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12 2012

Beth Terry

Resilience Mastery

Speaker, Author, Entrepreneur,

Encouraging one step at a time, Beth Terry, Cactus Wrangler, talks about building resilience and becoming a stronger 'you'.  First defining what resiliency is, she offers strategies to help 'get your bounce back', and unload the baggage that may be weighing you down. Taking a look at both of her books, Thinking About Thinking and Walking in a Crowd of Angels, Beth Terry traces her motivation for authoring and shares her favorite pieces of each accomplishment. Taking a closer look into her speech writing ability, we gain a birds eye view of how to structure a speech to be impactful, and a few tips to help avoid common pitfalls. Learn Beth Terry's Forgive and Remember approach. Learn why you should never do anything that impoverishes the soul.


Interview Date: March 2012


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