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26 2012

Benefits of Leasing

Syndicated from: Business in Motion: Insights from Business Leaders

Lease financing may be a smart way for business owners to acquire the modern technology they need to be competitive while preserving capital to invest into other key areas of the businessAssuming your company is in the business to turn a profit, not just to acquire assets, equipment Lease Financing has its benefits…ü     Leasing provides up to 100% financing of the equipment cost.ü     Working capital & lines of credit remain free for other uses.ü     Credit decisions are generally very quick, often the same day.ü     Fixed rental for the term of the lease.ü     Pre-determined purchase option is standard with our lease.ü     Hedge against inflation.    ü     Trade-in or upgrade your equipment as technology improves.ü     Simplifies bookkeeping  -  rentals are fixed ü     Tax Savings - Lease rentals may be 100% deductible  ü     Simple documentationü     Personal guarantees rarely required for established businesses.ü     Flexibility - Rental schedules may be tailored to fit cash flow needs.ü     No time wasted visiting a bank office or other institution.ü     HST is paid on the rental, instead of up front.ü     Modern equipment can be acquired immediately adding to your cash flow & productivity.ü     Facilitates budgeting – costs are knownü     Deals under $30,000 require only a clean credit reportü     Current model used equipment will also be consideredü     Any type of business entity, large or small qualifies          …each leasing situation is different, just as every company is different.Contact the experts at Lease-Line to-day! Torok Host of Business in Motion Business SpeakerListen to Business in Motion audio PodCasts On iTunes Business in Motion on Facebooka2a_linkname="Business in Motion";a2a_linkurl=""; Business in Motion Weekly radio show Host: George Torok

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