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Riz Ibrahim

Riz Ibrahim interviewed on Professionally Speaking TV

Career Counselling & Development

With a history in the not-for-profit sector, Riz Ibrahim, the Vice President and General Manager of the Canadian Education and Research Institute for Counselling (CERIC) joins Randall Craig in the PSTV studio. Exploring CERIC, its current and past projects, as well as its defining features, Riz Ibrahim discusses what CERIC does for both the employee and employer. With a focus on career planning and career development, this interview spans everything in between.


Paul Hill

Paul Hill interviewed by Randall Craig on Professionally Speaking TV

Panic Free Job Search

A critical interview for anyone (employer, employee or unemployed) in today’s workforce. CEO of Transition to Hired, and author of The Panic Free Job Search, Paul Hill, joins us to discuss tactics, strategies, and plans for getting hired. With 26 years in Search, he shares his wealth of knowledge on how to manage your own career. Discussing Job Boards, Search Firms, Career goals, interview tactics, elevator pitches and more, Paul Hill talks about how to use existing tools and overcome hurdles.


Suzanne Stevens

Post image for Suzanne Stevens

Sales, Management, Philanthropy

What’s your potential? With the unique belief that we perform best at the edge of our comfort zone, President and founder of Ignite Excellence, Suzanne Stevens, shares her company’s approach to sales and leadership training. She defines several key areas of focus such as, differentiating the sales process, establishing the relationship, and using Socio-Value Influencers. In the professional arena as well as the personal, Suzanne Stevens challenges the restrictions we place on ourselves and to get out of our own way.


Jim Geraghty

Jim Geherty interviewed by Randall Craig on Professionally Speaking TV

Career transition, Career management

Coming up on August 20th 2012


Sharon Worsley

Sharon Worsley interviewed by Randall Craig on Professionally Speaking TV

Personal Leadership

Join Sharon Worsley, creator of The 4 Diamond Leader, as she takes us through what makes an effective leader.


Greg Taylor

Greg Taylor interviewed by Randall Craig on Professionally Speaking TV

Premium Canadian Pilsner

“We’re all about the celebration of Craft Beer.” Greg Taylor, Co-Founder of Steam Whistle Brewing Company, joins host Randall Craig as they discuss the art of brewing beer. Tracing his path to his current role, Greg Taylor tells the story behind the business. From bottle design and packaging to ingredients and brewing process, he reveals the advantages and disadvantages of craft brewing. Greg Taylor reveals why Steam Whistle Brewing focuses on doing one thing really well and how that focus has launched a successful brand. The interview continues onto grow opportunities and industry trends as he touches on what’s in store for Steam Whistle Brewing Company.


Beth Terry

Beth Terry interviewed by Randall Craig on Professionally Speaking TV

Resilience Mastery

Encouraging one step at a time, Beth Terry, Cactus Wrangler, talks about building resilience and becoming a stronger ‘you’. First defining what resiliency is, she offers strategies to help ‘get your bounce back’, and unload the baggage that may be weighing you down. Taking a look at both of her books, Thinking About Thinking and Walking in a Crowd of Angels, Beth Terry traces her motivation for authoring and shares her favorite pieces of each accomplishment. Taking a closer look into her speech writing ability, we gain a birds eye view of how to structure a speech to be impactful, and a few tips to help avoid common pitfalls.


Sheryl Smolkin

Sheryl Smolkin interviewed on Professionally Speaking TV

Lawyer, Writer, Editor

From lawyer to author, pension and benefits expert Sheryl Smolkin sheds light on the benefits industry and shares how to navigate the waters of pension plans. Balancing the pros and cons between the defined benefit and defined contribution pension plans, she discusses contributions, funding, and fiduciary responsibility.


Joseph Palumbo

Post image for Joseph Palumbo

Career Planning, Career Leadership

Demonstrating the impact of life-long learning, Joseph Palumbo has distinguished himself as a leading resource in career strategy. Former Chair of United Way Peel, Executive Director of the CDC at Schulich School of Business, and FCMA, Joseph Palumbo discusses the partnering of community and career leadership. Offering advice on career planning, he answers those difficult career questions – from a job seekers perspective, and also the point of view of the recruiter.


Sherry Knight

Post image for Sherry Knight

Organizational Development

Organizational Development Expert, Sherry Knight discusses the co-founding of her company Dimension Eleven, authoring her book Unstoppable, and her ever-popular alter ego ‘Madame L’Image’. As an HR Resource professional, she offers insight into HR trends that are impacting organizations. As a professional speaker, Sherry Knight offers her audience an opportunity to look the part of what they expect back.


Sharon Bar-David

Post image for Sharon Bar-David

Creating Employee Engagement

Career transitioning from lawyer to social worker, Sharon Bar-David, Trainer, Coach, and Keynoter, is all about creating engaged work environments. Discussing workplace issues and challenges, she addresses incivility, bullying, and disengagement. Summarizing her many articles written in HR Reporter, Sharon Bar-David reviews several tactics we do as employees that sabotage our own success and how we can avoid corroding our personal brand.


Jim Czegledi

Post image for Jim Czegledi

Humor in the workplace

Do you have a hard time finding the lighter side of life? Humor Coach, Jim Czegledi explains the importance of humor and how you can integrate it into your life. Talking about humor of all types – exaggeration, absurdities, irony, and others – he reveals the personal dimensions of humor and how we have the conscience choice to laugh. Jim Czegledi defines the five types of humor with examples of what to embrace and what to avoid.


Jack Shand

Post image for Jack Shand

Executive search, Not-for-profit expert

You don’t want to acquire a racehorse to pull a plow. Jack Shand, Management Consultant and President of Leader Quest – an Executive Search firm – offers insight into the competition for talent and the demand that is still to come. Jack Shand shares the issues facing not for profits today and the war for talent. He offers advice on the measurable returns on management hires, as well as the growing trend of executive movement into the not for profit.


Michael Bungay-Stanier

Post image for Michael Bungay-Stanier

Doing Great Work

With the goal of infecting a billion people with the possibility virus, it’s clear that Michael Bungay-Stanier feels strongly about ‘doing great work’. Defining what ‘great work’ is, he explains the theory behind his book Do More Great Work and the plethora of free, animated videos designed to expound on this thought. A self-proclaimed sufferer of Shiny Object Syndrome, Michael Bungay-Stanier works with many micro-tribes: facilitation, speaking, writing, coaching, and on-line presence as he shares his popular topics: The 5 ¾ Questions that People Avoid, Get Unstuck and Get Going, and The Eight Irresistible Principles of Fun. Designed to provide thought-provoking questions while interjecting fun and powerful tools, Michael Bungay-Stanier knows what it takes to live a powerful life, do you?


Dave Crisp

Post image for Dave Crisp

Former SVP of HR, Hudson's Bay Company

With a focus on balance and results, leadership is a lot like riding a bicycle. Dave Crisp of Crisp Leadership Strategies discusses human resources and it’s role in tough times. Humanizing the way you manage, Dave Crisp advises on coaching as leadership and how to begin. He offers easy ways to encourage your manager to start coaching and stop ordering.


Beverly Beuermann-King

Post image for Beverly Beuermann-King

Good and Bad Stress

Are you stretched too thin? President of Work Smart Live Smart, Beverly Beuermann-King discusses workplace wellness and stress management. Defining ‘stress’, she lists the signs and symptoms of critical stress levels. Balancing that with “good stress”, Beverly Beuermann-King tells us what makes it “good”. Learn the cost of stress and the impact of stress on a business, how to measure a stress reduction program, and the balance of wellness responsibility.


David Weiss

Post image for David Weiss

Strategic HR and Management

Do we really need an HR department? David Weiss, author of Innovative Intelligence, and CEO and President of Weiss International, discusses Leadership and the role of HR. He shares his expertise on how to overcome the leadership gap, and the difference between strategy and culture.


Ian Cook

Post image for Ian Cook

Senior Leadership Development

What do you not see about yourself that’s impacting your future? Leaving a long list of successful corporate positions, Ian Cook founded Fulcrum Associates and began a successful organization focusing on improving senior leadership roles. Discussing the unique challenges of being a facilitator, Ian Cook reveals how facilitating works in meetings and team building, and what that role can do for your organization.


Kathleen Redmond

Post image for Kathleen Redmond

Employee Engagement

Looking for ways to achieve engagement? Kathleen Redmond, President of the Centre for Character Leadership, discusses collaboration, engagement, and conflict reduction. Defining what engagement is, Kathleen Redmond shares how we can achieve it in an organization. Revealing disengagement across generations, and its question of reversibility, she digs deeper into the issue giving insight to problem areas.


Lea Brovedani

Post image for Lea Brovedani

Emotional Quotient (HQ)

Do you respond well to others’ behavior? Do you gain repeat business because people enjoy working with you? Lea Brovedani, an expert in Emotional Intelligence, shares her 12+ years of research and experience in the field and explains how we have the ability to change. Defining what Emotional Intelligence (EQ) is, Lea Brovedani talks about how to recognize, use, understand, and manage emotions. She shares ways to create the best outcomes in life and how to use your emotions effectively. Discussing changing behaviour, she shares how the change happens, and how you can make it happen faster.


Peggy Grall

Post image for Peggy Grall

Organizational Change and Transition

People can’t talk about change without using the f-word: fear. From psychotherapist to executive coach and expert in change, Peggy Grall discusses change and transition and the lessons she brings from her own experience in change. Speaking on dealing with organizational change, she offers tactics for onboarding in a new position, connecting quickly to your new team, and how to create great supporters. Using current events and examples, Peggy Grall explains communication change, crisis change, and how she uses ‘Transition Poker’ to practice skills in managing change.


Brian Dalzell

Post image for Brian Dalzell

Sales, Management, Communication

Weaving together sales, management, and communications, Brian Dalzell, CEO of The Performance Advantage Inc, discusses the blending of facilitation and consulting. Answering such questions as, how can I integrate training? What is the impact on my business? And how do I position training in my organization? He shares how to get a better return on your training, and the use of training interventions.