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10 2012

Calling All Creative People: Cast Your Vote. Help Me Name My Next Book.

Syndicated from: Getting Connected

What’s the hardest part about writing a book? Naming it of course! Sure, there is the whole challenge of bringing 75,000 words together into a manuscript, but that’s already done. Then there is the editing. I’m sure the page mark-ups will be returned from my publisher soon. Granted, after 8 years of writing for the London Free Press, I know how important editors are and I’ve learned to trust them explicitly, so that stress is off my shoulders. It can be really difficult to find a traditional publisher. In fact, many authors would say that’s the hardest part of writing a book – getting it published. That’s true, but thankfully after years of promoting and selling my first book, I scored in a huge way with my new publisher who is picking up a second edition of the original Business Cards to Business Relationships: How to Build the Ultimate Network. The ink is still drying on the contract, so I can’t tell you which publisher it is quite yet…BUT, I can tell you, that out of the top 25 business books in 2011, my new publisher was responsible for 8 of them! Here’s hoping some of their book-selling mojo rubs off on mine. Here’s where I need your help: Today, I got the email asking about my thoughts on the new book’s subtitle! YIKES. I can’t decide. So I thought, why not ask our blog readers and social networks for some feedback. Since it’s a second edition, it’s best to keep with the original title of Business Cards to Business Relationships: but the subtitle can change. About the book: It follows a similar format to the first edition, focusing on the Pillars of Profitable Networking: Perspective, Personal Brand, Procedures & Strategic Plan. When all four are given consideration, a professional can catapult their career success. The target demographic is professionals who need to ‘get-out-there’ and network these could. include investment advisors, bankers, accountants, small business owners, job-seekers, lawyers. Or maybe, it’s someone like me, who was working as a receptionist/bartender and was on a mission to get connected and create a new path for my career. Thanks to networking, I was able to do that. Here are the title ideas so far: (we’d like to include personal branding and profitable networking somehow in the subtitle)   1. Business Cards to Business Relationships: How to Get Connected, Build a Profitable Network & Create your Personal Brand, 2nd Edition 2. Business Cards to Business Relationships: How to Build a Profitable Network & Strong/(Distinct/Powerful/ Solidify Your)  Personal Brand, 2nd Edition 3. Business Cards to Business Relationships: Personal Branding & Profitable Networking Made Easy   Thoughts/Ideas? What’s your fave? Which do you like the least? Do you have any other ideas that reflect the content and would appeal to the target market? Thanks in advance for being a part of this creative process. Can’t wait to hear your thoughts.

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