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Raymond Aaron

Raymond Aaron interviewed by Randall Craig on Professionally Speaking TV

Business Coach, Wealth Management

Discover “the secret” of how Raymond Aaron, NY Times Bestselling Author and Professional Speaker, turned his life around. Learn how to be successful and increase your income through branding and the MTO (minimum, target and outrageous) goal-setting approach. What are you capable of doing beyond your current beliefs?


Sarah Wiley

Sarah Wiley interviewed by Randall Craig on Professionally Speaking TV

Inspiring and Challenging Journeys

What better country to cultivate resilience, leadership, connections and compassion through inspiring and challenging journeys of self-discovery in the natural world? Sarah Wiley, Executive Director of Outward Bound Canada, joins us on Professionally Speaking TV to showcase some of what makes Outward Bound an incredible experience for both adults and youth. With Wilderness Expeditions and Urban Programs, Outward Bound Canada has a journey for everyone. Sarah Wiley also shares some of her own expeditions and experiences in her long relationship with Outward Bound.


Kevin Cornwell

Kevin Cornwell interviewed by Randall Craig on Professionally Speaking TV

Youth, Leadership, Global Citizens

Kevin Cornwell is the president of AIESEC Canada Inc., the world’s largest student-run organization. AIESEC offers young people the opportunity to be global citizens, to change the world and to get experience and skills that matter today. The platform is focused on providing leadership development for youth.The unique advantage of AIESEC is that it is an organization driven by youth, for youth.


Marg Hachey

Marg Hachey interviewed by Randall Craig on Professionally Speaking TV

Advising Women Business Owners

Marg Hachey, a leader in entrepreneurial guidance and mentorship, joins us in the PSTV studio to discuss and the female entrepreneur. As a founding member of the Women Presidents Organization (WPO) in Canada, Marg Hachey offers sought-after insight into what makes a company a success. She takes us through her impeccable track record of leading successful organizations and promoting rapid growth. Find out what you can do to encourage and support your own company success.


Andrew Leslie

Andrew Leslie interviewed by Randall Craig on

Defense, Technology, Military

Retired Lieutenant-General, Andrew Leslie discusses his 30 year career in the Canadian Armed Forces, his steep career progression, and his transition to the corporate life at CGI. Breaking down the army organization into bite-sized pieces, he shares processes on recruitment, training, and soldier pay. Taking a broader look at warfare, Andrew Leslie touches on his final role in the army with a closer look at funding, overhead, and sober second-looks. With his transition to CGI, he talks about overlapping elements in cyber warfare, and cyber security in Canadian corporations.


Suzanne Stevens

Post image for Suzanne Stevens

Sales, Management, Philanthropy

What’s your potential? With the unique belief that we perform best at the edge of our comfort zone, President and founder of Ignite Excellence, Suzanne Stevens, shares her company’s approach to sales and leadership training. She defines several key areas of focus such as, differentiating the sales process, establishing the relationship, and using Socio-Value Influencers. In the professional arena as well as the personal, Suzanne Stevens challenges the restrictions we place on ourselves and to get out of our own way.


Peter Temple

Peter Temple interviewed on Professionally Speaking TV

Media and Presentation Strategist

Writer, Director, Producer, Peter Temple joins us in the studio to talk about film, video, and putting it all together. Exploring the concept of the ‘Money Shot’ and other sought after frames, he runs us through how the industry has changed in his 35+ year career in the television and film industry. Don’t miss Peter Temple offer exclusive tips in corporate videos and presentations. Learn how to appear more professional and confident in front of the camera. Learn what you can do at home to produce your own videos. And learn when you should call for a professional, like the Media Maestro himself!


David Gouthro

David Gouthro interviewed by Randall Craig on

Facilitation, Conversation, Leadership

“You learn faster if you’re willing to blow it.” David Gouthro, President of The Consulting Edge, talks facilitation and the role of the facilitator. Bringing about a higher quality conversation is a particular skill of his as he shares facilitation tactics and success stories. David Gouthro reveals the top three questions to ask a facilitator when outsourcing, and how to get the most out of that relationship.


Jeff MacInnis

Jeff MacInnis interviewed by Randall Craig on Professionally Speaking TV

Explorer, Adventurer, Entrepreneur

“We need a reason that’s bigger than ourselves to make things happen.” This is Jeff MacInnis, Founder of The Business Race, and how he connects the embodiment of racing into everything he does. As a participant in several national and international races and expeditions, he draws parallels between racing and the corporate world. Jeff MacInnis talks about racing as a business strategy, feedback versus encouragement, as well as collective versus individual goals. He recalls inspiring stories and lesson learned along the way.


Scott Campbell

Scott Campbell interviewed by Randall Craig on Professionally Speaking TV

Leadership Dimensions and Factors

Would you golf with only one club? According to Scott Campbell, Executive Vice President at Core Factors, those with only one leadership style are doing just that. Discussing the five key dimensions of leadership, he shares how to develop these dimensions. He identifies tools and stumbling blocks in the process of moving from good manager to great leader.


Barry Kuntz

Post image for Barry Kuntz

GM, Leadership, Performance

Discussing the ride up the ladder, Barry Kuntz, former senior executive at General Motors, recalls his evolving roles at GM. As past Director of Fleet and Commercial he shares the sales process that allowed him to generate 30% of product sales for GM. Discussing negotiations, market segments, and dealer relations Barry Kuntz gives an inside perspective on GM and when the moment of change occurred in the automotive industry.


Michael Anderson

Michael Anderson interviewed by Randall Craig on Professionally Speaking TV

Developing Excellence in Associations

As President and CEO of the Canadian Society of Association Executives (CSAE), Michael Anderson has been developing excellence in associations for over a decade. Revealing challenges and opportunities, he talks about the CSAE, how it’s changed and where it’s heading. Including professional and trade associations, Michael Anderson looks at board, staff and member perspectives. He talks about association innovation, governance, and expectation as well as the role of the volunteer. Learn how to engage members. Learn how to develop priorities. And learn how the CSAE can help.


Randall Craig

Post image for Randall Craig

Social Media & Web Strategist

In response to viewer demand, Randall Craig, the usual host of Professionally Speaking TV, steps in as a featured guest in this episode. As a best-selling author, and sought after consultant in the field of social media and web strategy, he shares several best practices on how to successfully bind online activities to a business strategy. With a strong history in developing engaged communities, Randall Craig talks about broadcasting versus engagement, handling “comments”, and developing successful client relationships. With social media being a particular strength of his, Randall Craig offers up avenues of connecting social media with Customer Relationship Management and Search Engine Optimization to create a powerful online presence with an impact on business. Learn about Randall Craig’s coveted Anchors and Outpost strategy. Learn how to mitigate risks in online identity theft. Learn how the 4 P’s of marketing fit into today’s strategies.


Kristin Arnold

Post image for Kristin Arnold

The Extraordinary Team

The shift from melting pot to salad defines the contrast in teamwork that Kristin Arnold, high-stakes meeting facilitator and President of QPC Inc., calls attention to. She reveals the 9 hallmarks of a high performing team, the development of team charters, and the leading teamwork killers that everyone should be aware of.


Greg Gulyas

Post image for Greg Gulyas

Sales, Outsourcing, Offshoring

Former Senior VP at IBM, Greg Gulyas, recounts the moments that made history. From introducing the scanner to Loblaws to the introduction of personal computers, he discusses the steps that brought IBM to the forefront of technology. Racing through IBM history, he talks about the OS/2, PCjr, and the ThinkPad.


Sami Jo Small

Post image for Sami Jo Small

Olympic Gold-medal Athlete

Seven hours from puck drop, Sami Jo Small, three time Olympian in Women’s Hockey, found out she wasn’t playing in the final game of the Vancouver Olympics. Supporting her teammates, she cheered from the sidelines as they won the gold medal. Sami Jo Small has made a life out of sharing what it means to be a teammate, speaking around the world. After the Olympics she pursued hockey in a different way; establishing hockey camps and schools for youth ages 7-17, and founding the Canadian Women’s Hockey League.


Joseph Palumbo

Post image for Joseph Palumbo

Career Planning, Career Leadership

Demonstrating the impact of life-long learning, Joseph Palumbo has distinguished himself as a leading resource in career strategy. Former Chair of United Way Peel, Executive Director of the CDC at Schulich School of Business, and FCMA, Joseph Palumbo discusses the partnering of community and career leadership. Offering advice on career planning, he answers those difficult career questions – from a job seekers perspective, and also the point of view of the recruiter.


Randy Park

Post image for Randy Park

Simplifying Compex Concepts

Could be a better thinker? Professional speaker and author of Thinking for Results, Randy Park helps us understand how we make decisions and the thought process that leads us to them. He discusses the concept of ‘filters’ and how our minds unconsciously and autonomously sorts information. He shares tools on how to reach past these filters to organize thoughts and achieve in-depth analysis. He examines how we use our assumptions and the mental attitude that results.


Wayne Vanwyck

Post image for Wayne Vanwyck

Business and Management Coaching

Do you work IN your company and not ON your company? Can your business survive without you? Wayne Vanwyck, author of The Business Transition Crisis, discusses the issues that business owners struggle with. He talks about preparing your business for sale or succession, planning the next steps, and what happens when there is no plan. Offering advice and tips, Wayne Vanwyck discusses the problems that can occur in the process and how to handle them.


Cate Gibson

Post image for Cate Gibson

Finding your Authentic Self

Is your underwear too tight? Discussing stress management and communication strategies, Cate Gibson teaches you to be your authentic self. Believing that life is a journey, she talks about mastering the sense of who you are. Offering tips and strategies to develop effective interpersonal communication, we learn how to be positive around negative people, and how to pick up on others’ communication preferences.


Stuart Knight

Post image for Stuart Knight

Powerful Conversations

Motivational, musical, and sometimes autobiographical, Stuart Knight discusses the multi-faceted path that lead him to his book, “You Should Have Asked: The Art of Powerful Conversation.” Offering up tips and suggestions to open up the dialogue, Stuart confides the best way to not kill a conversation and ways of making conversation available. Always looking for the next experience, he talks about the Evolution Group and the six-week course that counters the reality of Monday.


Jennifer Spear

Post image for Jennifer Spear

Creative Problem Solving

Recovering Senior Executive, Jennifer Spear, discusses how building managers into leaders drives change in an organization. Sharing the eight principles of management innovation, she exposes current practices, how we do the work, and how to do things differently. As Jennifer Spear reviews the Creative Problem Solving process, she puts creativity into action.


Judi Walsh

Post image for Judi Walsh

Change, Response, Talent

What if your roadway turned into a waterway? How equipped are you to handle the changes? Judi Walsh, Management Advisor and Coach, discusses why management requires responsiveness. Revealing the warning signs of an outdated mindset, she talks about the push and pull of innovation versus compliance. Judi Walsh shares her thoughts on critical talent and the help that’s available for those struggling in a new role.


Ray Pons

Post image for Ray Pons

The Growth Coach

Are you a one-man band? Learn how to fire on all 12 cylinders as Ray Pons, ‘The Growth Coach’, offers advice on driving an entrepreneurial business forward – faster. Learn to be accountable for your time and people management. Find out what’s holding your business back as an entrepreneur. With 20+ years experience in coaching, Ray Pons gives the inside track on what to look for in a coach, what gains should be made from having one, and when to terminate that relationship.


Daneal Charney

Post image for Daneal Charney

Generation Y Leadership

Are you throwing the monkey back? Do you promote accountability in your team? Speaker, Coach, Facilitator, and co-author of Hitting StrYde, Daneal Charney, talks about reframing leadership to get better results. Giving solid tips on tough conversations and giving feedback, she tells us why questions are so important. Daneal Charney advises on generational thinking and getting the most out of generation Y.


Nick and Judy Hughes

Post image for Nick and Judy Hughes

Small Business Coaches

Helping small businesses grow exceptional business, Nick and Judi Hughes founders of Your Planning Partners, discuss the importance of being clear and practical in a strategic plan. Starting with the importance of a vision statement, they trace the steps to successful business planning through a 3-year picture, Gap analysis, and 1-year goal. Nick and Judi Hughes reveal the 6 key actions for strategic growth, and discuss the difference between urgent, and important.


Dave Crisp

Post image for Dave Crisp

Former SVP of HR, Hudson's Bay Company

With a focus on balance and results, leadership is a lot like riding a bicycle. Dave Crisp of Crisp Leadership Strategies discusses human resources and it’s role in tough times. Humanizing the way you manage, Dave Crisp advises on coaching as leadership and how to begin. He offers easy ways to encourage your manager to start coaching and stop ordering.


Stuart Morley

Post image for Stuart Morley

Corporate Recovery Specialist

Corporate Recovery Specialist, Stuart Morley talks about strategy with a focus on troubled situations. Being the stop before insolvency, he shares turn around stories from a variety of industries. He addresses what mid-sized businesses should do in a down economy and discusses how turn around plans solve the problem of misunderstanding the market. Looking at his newest edition of Weather the Storm, he talks about helping mid-sized companies, family-run businesses and the considerations that are made.


Jim Carlisle

Jim Carlisle interviewed by Randall Craig on Professionally Speaking TV

Executive Search, Career Management

Jim Carlisle, Co-author of A.I.M. The Powerful 10 Step Personal and Career Success Program and Director at Western Management Consultants, talks about the book and how it came to fruition. He explores a few of the 10-steps in the book and outlines the framework with examples of his easy-to-apply knowledge. Basing the framework upon his extensive experience in the field, Jim Carlisle takes us through the recruitment process. Discussing networking, recruiters, and references, Jim Carlisle offers up expert insider knowledge on recruitment best practices.


The Honourable Elinor Caplan

Post image for The Honourable Elinor Caplan

Former Cabinet Minister

And all because of a crosswalk. The Honorable Elinor Caplan, CEO of Canada Strategies Inc. and former cabinet minister, tells of her humble beginnings in politics that spanned three levels of government and several administrations. She candidly discusses her life in public service, and the lessons in her political climb. Discussing the relationships between governments, Elinor Caplan touches on e-Health, organized medicine, and how her thoughts on healthcare are still applicable toady. She expounds on her experience with various leaders, and the dramatics that interest us in Canadian politics.


David Weiss

Post image for David Weiss

Strategic HR and Management

Do we really need an HR department? David Weiss, author of Innovative Intelligence, and CEO and President of Weiss International, discusses Leadership and the role of HR. He shares his expertise on how to overcome the leadership gap, and the difference between strategy and culture.


Michael Stanleigh

Post image for Michael Stanleigh

Operational Success

With a clear focus on operational success, Michael Stanleigh, CEO of Business Improvement Architects, explains what this encompasses and how it reaches into the very foundation of all organizations. Tracing his corporate career as a senior executive at Coles Books to the strategy of his own business, he talks about how professional speaking and presenting wove into his career. Discussing change management, Michael Stanleigh reveals the Rapid Change Process in stories of success and growth, and the development of the Project Management Office.


Audley Stephenson

Post image for Audley Stephenson

Lessons from the World of Basketball

Using parallels from sports and specifically basketball, Audley Stephenson founder of Hard Court Lessons and self-professed “hoops junkie”, shares lessons on leadership through coaching the game. He shares how he crafted his message, and the influences that have helped him.


Ian Cook

Post image for Ian Cook

Senior Leadership Development

What do you not see about yourself that’s impacting your future? Leaving a long list of successful corporate positions, Ian Cook founded Fulcrum Associates and began a successful organization focusing on improving senior leadership roles. Discussing the unique challenges of being a facilitator, Ian Cook reveals how facilitating works in meetings and team building, and what that role can do for your organization.


Ross Mackay

Post image for Ross Mackay

Goal Achievement Specialist

As a founding member of the Ontario Speakers Association, and the first CAPS president for the Toronto chapter, Ross Mackay shares his lessons and accrued wisdom on speaking professionally. Starting as an expert in the field of pump engineering, he talks about his movement into the areas of humour and success principles and how they overlap.


Joel Hilchey

Post image for Joel Hilchey

Motivational Speeches for Students

Getting into the student psyche is what Joel Hilchey does best. A Professional Speaker to youth audiences, he shares the messages that students need to hear. Joel Hilchey believes that the little things make a difference in the culture of a school as he talks about student leadership, school spirit, student life, and the risk of using humour. Often ending up the fool in his own performance, he weaves juggling, magic, and singing into a concise message delivery system that reaches those tough to access gen “Y” and gen “Z” audiences.


Sid Ridgley

Post image for Sid Ridgley

Organizational Development and Diagnostics

‘Simul’ is Latin for together and at the same time. Sid Ridgely, President of Simul Corporation, believes that is what achieves results – collaboration, not compromise. Beginning with his niche focus of energy, Sid Ridgely illuminates the local electric utility and our relationship to it. Using the concept of loyalty versus the “grudge” purchase, he reveals what’s lacking in many businesses today. This, he maintains, can be witnessed in the front line deliverables and the moment of truth.


Richard Peterson

Post image for Richard Peterson

Presentation Coach

With over 8000 presentations under his belt, Richard Peterson, Certified Sales Professional and founder of the Presentation Coaching Institute, reveals how to give a memorable presentation. Discussing the role of the presenter he talks about the benefit of rehearsing; how much is adequate and is this different from being prepared? Richard Peterson shares his thoughts on new versus existing content and how you can avoid the “stock” presentation trap.


Lea Brovedani

Post image for Lea Brovedani

Emotional Quotient (HQ)

Do you respond well to others’ behavior? Do you gain repeat business because people enjoy working with you? Lea Brovedani, an expert in Emotional Intelligence, shares her 12+ years of research and experience in the field and explains how we have the ability to change. Defining what Emotional Intelligence (EQ) is, Lea Brovedani talks about how to recognize, use, understand, and manage emotions. She shares ways to create the best outcomes in life and how to use your emotions effectively. Discussing changing behaviour, she shares how the change happens, and how you can make it happen faster.


Peggy Grall

Post image for Peggy Grall

Organizational Change and Transition

People can’t talk about change without using the f-word: fear. From psychotherapist to executive coach and expert in change, Peggy Grall discusses change and transition and the lessons she brings from her own experience in change. Speaking on dealing with organizational change, she offers tactics for onboarding in a new position, connecting quickly to your new team, and how to create great supporters. Using current events and examples, Peggy Grall explains communication change, crisis change, and how she uses ‘Transition Poker’ to practice skills in managing change.


Jim Clemmer

Post image for Jim Clemmer

Developing Authentic Leaders

Are you ‘inspiractional’? According to Jim Clemmer, President and CEO of The Clemmer Group, leaders and managers should possess this quality. Jim Clemmer reviews the traps and pitfalls of typical management teams and discusses the practical application of building leadership behavior and culture within an organization. As the author of several books including; The Leaders Digest, Moose on the Table, and his newest book Growing @ the speed of Change, Jim Clemmer talks about his writing process and the development of his books.


Sunjay Nath

Post image for Sunjay Nath

The 10-80-10 Solution

Beginning his international speaking career at 19 years of age, Sunjay Nath has spent the last 15 years snowballing. Discussing the relationship between keynotes, workshops and coaching/consulting, he talks about where he is in his career and the unique additional training that’s helped him out. Sunjay Nath talks about public speaking, presentation training and offers some easy tips and examples. He reviews his 10-80-10 principle and how the framework for empowering achievement has been used in some unexpected places.


Brian Hayman

Post image for Brian Hayman

Improvisation Artist

It is said that the best conversations are improvised. If so, Brian Hayman, Jazz pianist and President of Getting In The Groove, is a great conversationalist. As an improvisation artist he uses the impact of jazz with audiences all over the world. Making the jump from corporate to entrepreneurship, Brian Hayman shares lessons learned and how the new company came to be.


Paul Bridle

Post image for Paul Bridle

Information Contextualizer

For over 20 years he has researched leadership. Paul Bridle, Leadership Methodologist, shares his findings and case studies through his speaking. Sharing some of his accumulated knowledge, he talks about what leadership method works at which time, and areas of leadership focus. He shares insight into gaining support as a leader, blending management strategies with leadership strategies, and much more.


Brian Dalzell

Post image for Brian Dalzell

Sales, Management, Communication

Weaving together sales, management, and communications, Brian Dalzell, CEO of The Performance Advantage Inc, discusses the blending of facilitation and consulting. Answering such questions as, how can I integrate training? What is the impact on my business? And how do I position training in my organization? He shares how to get a better return on your training, and the use of training interventions.


Bob Coffey

Post image for Bob Coffey

Former Vice Chair of KPMG

How do you manage an organization by slogan? Ask Bob Coffey, Management Consultant and Coach. As previous Vice Chair of KPMG, past Vice President of Geneva Merger and Acquisition Services of Canada and various other senior positions, his experience spans decades. Journeying through his illustrious career he touches on what he learned from his coaches, and how he became ‘The Coach’ back in 1976.


Michael Hughes

Post image for Michael Hughes

The Science of Networking

Creating, maintaining, and managing business relationships are important now more than ever. Michael Hughes, President of Networking for Results, and networking expert shares how to use networking as a business and life strategy. Discussing the networking process, Michael Hughes explains how relationships need to be stimulated and nurtured. He talks about using networking in a job search, and how to start the process. Discussing the science of networking, Michael Hughes shares the fundamental laws behind networks and how they evolve and grow.


Roz Usheroff

Post image for Roz Usheroff

Personal Branding

What does your first impression really say about you? Do you think you can do better? Widely recognized as an authority on image, Personal Branding Coach Roz Usheroff shares tips and techniques on how to make those first four minutes count. How do you package yourself? How do you take charge of your image? Roz shares ideas on everything from dress and body language to attitude and personality.


Tom Stoyan

Post image for Tom Stoyan

Canadian Sales Coach

Do you wear a sales hat? Canada’s Sales Coach, Tom Stoyan, offers coaching insights on how to become active in your customer’s buying decision and sell more effectively. Tracing his 24-year career, Tom Stoyan shares the lessons, influences, and challenges that have carved out his ‘Selling with Integrity’ training program.


Donald Cooper

Post image for Donald Cooper

Cooper Sports, Alive and Well

How they buy, and how we sell. Innovative retailer and marketer, Donald Cooper from Cooper Sports and Alive and Well, talks about creating an extraordinary customer experience. Having worked with forty different industries around the world, Donald Cooper shares his triumphs, influences, and challenges in business.