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08 2011

Can I Send You Information?

Syndicated from: Fearless Selling Blog ~ Increase Your Sales

A little while ago I received a telephone call from a salesperson. He wasted no time launching into his pitch and spent what felt like an eternity telling me about the product he wanted me to consider for my business. When he finally ran out of breath, I told him that his product sounded interesting but that I didn’t think it would fit with my business. His immediate response was, “Let me send you some information.” Then he proceeded to recite my mailing address to confirm that it was correct. I started to tell him that any information he sent me would just end up in the trash but he cut me off and said, “Just take a quick look at it.” A few days later I received a bulky envelope containing an expensive, five colour brochure. I shook my head as I dropped it in the recycle bin beside my desk. What a waste of money. Even if he sent the information to me via email, it would have been a waste of time. I had absolutely no desire, interest or need for his product so I would have deleted his email without opening it. What compels so many sales people to use this approach? Is their information so dazzling that their prospects will become instantly motivated to make a buying decision? Do they honestly think that people will read their brochure and be compelled to pick up the telephone and say, “Wow! I just reviewed the information you sent me and I have to order your product right now!” I know some people use this approach to justify to their manager that they are actually contacting people and making the required number of daily calls. I wish those sales managers realized how ineffective and costly this approach is. Oh man….! It just dawned on me that I have made this exact mistake but in a slightly different way. Although, I don’t have an expensive brochure, I have talked to prospects – who by the way, had no interest in hiring me to speak at their conference or to train their sales people – and sent them a copy of my book hoping they change their mind. It’s never worked. Doh! (picture me smacking my forehead Save yourself the time and money and fully qualify your prospect BEFORE you consider sending them an expensive brochure or detailed information about your product, service or solution. What’s your perspective? Why do you think so many sales people are so quick to take this action? I do more than write about sales. I conduct workshops and deliver keynote presentations at conferences and sales meetings. Contact me to find out how I can help you with your upcoming sales event. Tweet This

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