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26 2011

Becareful of your advertising slogan… may benefit your competitor

Syndicated from: Paul Bridle

British Airways launched its advertising slogan, “To Fly, To Serve” which I read to imply that they were going to start to think about the service they offer (or haven’t been doing for a long while). However, the clever move that teaches us all a good lesson about taking care with slogans, is that Easy Jet plans to do a slogan “To Fly, To Save” with text that states “When we launched 15 years ago, those four words summed up what we believed in. And they still do. We don’t need to paint them on our tailfins, like some advertising slogan. That would just be a waste of your money.” Wow……cheeky? confrontational? Maybe both, but very smart. Be careful what slogan you use because it can be an opportunity for the competition to nail you in one sentence. I think it is poor for British Airways to have used ‘Service’ as a USP when it is so, dare I say, yesterday? It is like the mission statement that says ‘we will be the best’ (For that matter it is like having a mission statement these days), it is just so old hat and says nothing really. So British Airways says “To Fly, To Serve” Easy Jet says “To Fly, To Save” Will Sir Stelios, who announced his new airline ‘Fast Jet’ today be putting a slogan out “To Fly, To Catch Me”?

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