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30 2012

Beyond intentions!

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What is the saying? The road to hell is paved with good intentions. It seems so are blog posts! I look at the last time I wrote and the date is July 24th. My intention was to blog about India on a weekly basis and now we have received word that our adventure in India will be coming to a close and this is my first posting! How did that happen? My friend Lisa Drader-Murphy was visiting last week and no one is busier than her. She is a loving Mom of Sam and Sarah and wife to Carey, runs a very successful clothing dynasty, and volunteers and gives to charities around the world. She fills each day and is the proverbial swan, floating serenely on top of the water while there is a flurry of activity underneath the waves. Her success has taken her around the world. While she was visiting Lisa read a couple of my articles and encouraged me to write more. No excuses! So… here I am. In the 8 months I’ve been here I’ve had a lot of adventures. I’ve learned a great deal about this wonderful country and absolutely love being here.  For the next five weeks I’m going to go back through my pictures and memories and tell you what I’ve discovered and learned about India, yoga, business abroad and life in general. I hope you join me. … and thanks Lisa! Our home for the first 3 months One reality

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