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13 2011

Can You Sell Like Megan?

Syndicated from: Fearless Selling » Blog

Several months ago I wrote a post that highlighted a young lady (Megan) who worked at a tanning salon. She increased the size and scope of a sale simply by recognizing an opportunity and asking for the sale. Well, I was at that salon yesterday and Megan was working. When she retrieved my file she asked, “How are you enjoying that tanning cream?” When I replied favorably she said, “How much do you have left? We have a Christmas special on right now so now would be a good time to get another tube.” After checking how much I had left, I couldn’t help but smile as I said, “I’m good right now.” She gets it! In today’s business climate it is essential that you look for every opportunity to increase your sales. Are there products that your existing customers might not be aware of? Are there opportunities to follow up and make an additional sale? Do you consistently look for ways to expand the size and scope of every sale? The interesting thing about Megan is that she’s the only person I have encountered in that tanning salon who proactively makes suggestions. I know she doesn’t get a sale every time but she doesn’t allow that fact to prevent her from making suggestions and asking for the sale. I would love to see her sales results compared to her coworkers. Could your team use some help in this area? Send me a note and we can discuss the best solution (or give me call 905-633-7750).

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