanging emails with professor David Hurst of Regina’s Graduate School of Business (after my review of his new book a few posts back), we agreed that experienced leaders such as those in his EMBA program generally know what effective leadership looks like and therefore think our struggle to describe it better is ‘obvious.’ That got me thinking about why it’s so hard to simplify what leaders need to know and do to be effective when we all have this sense that’s it’s actually something we all know. Anyone who’s worked on a team that really took flight knows the startling surge of power to succeed that occurs. It is a quantum level different from day to day teams we are so often stuck with. It seems rare and a bit hard to define, but we know the feeling of being part of something special, of getting results three to 10 times a great as any of us expected, of achieving those BHAG or Big Hairy Audacious Goals we are told to set for ourselves. What we recognize are the components. Everyone seems to simply strive for the core goal. They put aside a lot of individual greed for fame, recognition, financial gain or 

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