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13 2011

Canadians in Scottsdale, Arizona

Syndicated from: Getting Connected

Sure, Florida may be the traditional Ontario mid-winter get away, but for those who are willing to put in a couple extra hours of flight time, there is a desert waiting to welcome snowbirds and you won’t be disappointed. Granted, I’m not even close to being a snowbird, but even so, Arizona is my favourite vacation destination.  Most likely when I am a snowbird I’ll be looking to AZ for a place to hibernate for the winter. It’s a bit of a hot spot for conferences so I have an excuse to return about once a year.  I would love to see Tuscan and other parts of the State, but Phoenix is usually where I have to go, then Sedona and Scottsdale are where I want to go. My first trip was after I ran in the 2007 Provincial election. I was exhausted and just needed to get away. The night before I left, a friend said hey, there is a couple from London in Scottsdale – why don’t I introduce you so you have a contact down there. He made the introduction and a place called 22 Palms became my impromptu hideaway. Since then I’ve returned a few times, always to the same Martha-Stewart-esque-but-Cooler hospitality. I remember writing about 22 Palms and people asking me if they could book a stay. Well, not really. It’s actually Londoners Jamie and Robyn Robinson’s home in Scottsdale. They have 22 Palm trees on the property and thus, it earned its name. Well, for those who are looking for some Canadian-style hospitality in Scottsdale, there is good news. While the couple aren’t opening their home as an official resort so others can experience their hospitality, the couple has opened a breakfast and lunch restaurant that is just fantastic called The Egg I AM. New Breakfast & Lunch Restaurant Opened by Londoners Robyn & Jamie Robinson in Scottsdale, Arizona With so much travelling in the US lately for me, I find most of the chain restaurants are significantly greasier than their Canadian equivalents. So going to a breakfast joint and getting a fresh, homemade feeling meal in the USA was such a pleasant surprise. Although, there is no surprise in this case because Jamie and Robyn wouldn’t have it any other way. It feels like a little piece of Canadiana in Arizona. So if you’re venturing to Arizona and wondering where to eat breakfast or lunch in Scottsdale, feel free to check it out. It’s a huge undertaking to open a restaurant and anyone who knows the industry knows how difficult it can be to launch a successful eatery. Somehow though, the couple has found their grove with solid staff and excellent food. If you go, tell them Allison sent you!

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