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06 2009

Bob Coffey

Former Vice Chair of KPMG

'The Coach'

How do you manage an organization by slogan? Ask Bob Coffey, Management Consultant and Coach. As previous Vice Chair of KPMG, past Vice President of Geneva Merger and Acquisition Services of Canada and various other senior positions, his experience spans decades. Journeying through his illustrious career he touches on what he learned from his coaches, and how he became ‘The Coach’ back in 1976. Gain insight into the field of mergers and acquisitions as Bob Coffey reveals personal lessons and anecdotes that have helped him along the way.  Learn how to change others’ behavior, ask those critical questions, and join the major players. Discover those key elements that save time and improve administration.  “The managing of staff through the use of slogans and phrases,” says our host Randall Craig “is an easy take away concept for all managers to use.”

Interview Date: July 2009


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