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07 2011

Can You Be a Health Coach?

Syndicated from: Business in Motion: Insights from Business Leaders

You are invited to attend a Health Coach webinar event (60-minutes) that will demonstrate how to earn an income as a Professional Health Coach usingweb based systems for coaching. This complimentary presentation is hosted by Hilton Johnson Productions, the people who have pioneered professional Health Coaching with web-based technology. like Google, Motorola and UnitedHealthCare are employing web- based health coaches everyday to address the problems of healthcare directly.Because of the demand, there is a shortage of good qualified health coaches. Could this be the next billion dollar business?Health coaching is changing healthcare because it helps people not to get sick in the first place. Web-based coaching allows almost anyone to quickly build a professional coaching practice/income and deliver excellent coaching. This teleconference call/webinar will show you exactly how. You can be a successful health coach without any selling, prospecting, or using any persuasive techniques. This call will take place on: Wednesday, July 13th at 2:00 PM ET (New York Time) To attend this complimentary training session click on the link below or copy and paste it into your web-browser. (You will need to be on your phone and the Internet to attend this event.) concept makes sense to me. I would rather avoid those colds then suffer through.George Toroka2a_linkname="Business in Motion";a2a_linkurl="";Business in Motion Weekly radio show Host: George Torok

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