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Diane Brisbois

Post image for Diane Brisbois

CEO, Retail Council of Canada


Steve Paikin

Steve Paikin interviewed on Professionally Speaking TV

Host of TVO's 'The Agenda'

“Every night is different, every week is the same” says Steve Paikin, Host of TVO’s The Agenda, as he discusses his career and role in the media. With a 30-year history in journalism, he recounts his various television reporting and hosting experiences up to his current role at The Agenda. Now in its fifth season, we learn how the stories are chosen, and where they get their ideas. Recalling his observations and experience from the G20, Steve Paikin shares his thoughts on the rise of Social Media and citizen journalism, and the impact it’s had on the media.


Peter Temple

Peter Temple interviewed on Professionally Speaking TV

Media and Presentation Strategist

Writer, Director, Producer, Peter Temple joins us in the studio to talk about film, video, and putting it all together. Exploring the concept of the ‘Money Shot’ and other sought after frames, he runs us through how the industry has changed in his 35+ year career in the television and film industry. Don’t miss Peter Temple offer exclusive tips in corporate videos and presentations. Learn how to appear more professional and confident in front of the camera. Learn what you can do at home to produce your own videos. And learn when you should call for a professional, like the Media Maestro himself!


Humble and Fred

Humble and Fred interviewed on

Radio and Podcasting at its best.

“Our audience is valuable because it’s ours.” With their usual self-deprecating humour, Howard Glassman and Fred Peterson, otherwise known as Humble and Fred, joined the PSTV set to discuss their wildly successful podcast – and why their fans are so unique. From early days at CFNY to their current digs in their 5-Hour Energy Studio, they take us through their 20+ year career in radio, how it’s changed, and what’s the same. Humble and Fred bring honesty to the forefront as they discuss career stumbles and successes – all with their usual banter and quips. From fan engagement to show predictions, we cover it all in this interview with the notorious Humble and Fred.


Michele Bailey

Michele Bailey interviewed by Professionally Speaking TV

Creator, Designer, Strategizer

With almost two decades of experience in the business of design and advertising, Michele Bailey, founder and president of Blazing The Agency, talks marketing, advertising, and design. Referencing QR codes, smart phones, and iPads, she discusses digital marketing and how Blazing The Agency uses technology.


Aubrey Dan

Aubrey Dan interviewed on Professionally Speaking TV

Theatre, Investment, Philanthropy

Entrepreneur, investor, and philanthropist Aubrey Dan, from DanCap Group of Companies, talks about his investment business, his theatre line-up and his 20 million dollars in charitable donations. Sharing lessons from his beginnings, he discusses exit strategies, investment tactics, and good business criteria.


Anthony Lindan

Post image for Anthony Lindan

Magic with a Message

It’s a vanishing art, but Anthony Lindan, professional magician, speaker, and presenter, has built a professional career from his passion of magic. While demonstrating several magic tricks, he talks about the control of audience perception, and managing and influencing the perception process.


Meg Soper

Post image for Meg Soper

Motivational Humour

Delivering outstanding motivational performances, Meg Soper, humorist and nurse, combine her two professions to discuss health and humor. Rewinding back to her start in comedy, she shares the path through her dual career. Meg Soper talks about where she gets her inspiration, her material, and her confidence. Using humor to address stress, she speaks on health issues and the impact of leading a stressful life. Discussing her audiences, she talks about energy levels, engagement, participation, and inspiring stories.


Bruce Sellery

Post image for Bruce Sellery

Financial Educator, Journalist, Consultant

Smart people do dumb things with their money. That’s the phrase used by Bruce Sellery, financial educator and founder of Moolala. Coming from Proctor and Gamble fame, he shares how his move into the arena of live reporting at BNN helped prepare him for this role in financial education. By supplying that ‘spoonful of sugar’, Bruce Sellery offers investment advice and training to the novice.


Carlos Morgan

Music Business, Community Involvement, Social Justice

Juno award-winning singer/song writer Carlos Morgan joins us in the studio to share some of his musical talent. He talks about his many influences and how he’s grown as a musician. Discussing the business of being an independent artist, Carlos Morgan reveals the challenges of balancing his creativity with business. Giving back to the community, Carlos Morgan talks about his community organizations: Sound Perspectives, and Healthy Habits for Youths.


Hellen Buttigieg

Post image for Hellen Buttigieg

Professional Organizer, TV Personality

“It’s not about perfection,” says Helen Buttigieg, Certified Professional Organizer. She has built a reputation and career on helping others reduce clutter and learn the psychology of organizing. Sharing some tips from her recent book, Organize Outside the Box, she discusses organizing styles and how to work successfully within them.


Paul Huschilt

Post image for Paul Huschilt

Corporate Jester

With a start in theater and bridging many skills, corporate jester Paul Huschilt talks about how he fell into his niche as a Professional Speaker. Starting with his “Ultimate Ending” keynote, he shares his creative process and what kind of impact a humorous keynote can have. With the ability to perform in English, Japanese and French, Paul Huschilt talks about humor across cultures, and varying audience cues.


Michelle Citrin

Post image for Michelle Citrin

Singer and Songwriter

Singer and songwriter Michelle Citrin joins us to discuss her album Left Brain, Right Hearted. Without a single lesson, Michelle Citrin developed her passion for music very early in life. She discusses her influences and how they’ve shaped her music. Sharing a few songs from the album, she talks about her past music, popular You Tube videos, and how much she’s grown. Michelle Citrin shares how she writes, what inspires her lyrics, and how she bonds with her audience. This “lil grrl with a big sound” tells all!


Joel Hilchey

Post image for Joel Hilchey

Motivational Speeches for Students

Getting into the student psyche is what Joel Hilchey does best. A Professional Speaker to youth audiences, he shares the messages that students need to hear. Joel Hilchey believes that the little things make a difference in the culture of a school as he talks about student leadership, school spirit, student life, and the risk of using humour. Often ending up the fool in his own performance, he weaves juggling, magic, and singing into a concise message delivery system that reaches those tough to access gen “Y” and gen “Z” audiences.


Brian Hayman

Post image for Brian Hayman

Improvisation Artist

It is said that the best conversations are improvised. If so, Brian Hayman, Jazz pianist and President of Getting In The Groove, is a great conversationalist. As an improvisation artist he uses the impact of jazz with audiences all over the world. Making the jump from corporate to entrepreneurship, Brian Hayman shares lessons learned and how the new company came to be.


Bob Gray

Post image for Bob Gray

Building Total Recall

Are you good with names and faces? According to memory systems expert Bob Gray, everyone has the ability to have total recall. A professional speaker for 25 years and a Guinness Book of World Records holder, Bob Gray tells of the circuitous route that lead him to where is he today.


Dave Broadfoot

Post image for Dave Broadfoot

Royal Canadian Air Farce

Best known as Big Bobby Clobber, and Sgt. Renfrew in CBC’s Royal Canadian Air Farce, Dave Broadfoot shares a lifetime of inspirations and motivations in this interview. Recounting his development from amateur to professional, he shares candid tips and advice from his 50+ years of performing on Canadian television and radio.