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Rob Henderson

Rob Henderson interviewed by Randall Craig on Professionally Speaking TV

student financing, student awards, yconic

Rob Henderson, President & CEO of Yconic, is a strong motivational leader with a proven track record for building teams, businesses and organizations.

Rob has a strong understanding of the youth market, and is passionate about helping and supporting youth. An entrepreneur at heart, one of Rob’s passions is to help build and support a growing entrepreneurial culture in Canada. He is currently an advisor and donor to Enactus, Canada’s largest student entrepreneurship program, which he is also a proud alumnus and the former Executive Director.


Greg Pollock

Greg Pollock interviewed by Randall Craig on Professionally Speaking TV

Advisors, ADVOCIS, Financial

Greg Pollock is the president and CEO of ADVOCIS – an association of financial advisors and planners with insurance backgrounds. In this interview Greg talks about the new Raising the Bar campaign and he shares tips on how to choose the right financial advisor when planning for the future. He also describes the pivotal role his organization plays in the four pillars of the financial sector (trust, banks, brokerages and insurance).


Dr. Deborah Nixon

Dr. Deborah Nixon interviewed by Randall Craig on Professionally Speaking TV

Money, Management, Planning

Discussing all things financial, Dr. Deborh Nixon, Founder and President of My Money Mindset, joins us on PSTV this week.


Sheryl Smolkin

Sheryl Smolkin interviewed on Professionally Speaking TV

Lawyer, Writer, Editor

From lawyer to author, pension and benefits expert Sheryl Smolkin sheds light on the benefits industry and shares how to navigate the waters of pension plans. Balancing the pros and cons between the defined benefit and defined contribution pension plans, she discusses contributions, funding, and fiduciary responsibility.


Bruce Gilboord

Post image for Bruce Gilboord

Insurance, Claims, Policies

Straddling the oft overlooked Disability Insurance and the CPP Review Tribunal, Bruce Gilboord offers a unique insight into the inner workings of the ‘what if’ scenario. Defining disability insurance, he explains who should have it, why we need it, and how to get it. As he discusses the benefits, claims and policies, he also reveals accounting surprises that could help your business.


Aubrey Dan

Aubrey Dan interviewed on Professionally Speaking TV

Theatre, Investment, Philanthropy

Entrepreneur, investor, and philanthropist Aubrey Dan, from DanCap Group of Companies, talks about his investment business, his theatre line-up and his 20 million dollars in charitable donations. Sharing lessons from his beginnings, he discusses exit strategies, investment tactics, and good business criteria.


Mary-Colleen Shanahan

Post image for Mary-Colleen Shanahan

CEO of Tilly Endurables

CEO of Tilley Endurables, Mary-Coleen (MC) Shanahan, shares the lessons learned from early opportunities. She discusses her transition from service to product, entering a family-run business, and the challenges of being competitive in an international market. Learn about the adventure of a Tilley purchase. MC Shanahan displays a wide range of products from the original Tilley hat that has gained so much fame to their newest member –the Intrepid Bag.


Bruce Sellery

Post image for Bruce Sellery

Financial Educator, Journalist, Consultant

Smart people do dumb things with their money. That’s the phrase used by Bruce Sellery, financial educator and founder of Moolala. Coming from Proctor and Gamble fame, he shares how his move into the arena of live reporting at BNN helped prepare him for this role in financial education. By supplying that ‘spoonful of sugar’, Bruce Sellery offers investment advice and training to the novice.


Stuart Morley

Post image for Stuart Morley

Corporate Recovery Specialist

Corporate Recovery Specialist, Stuart Morley talks about strategy with a focus on troubled situations. Being the stop before insolvency, he shares turn around stories from a variety of industries. He addresses what mid-sized businesses should do in a down economy and discusses how turn around plans solve the problem of misunderstanding the market. Looking at his newest edition of Weather the Storm, he talks about helping mid-sized companies, family-run businesses and the considerations that are made.