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Raymond Aaron

Raymond Aaron interviewed by Randall Craig on Professionally Speaking TV

Business Coach, Wealth Management

Discover “the secret” of how Raymond Aaron, NY Times Bestselling Author and Professional Speaker, turned his life around. Learn how to be successful and increase your income through branding and the MTO (minimum, target and outrageous) goal-setting approach. What are you capable of doing beyond your current beliefs?


Mark Weisleder

Mark Weisleder interviewed by Randall Craig on Professionally Speaking TV

Bestselling Author & Real Estate Lawyer

Mark Weisleder is a real estate lawyer, author and weekly newspaper columnist for the Toronto Star. He has written three bestselling industry books, for home buyers, real estate agents and landlords in Ontario. He has also appeared as a guest real estate expert on Canada AM, The Global News Morning show and Breakfast Television.

Mark is in private practice, with offices in Toronto and Brampton, and acts for buyers, sellers and investors.


Helen Wilkie

Helen Wilkie interviewed by Randall Craig on Professionally Speaking TV

Organization Communication

How often have you had to suffer through a meeting that had no point? Or maybe this three-hour meeting could have been delivered in 30 minutes? Helen Wilkie, President of MHW Communications, says that poor communication in an organization is expensive. Discussing the topics of meeting culture, business writing, e-mail etiquette, and more, she offers tips and strategies on how not to waste time – yours or others.


Frank O’Dea

Frank O'Dea interviewed by Randall Craig on

Co-founder, Second Cup

“It’s about an idea that worked, and made a difference.” Second Cup Co-founder, Frank O’Dea, shares his link between hope, vision, and action in this interview with Randall Craig. Climbing out of homelessness and substance abuse, he shares his entrepreneurial success story(ies). As Co-founder of a multibillion dollar industry, Frank O’Dea takes us through his entrepreneurial adventures while offering advice to those starting out.


Rose Reisman

Post image for Rose Reisman

Caterer, Cookbook Author, Nutritional Consultant

Sixty-eight percent of Canadians are obese with one in four children contributing to this statistic. In comes Rose Reisman, health and nutrition expert, with seventeen cookbooks and several healthy ventures to inspire Canadians to change the way they eat. Breaking down food groups, she offers tips and strategies for healthy eating. Starting with her famous ‘Swap it’, Rose Reisman shows how food choices can empower us to make smarter decisions. With reference to her latest cookbook, Rose Reisman Family Favourites, she reveals her love affair with light cuisine. Learn how diets impact your system. Learn how to avoid the ‘food prison’. Learn the three key things to watch for in your food.


Paul Hill

Paul Hill interviewed by Randall Craig on Professionally Speaking TV

Panic Free Job Search

A critical interview for anyone (employer, employee or unemployed) in today’s workforce. CEO of Transition to Hired, and author of The Panic Free Job Search, Paul Hill, joins us to discuss tactics, strategies, and plans for getting hired. With 26 years in Search, he shares his wealth of knowledge on how to manage your own career. Discussing Job Boards, Search Firms, Career goals, interview tactics, elevator pitches and more, Paul Hill talks about how to use existing tools and overcome hurdles.


Steve Paikin

Steve Paikin interviewed on Professionally Speaking TV

Host of TVO's 'The Agenda'

“Every night is different, every week is the same” says Steve Paikin, Host of TVO’s The Agenda, as he discusses his career and role in the media. With a 30-year history in journalism, he recounts his various television reporting and hosting experiences up to his current role at The Agenda. Now in its fifth season, we learn how the stories are chosen, and where they get their ideas. Recalling his observations and experience from the G20, Steve Paikin shares his thoughts on the rise of Social Media and citizen journalism, and the impact it’s had on the media.


John Stanton

John Stanton interviewed on Professionally Speaking TV

Marathons, Training, Retail

“Much of our success is that tie-in to the community.” Founder of Running Room, John Stanton, joins us in the studio to discuss his hugely successful retail chain and the 25+ years of entrepreneurial triumph. Talking about his first run and where Running Room came from, John Stanton shares the challenges of expanding into the American market and what they are doing to succeed.


David Patchell-Evans

David Patchell-Evans interviewed by Randall Craig on Professionally Speaking TV

Founder and Owner, Goodlife Fitness

Overcoming the odds, David Patchell-Evans founder and owner of Goodlife Fitness, discusses how he entered the business of fitness. Now with over 300 clubs across Canada and counting, he talks memberships, motivation and the health of Goodlife Fitness. Talking about his book ‘The Real Sexy, Smart and Strong’, David Patchell-Evans reveals the strategy behind the book and why its impact is timeless.


Wendy Cukier

Wendy Cukier interviewed by Randall Craig on Professionally Speaking TV

Innovation, Education, Research

How do you build a culture of innovation? Wendy Cukier, V.P. of Research & Innovation at Ryerson University, joins us on set at Professionally Speaking TV to discuss just that. Speaking first on Research, Wendy Cukier discusses funding options and breakdowns. Weighing the pros and cons of traditional and non-traditional funding options, she talks about the current emphasis on partnerships, community, private sector support and the proprietary nature of research. Moving into the realm of innovation, Wendy Cukier takes a closer look at innovation systems. Looking at government, private sector, and higher education, she discusses how to balance traditional rigor and innovative space to produce leading outcomes. Wendy Cukier shares the remarkable transformation of Ryerson University and the impact that it has had on reputation and visibility.


Humble and Fred

Humble and Fred interviewed on

Radio and Podcasting at its best.

“Our audience is valuable because it’s ours.” With their usual self-deprecating humour, Howard Glassman and Fred Peterson, otherwise known as Humble and Fred, joined the PSTV set to discuss their wildly successful podcast – and why their fans are so unique. From early days at CFNY to their current digs in their 5-Hour Energy Studio, they take us through their 20+ year career in radio, how it’s changed, and what’s the same. Humble and Fred bring honesty to the forefront as they discuss career stumbles and successes – all with their usual banter and quips. From fan engagement to show predictions, we cover it all in this interview with the notorious Humble and Fred.


Mary Anne White

Mary Anne White interviewed by Randall Craig on Professionally Speaking TV

Materials scientist, Chemist and Physicist

Prolific scientist and researcher, Dr. Mary Anne White, Research Professor at Dalhousie University, talks to Randall Craig about the University Professor life. Defining her own area of research, Dr. Mary Anne White discusses her fascination with thermal properties of materials while giving several examples including an exciting product development from Toshiba. Discussing university teaching life she openly talks about sessional teaching, tenure, and specifically, teaching in the field of science. And with seasoned experience Dr. Mary Anne White explores the ins and outs of publishing academic papers, plagiarism, and the relationship between teaching and researching.


Beth Terry

Beth Terry interviewed by Randall Craig on Professionally Speaking TV

Resilience Mastery

Encouraging one step at a time, Beth Terry, Cactus Wrangler, talks about building resilience and becoming a stronger ‘you’. First defining what resiliency is, she offers strategies to help ‘get your bounce back’, and unload the baggage that may be weighing you down. Taking a look at both of her books, Thinking About Thinking and Walking in a Crowd of Angels, Beth Terry traces her motivation for authoring and shares her favorite pieces of each accomplishment. Taking a closer look into her speech writing ability, we gain a birds eye view of how to structure a speech to be impactful, and a few tips to help avoid common pitfalls.


Jeff MacInnis

Jeff MacInnis interviewed by Randall Craig on Professionally Speaking TV

Explorer, Adventurer, Entrepreneur

“We need a reason that’s bigger than ourselves to make things happen.” This is Jeff MacInnis, Founder of The Business Race, and how he connects the embodiment of racing into everything he does. As a participant in several national and international races and expeditions, he draws parallels between racing and the corporate world. Jeff MacInnis talks about racing as a business strategy, feedback versus encouragement, as well as collective versus individual goals. He recalls inspiring stories and lesson learned along the way.


Susan Luke Evans

Susan Luke Evans interviewed by Randall Craig on Professionally Speaking TV

Harnessing the Power of Stories

When you tell it well, people listen. At a time when technology has all but taken over, Susan Luke-Evans, Corporate Mythologist, discusses the art of storytelling and its effectiveness in corporate environments. Used for centuries as an unofficial communication tool, she describes how stories evoke a practical outcome within an individual or an entire organization. Giving engaging examples from her repertoire, Susan Luke-Evans defines the structure of a story and how it can be applied to any message.


Scott Campbell

Scott Campbell interviewed by Randall Craig on Professionally Speaking TV

Leadership Dimensions and Factors

Would you golf with only one club? According to Scott Campbell, Executive Vice President at Core Factors, those with only one leadership style are doing just that. Discussing the five key dimensions of leadership, he shares how to develop these dimensions. He identifies tools and stumbling blocks in the process of moving from good manager to great leader.


Dr. Paul Garfinkel

Dr. Paul Garfinkel interviewed on Professionally Speaking TV

Psychosis, Diagnosis, Breakthroughs

Working towards a better quality of life. Dr. Paul Garfinkel, former CEO & President of the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health (CAMH), talks about the progress within the mental health community and what his role has been. Tracing his progressive positions throughout his career, Dr. Paul Garfinkel reviews the development of CAMH and the adding of “addiction” to mental health. As he defines the term ‘psychotic’, Dr. Paul Garfinkel discusses the challenges in a diagnosis and the roles are various mental health professionals.


Sheryl Smolkin

Sheryl Smolkin interviewed on Professionally Speaking TV

Lawyer, Writer, Editor

From lawyer to author, pension and benefits expert Sheryl Smolkin sheds light on the benefits industry and shares how to navigate the waters of pension plans. Balancing the pros and cons between the defined benefit and defined contribution pension plans, she discusses contributions, funding, and fiduciary responsibility.


Randall Craig

Post image for Randall Craig

Social Media & Web Strategist

In response to viewer demand, Randall Craig, the usual host of Professionally Speaking TV, steps in as a featured guest in this episode. As a best-selling author, and sought after consultant in the field of social media and web strategy, he shares several best practices on how to successfully bind online activities to a business strategy. With a strong history in developing engaged communities, Randall Craig talks about broadcasting versus engagement, handling “comments”, and developing successful client relationships. With social media being a particular strength of his, Randall Craig offers up avenues of connecting social media with Customer Relationship Management and Search Engine Optimization to create a powerful online presence with an impact on business. Learn about Randall Craig’s coveted Anchors and Outpost strategy. Learn how to mitigate risks in online identity theft. Learn how the 4 P’s of marketing fit into today’s strategies.


Kristin Arnold

Post image for Kristin Arnold

The Extraordinary Team

The shift from melting pot to salad defines the contrast in teamwork that Kristin Arnold, high-stakes meeting facilitator and President of QPC Inc., calls attention to. She reveals the 9 hallmarks of a high performing team, the development of team charters, and the leading teamwork killers that everyone should be aware of.


Stephen Rayfield

Post image for Stephen Rayfield

Marketing plans, Marketing research, Marketing mix

Marketing Knowledge Mentor. What do Frankenberry cereal and Nature Valley granola bars have in common? They we both marketed and launched by Stephen Rayfield, Marketing Knowledge Mentor. Giving real examples from his own distinguished career, Stephen Rayfield discusses the importance, impact, and integration of a marketing plan. Discussing the key elements and tools of the marketing department, he refers to maneuvering the marketing mix, and typical hurdles in a marketing plan.


Alan Borovoy

Post image for Alan Borovoy

Social Action, Social Change, Social Justice

Looking back on Alan Borovoy’s long and distinguished career, from law school to social action, he recalls his contributions to social improvement and the struggles along the way. Landmark stories ranging from the First Nations in Kenora, to the FLQ and War Measures Act, to the Earnst Zündel trial, help define his career of over 40 years.


Dr. Larry Ohlhauser

Post image for Dr. Larry Ohlhauser

The Healthy CEO

If you’re a major resource to your company, how much time do you spend keeping that resource healthy? One of the top 100 physicians this century, and author of The Healthy CEO, Dr. Larry Olhauser discusses the impact of balancing physical, financial and relational wellness. With a focus on Executives and CEO’s, Dr. Larry Olhauser encourages a business plan on their health and wellness. With the requirement of 150 minutes of activity per week, he offers tips on how to find those minutes, and what to do with them.


Steve Slaunwhite

Post image for Steve Slaunwhite

Copywriting Expert

What are you doing with your marketing? Can you get more from what you’re already doing? Expert Copy Writer, Marketing Coach and Author, Steve Slaunwhite shares powerful concepts on writing and marketing more effectively for your business. Learn what not to forget in your copy, how to use ‘belief builders’, and how to reverse risk. Steve Slaunwhite discusses the challenges and opportunities in copy, and gives examples of excellent strategies and models. He reviews various writing styles and how they can be most effectively used.


Randy Park

Post image for Randy Park

Simplifying Compex Concepts

Could be a better thinker? Professional speaker and author of Thinking for Results, Randy Park helps us understand how we make decisions and the thought process that leads us to them. He discusses the concept of ‘filters’ and how our minds unconsciously and autonomously sorts information. He shares tools on how to reach past these filters to organize thoughts and achieve in-depth analysis. He examines how we use our assumptions and the mental attitude that results.


Wayne Vanwyck

Post image for Wayne Vanwyck

Business and Management Coaching

Do you work IN your company and not ON your company? Can your business survive without you? Wayne Vanwyck, author of The Business Transition Crisis, discusses the issues that business owners struggle with. He talks about preparing your business for sale or succession, planning the next steps, and what happens when there is no plan. Offering advice and tips, Wayne Vanwyck discusses the problems that can occur in the process and how to handle them.


Harold Taylor

Post image for Harold Taylor

Time Management

You can’t manage time, but you can manage yourself in respect to time. With 17 books published and over 2000 workshops and seminars on time management, Harold Taylor, from Harold Taylor Time Consultants, has defined himself as the definitive Time Management Trainer. Talking about the change in time management tools with the development of technology, he discusses the use of smart phones, e-mail, and social media with relevance to multi-tasking.


Jim Carlisle

Jim Carlisle interviewed by Randall Craig on Professionally Speaking TV

Executive Search, Career Management

Jim Carlisle, Co-author of A.I.M. The Powerful 10 Step Personal and Career Success Program and Director at Western Management Consultants, talks about the book and how it came to fruition. He explores a few of the 10-steps in the book and outlines the framework with examples of his easy-to-apply knowledge. Basing the framework upon his extensive experience in the field, Jim Carlisle takes us through the recruitment process. Discussing networking, recruiters, and references, Jim Carlisle offers up expert insider knowledge on recruitment best practices.


Kary and Uche Odiatu

Post image for Kary and Uche Odiatu

Fitness, Health, Lifestyle

Exuding positive health and wellness, Canada’s First Couple of Fitness, Kary and Uche Odiatu, join us to talk about how they discovered their passion for health, how it’s changed their lives, and how it can change yours. Retracing how they met and built their careers, Kary and Uche Odiatu share how they maintain the balance in their lives together. Offering advice for those who are starting on the road to health, they give tips and strategies on how to integrate health into a lifestyle and make time for your health.


Dave Paradi

Post image for Dave Paradi

Presentations with PowerPoint

Have you ever been bored in a Power Point presentation? Has anyone been bored in one of yours? Power Point Rock star, and author of The Visual Slide Revolution, Dave Paradi shares a plethora of tips and advice to improve your Power Point presentations. Reviewing common issue and problems, he explains his K.W.I.C.K acronym to help improve basic design flaws. He discusses slide building, slide transitions, using animation and using rights protected material. He examines the difference in slide design between a presentation and a webinar.


David Weiss

Post image for David Weiss

Strategic HR and Management

Do we really need an HR department? David Weiss, author of Innovative Intelligence, and CEO and President of Weiss International, discusses Leadership and the role of HR. He shares his expertise on how to overcome the leadership gap, and the difference between strategy and culture.


Burt Konzak

Post image for Burt Konzak

Karate, Business, Education

“Without ‘art’, Martial Art is just another way of fighting.” Scholar, teacher, martial artist, and founder of The Toronto Academy of Karate, Dr. Burt Konzak explains and expounds upon the history, wisdom, and practice of Karate. Describing his split career as University of Toronto professor and Karate Sensei, he discusses Karate’s deep training in ethics and it’s basis in character development.


George Torok

Post image for George Torok

Non-traditional Marketing

Author of bestseller Secrets of Power Marketing: Promote Brand You, George Torok shares his expertise on non-traditional marketing, and presentation skills. Discussing the use of marketing oriented systems, he gives examples of follow-ups and checklists that make all the difference.


Bob Willard

Post image for Bob Willard

The Case for Sustainability

‘Enough for all forever’. These four words are the motivation behind Change Agent and Sustainability Guru, Bob Willard. Quantifying the business case in sustainability, he discusses economic, social and environmental operations that support and benefit from sustainable behavior. Bob Willard offers an inclusive look into what businesses need to do to become more sustainable.


Kelley Robertson

Post image for Kelley Robertson

Fearless Selling

Do you find your sales goals being missed more often than being made? President of The Robertson Training Group, Kelley Robertson discusses Fearless Selling and how he helps teams overcome fears and challenges in selling. From management down to the sales floor, he offers practical tips on finding prospects, generating leads, handling objections, negotiating, and asking for the sale. Sharing his knowledge on buying motivators, Kelley Robertson tells you how to find them and how to use them.


Stephen Bauld

Post image for Stephen Bauld

Public Procurement Process

When we say that Stephen Bauld wrote the book on public procurement, we really mean it! Author of the Municipal Procurement Handbook, and President of Purchasing Consultants Inc., Stephen Bauld defines the public procurement process differentiating it from private sector procurement. Going through the various checks and balances of government procurement, Stephen Bauld discusses policies, pre-qualifications, bid evaluations, by-laws, and procedures.


Jim Clemmer

Post image for Jim Clemmer

Developing Authentic Leaders

Are you ‘inspiractional’? According to Jim Clemmer, President and CEO of The Clemmer Group, leaders and managers should possess this quality. Jim Clemmer reviews the traps and pitfalls of typical management teams and discusses the practical application of building leadership behavior and culture within an organization. As the author of several books including; The Leaders Digest, Moose on the Table, and his newest book Growing @ the speed of Change, Jim Clemmer talks about his writing process and the development of his books.


Paul Bridle

Post image for Paul Bridle

Information Contextualizer

For over 20 years he has researched leadership. Paul Bridle, Leadership Methodologist, shares his findings and case studies through his speaking. Sharing some of his accumulated knowledge, he talks about what leadership method works at which time, and areas of leadership focus. He shares insight into gaining support as a leader, blending management strategies with leadership strategies, and much more.


Roz Usheroff

Post image for Roz Usheroff

Personal Branding

What does your first impression really say about you? Do you think you can do better? Widely recognized as an authority on image, Personal Branding Coach Roz Usheroff shares tips and techniques on how to make those first four minutes count. How do you package yourself? How do you take charge of your image? Roz shares ideas on everything from dress and body language to attitude and personality.


Susan Sweeney

Post image for Susan Sweeney

Internet marketing

The 101 Ways Susan Sweeney, Internet marketing expert and author of several books on the subject, shares some powerful information and Internet marketing wisdom. Susan Sweeney talks about how she became a force in the online marketing world as she traces her career history and all it’s triumphs and pitfalls. She reveals her no-nonsense approach of: meet objectives, fit target markets, and promote products and services.


Shelle Rose Charvet

Post image for Shelle Rose Charvet

Words that Change Minds

Is your butt on the line if you don’t bring home the proverbial bacon? Shelle Rose Charvet, President of Success Strategies, talks about influence, persuasion, and the below conscious communication process. Using Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) and the Language And Behaviour (LAB) profile, she finds what triggers motivation, and what to do to keep them motivated. Helping to decode behaviour and decisions, Shelle Rose Charvet discusses the uses and application of this in sales, customer service, and various negotiation tactics.


Charles Marcus

Post image for Charles Marcus

Success Strategist

According to Charles Marcus, perfection is a form of procrastination. Speaker, Success Strategist and author of Success is not a Spectator Sport, Charles Marcus defines his life as a speaker and the difference between perfection and excellence. Overcoming a strong speech impediment, he shares the lessons learned and the influences that helped him along the way.