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Jill Donahue

Post image for Jill Donahue

Ethical Behaviour Change


Sarah Wiley

Sarah Wiley interviewed by Randall Craig on Professionally Speaking TV

Inspiring and Challenging Journeys

What better country to cultivate resilience, leadership, connections and compassion through inspiring and challenging journeys of self-discovery in the natural world? Sarah Wiley, Executive Director of Outward Bound Canada, joins us on Professionally Speaking TV to showcase some of what makes Outward Bound an incredible experience for both adults and youth. With Wilderness Expeditions and Urban Programs, Outward Bound Canada has a journey for everyone. Sarah Wiley also shares some of her own expeditions and experiences in her long relationship with Outward Bound.


Helen Wilkie

Helen Wilkie interviewed by Randall Craig on Professionally Speaking TV

Organization Communication

How often have you had to suffer through a meeting that had no point? Or maybe this three-hour meeting could have been delivered in 30 minutes? Helen Wilkie, President of MHW Communications, says that poor communication in an organization is expensive. Discussing the topics of meeting culture, business writing, e-mail etiquette, and more, she offers tips and strategies on how not to waste time – yours or others.


Alan Middleton

Alan Middleton interviewed by Randall Craig on Professionally Speaking TV

Professor, Marketing, Leadership

In 2001, Alan Middleton took over the position of Executive Director for the Schulich Executive Education Centre (SEEC) at York University in Toronto. The SEEC is a strategic business unit at the Schulich School of Business offering open and custom non-degree executive and management education to over 10,000 executives a year in North America and internationally.

Alan has co-authored two books and written several reports on marketing and communication.


Riz Ibrahim

Riz Ibrahim interviewed on Professionally Speaking TV

Career Counselling & Development

With a history in the not-for-profit sector, Riz Ibrahim, the Vice President and General Manager of the Canadian Education and Research Institute for Counselling (CERIC) joins Randall Craig in the PSTV studio. Exploring CERIC, its current and past projects, as well as its defining features, Riz Ibrahim discusses what CERIC does for both the employee and employer. With a focus on career planning and career development, this interview spans everything in between.


Jim Grieve

Jim Grieve interviewed by Randall Craig on Professionally Speaking TV

Education, Full-Day Kindergarten, Children

Jim Grieve is the Assistant Deputy Minister for the Ministry of Education’s Early Learning Division. He is responsible for the implementation of full-day kindergarten for four and five year olds in Ontario. In this interview, Jim Grieve talks about his career in education and the new approach to engaging children through “purposeful play-based and inquiry learning”. This approach uses provocative questions to stimulate the child’s learning, create thinking and move them forward.


Wendy Cukier

Wendy Cukier interviewed by Randall Craig on Professionally Speaking TV

Innovation, Education, Research

How do you build a culture of innovation? Wendy Cukier, V.P. of Research & Innovation at Ryerson University, joins us on set at Professionally Speaking TV to discuss just that. Speaking first on Research, Wendy Cukier discusses funding options and breakdowns. Weighing the pros and cons of traditional and non-traditional funding options, she talks about the current emphasis on partnerships, community, private sector support and the proprietary nature of research. Moving into the realm of innovation, Wendy Cukier takes a closer look at innovation systems. Looking at government, private sector, and higher education, she discusses how to balance traditional rigor and innovative space to produce leading outcomes. Wendy Cukier shares the remarkable transformation of Ryerson University and the impact that it has had on reputation and visibility.


Shenda Tanchak

Shenda Tanchek interviewed on Professionally Speaking TV

Self-Regulating Physiotherapists in Ontario

Shenda Tanchak, CEO and Registrar of the College of Physiotherapists of Ontario, joins host, Randall Craig, on the set of Professionally Speaking TV. This in-depth profile takes a look at the College of Physiotherapists of Ontario, their role in the community, and the regulatory process.


Min Basadur

Min Basadur interviewed by Randall Craig on Professionally Speaking TV

Creativity, Innovation, Solutions

“There is no problem that is not solvable.” Min Basadur, founder of Basadur Applied Creativity, discusses innovative thinking. Defining ‘complexity’, Min Basadur discusses inventing the process of problem solving. Comparing innovative thinking to analytical thinking, he summarizes the industry of thought. Using actual case examples, he introduces his famous ‘Simplexity’ while defining some of the skills and tools needed to use the process. If there’s a problem to solve, learn how to get the right people in the room, and learn how to get the right process to solve it. And learn how Min Basadur helps people make complex problems simple.


Judy Thompson

English is Stupid

Founder of Thompson Language Centre, Judy Thompson, joins us in the Professionally Speaking TV studio to discuss her book, English is Stupid – a ground-breaking method of instructing English fluency and pronunciation.


Mary Anne White

Mary Anne White interviewed by Randall Craig on Professionally Speaking TV

Materials scientist, Chemist and Physicist

Prolific scientist and researcher, Dr. Mary Anne White, Research Professor at Dalhousie University, talks to Randall Craig about the University Professor life. Defining her own area of research, Dr. Mary Anne White discusses her fascination with thermal properties of materials while giving several examples including an exciting product development from Toshiba. Discussing university teaching life she openly talks about sessional teaching, tenure, and specifically, teaching in the field of science. And with seasoned experience Dr. Mary Anne White explores the ins and outs of publishing academic papers, plagiarism, and the relationship between teaching and researching.


Susan Luke Evans

Susan Luke Evans interviewed by Randall Craig on Professionally Speaking TV

Harnessing the Power of Stories

When you tell it well, people listen. At a time when technology has all but taken over, Susan Luke-Evans, Corporate Mythologist, discusses the art of storytelling and its effectiveness in corporate environments. Used for centuries as an unofficial communication tool, she describes how stories evoke a practical outcome within an individual or an entire organization. Giving engaging examples from her repertoire, Susan Luke-Evans defines the structure of a story and how it can be applied to any message.


David Agnew

Post image for David Agnew

Innovative, Competitive, Collaborative

With 100,000 students and 10 campuses across the Greater Toronto Area, Seneca College is a major player in the arena of post secondary education. David Agnew, President of Seneca College, discusses the evolution of college and how the face of higher education is changing. Helping navigate the various degrees, certificates, and diplomas being offered by today’s educational institutions, he reviews the competitive landscape,– and how Seneca is playing a leading role.


Joseph Palumbo

Post image for Joseph Palumbo

Career Planning, Career Leadership

Demonstrating the impact of life-long learning, Joseph Palumbo has distinguished himself as a leading resource in career strategy. Former Chair of United Way Peel, Executive Director of the CDC at Schulich School of Business, and FCMA, Joseph Palumbo discusses the partnering of community and career leadership. Offering advice on career planning, he answers those difficult career questions – from a job seekers perspective, and also the point of view of the recruiter.


Earl Sky

Post image for Earl Sky

Speaking, Gestures, Pauses

Do you have a fear of public speaking? Self-conscious about your voice? With over 40 years of professional speaking experience, Master Vocal Coach Earl Sky, takes the audience through exercises on vocal projection and controlled breathing. He discusses a variety of professional and personal speaking issues, including effective gestures, and meaningful pauses.


Daneal Charney

Post image for Daneal Charney

Generation Y Leadership

Are you throwing the monkey back? Do you promote accountability in your team? Speaker, Coach, Facilitator, and co-author of Hitting StrYde, Daneal Charney, talks about reframing leadership to get better results. Giving solid tips on tough conversations and giving feedback, she tells us why questions are so important. Daneal Charney advises on generational thinking and getting the most out of generation Y.


Harold Taylor

Post image for Harold Taylor

Time Management

You can’t manage time, but you can manage yourself in respect to time. With 17 books published and over 2000 workshops and seminars on time management, Harold Taylor, from Harold Taylor Time Consultants, has defined himself as the definitive Time Management Trainer. Talking about the change in time management tools with the development of technology, he discusses the use of smart phones, e-mail, and social media with relevance to multi-tasking.


Dave Paradi

Post image for Dave Paradi

Presentations with PowerPoint

Have you ever been bored in a Power Point presentation? Has anyone been bored in one of yours? Power Point Rock star, and author of The Visual Slide Revolution, Dave Paradi shares a plethora of tips and advice to improve your Power Point presentations. Reviewing common issue and problems, he explains his K.W.I.C.K acronym to help improve basic design flaws. He discusses slide building, slide transitions, using animation and using rights protected material. He examines the difference in slide design between a presentation and a webinar.


James Pasternak

Post image for James Pasternak

Toronto City Council

School Board Trustee and Toronto City Councilor, James Pasternak tells us what’s wrong with Toronto. He talks about how he entered the world of politics, and what it’s all about. Pivotal in the launch of the Afrocentric School in Toronto, James Pasternak discusses the goals of the initiative and how it came to be. He shares his opinions on the TTC and MetroCity, Toronto crime rates, political stereotypes, and new Canadians in the city and in our schools.


Bob Willard

Post image for Bob Willard

The Case for Sustainability

‘Enough for all forever’. These four words are the motivation behind Change Agent and Sustainability Guru, Bob Willard. Quantifying the business case in sustainability, he discusses economic, social and environmental operations that support and benefit from sustainable behavior. Bob Willard offers an inclusive look into what businesses need to do to become more sustainable.


Ian Cook

Post image for Ian Cook

Senior Leadership Development

What do you not see about yourself that’s impacting your future? Leaving a long list of successful corporate positions, Ian Cook founded Fulcrum Associates and began a successful organization focusing on improving senior leadership roles. Discussing the unique challenges of being a facilitator, Ian Cook reveals how facilitating works in meetings and team building, and what that role can do for your organization.


Pat Ferrier

Post image for Pat Ferrier

Publishing, eBooks, Textbooks

From hard cover to downloadable. Pat Ferrier, publishing industry veteran and President of McGraw-Hill Ryerson – Higher Ed. Division, is in the business of developing intellectual property. In tune with the post-secondary market and its changing needs, Pat Ferrier discusses combined print and digital solutions and their increasing popularity and effectiveness. He shares the process of publishing a textbook and the agents that make it happen.


Brian Hayman

Post image for Brian Hayman

Improvisation Artist

It is said that the best conversations are improvised. If so, Brian Hayman, Jazz pianist and President of Getting In The Groove, is a great conversationalist. As an improvisation artist he uses the impact of jazz with audiences all over the world. Making the jump from corporate to entrepreneurship, Brian Hayman shares lessons learned and how the new company came to be.