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Frank O’Dea

Frank O'Dea interviewed by Randall Craig on

Co-founder, Second Cup

“It’s about an idea that worked, and made a difference.” Second Cup Co-founder, Frank O’Dea, shares his link between hope, vision, and action in this interview with Randall Craig. Climbing out of homelessness and substance abuse, he shares his entrepreneurial success story(ies). As Co-founder of a multibillion dollar industry, Frank O’Dea takes us through his entrepreneurial adventures while offering advice to those starting out.


Riz Ibrahim

Riz Ibrahim interviewed on Professionally Speaking TV

Career Counselling & Development

With a history in the not-for-profit sector, Riz Ibrahim, the Vice President and General Manager of the Canadian Education and Research Institute for Counselling (CERIC) joins Randall Craig in the PSTV studio. Exploring CERIC, its current and past projects, as well as its defining features, Riz Ibrahim discusses what CERIC does for both the employee and employer. With a focus on career planning and career development, this interview spans everything in between.


Nuzhat Jafri

Perspectives, Requirements, Actions

Executive Director of the Office of the Fairness Commissioner, Nuzhat Jafri, joins us in the PSTV studios to discuss regulated professions, fair licensing, and how it connects to other issues across Ontario.


Kim O’Connell

Kim O'Connell interviewed by Randall Craig on Professionally Speaking TV

Design, Print, Campaigns

“Communication is always the key.” Kim O’Connell, General Manager for Artistic Minds Inc (AMi), and print production dynamo, talks about the inner workings of an internal print agency and how they support some of the biggest fast food agencies in North America – KFC, Taco Bell, and Pizza Hut. In the print industry for 35 years, Kim O’Connell shares thoughts on direct mailing, coupons, trade printers and outsourcing. She offers insight into the age-old debate of traditional marketing versus social media and how AMi, a non-profit agency, stays competitive.
***** Due to technical difficulties, this interview has been removed. *****


Ann Webb

Ann Webb interviewed by Randall Craig on Professionally Speaking TV

The Business of Art

“The Arts make us human.” Ann Webb, Executive Director of the Canadian Arts Foundation, Founder of the Reel Artists Film Festival, and Publisher of Canadian Art magazine speaks about art in Canada – emerging and long standing. Revealing her challenges and passion in the arts, Ann Webb traces her career path through some of Canada’s most revered cultural institutions. Naming several ‘Art Stars’, she discusses art coming out of Canada. Ann Webb discusses the success of the Reel Artists Film Festival, a venture which she founded in 2004, while outlining the year over year success this community festival has experienced.


Debra Joy Eklove

Debra Joy Eklove interviewed by Randall Craig on Professionally Speaking TV

Meditation, Empowerment, Wisdom

“It’s a process of mind, body, and spirit integration,” says President of The Art of Living Foundation Canada, Debra Joy Eklove. Defining the organization that recently celebrated their 30-year anniversary, Debra Joy Eklove talks about the international, humanitarian, and educational efforts they have been making. With a focus on yoga and meditation, she describes it as a spiritual approach to life while distancing the organization from religion.


CSAE Social Media Best Practices Research

Randall Craig and Gerry Bramm CSAE Social Media Best Practices Research

Research, Benchmarking, Social Media

Randall Craig and Gerald Bramm discuss their recent report on CSAE Social Media best practices.


Deborah Del Duca

Deborah Del Duca interviewed by Randall Craig on Professionally Speaking TV

Girl Greatness

Discussing all things Girl Guides, Deborah Del Duca, CEO of Girl Guides of Canada, joined us on the Professionally Speaking TV set. Tracing the 102 year history of this landmark organization, she explores the diverse and multi-generational groups that make up their various programs. Deborah Del Duca’s role is explored as she talks about what she has learned since being a part of Girl Guides of Canada.


Ed Barisa

Ed Barisa interviewed by Randall Craig on

Boards, Professionals, Members

Discussing legal, regulatory, and advocacy issues in Ontario Real Estate, Ed Barisa, CEO of the Ontario Real Estate Association (OREA), offers insight and wisdom into an old and often misunderstood profession. Ed Barisa talks about the Competition Bureau, the Multiple Listing System (MLS), and the Buyers Representation Agreement as he takes us through some Real Estate industry trends.


Stewart Hardacre

Stewart Hardacre interviewed by Randall CRaig on Professionally Speaking TV

Affordable housing, Partnership, Advocacy

Building simple, decent, and affordable housing, Stewart Hardacre, President and CEO of Habitat for Humanity Canada, discusses how they empower change and break the cycle of poverty. Defining the housing need in Canada, he traces the application and selection process as well as the Habitat for Humanity Canada funding. As they offer a ‘hand up’ to hundreds of Canadians across the country, Stewart Hardacre explains how the real magic is what happens after the ‘Habitat’ experience.


Ross Jefferson

Ross Jefferson interviewed by Randall Craig on Professionally Speaking TV

Destination Marketing

“Waterfronts can be a very powerful catalyst for change in a community.” Executive Director of Discover Saint John, Ross Jefferson, discusses city character and destination marketing. With waterfront cities acting as a ‘gateway’, he shares the connection between economic development and tourism, and how the public/private partnership model of Discover Saint John is a benefit to all involved. Ross Jefferson reveals the biggest challenges and biggest opportunities he faces in destination marketing, and how he approaches each head on. Learn where the dollars come from. Learn what the tough questions are. And learn how Saint John is quickly becoming a top tier destination.


YWCA on the World Stage

Paulette Senior interviewed by Randall Craig on Professionally Speaking TV

CEO, YWCA Canada

What a busy month it’s been.  To say that World Council was a meaningful and rich experience would be a major understatement.   The World YWCA, which hosts World Council held every 4 years, brought together 125 Member Associations connecting women…


Tonya Surman

Tonya Surman interviewed by Randall Craig on Professionally Speaking TV

Public Benefit Initiatives

Creating an opportunity for collaboration, the Centre for Social Innovation’s founder and Executive Director, Tonya Surman, talks about how they came to be and what they do. Offering offices, desks, and collaboration, the Centre for Social Innovation (CSI) opened its doors in 2004 and hasn’t looked back. Naming several collaborators in the process of CSI’s growth, Tonya Surman reveals the challenges along the way and how she overcame them. She talks about the process of creating the Community Bond and the purchase of their new permanent home at 720 Bathurst Street. Opening a third location in Regent Park, Tonya Surman discusses the growth of CSI, their direction, and how we all can be Agents of Change.


Gillian Hewitt Smith

Gillian Hewitt Smith interviewed on Professionally Speaking TV

Connection, Engagement, Celebration

How are you contributing to the strength of Canada? Gillian Hewitt Smith, Executive Director and CEO of the Institute of Canadian Citizenship (ICC), discusses Canada, its newest citizens and what the ICC is doing to bring them together. With a broad portfolio in community leadership, Gillian Hewitt Smith shares the value of volunteering and what she gets out of giving – listing several volunteer resources along the way. Defining the role of ICC she talks about the community citizenship ceremonies and how they have impacted her personally.


Dr. Paul Garfinkel

Dr. Paul Garfinkel interviewed on Professionally Speaking TV

Psychosis, Diagnosis, Breakthroughs

Working towards a better quality of life. Dr. Paul Garfinkel, former CEO & President of the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health (CAMH), talks about the progress within the mental health community and what his role has been. Tracing his progressive positions throughout his career, Dr. Paul Garfinkel reviews the development of CAMH and the adding of “addiction” to mental health. As he defines the term ‘psychotic’, Dr. Paul Garfinkel discusses the challenges in a diagnosis and the roles are various mental health professionals.


Michael Anderson

Michael Anderson interviewed by Randall Craig on Professionally Speaking TV

Developing Excellence in Associations

As President and CEO of the Canadian Society of Association Executives (CSAE), Michael Anderson has been developing excellence in associations for over a decade. Revealing challenges and opportunities, he talks about the CSAE, how it’s changed and where it’s heading. Including professional and trade associations, Michael Anderson looks at board, staff and member perspectives. He talks about association innovation, governance, and expectation as well as the role of the volunteer. Learn how to engage members. Learn how to develop priorities. And learn how the CSAE can help.


Frederick Dryden

Post image for Frederick Dryden

Liberating Marginalized Youth

74.3 percent of adult prisoners were adult offenders. Battling this statistic is Frederick Dryden, Executive Director of Liberty for Youth and Top 40 Under 40 winner. Targeting marginalized, at-risk youth, he defines several of the Liberty for Youth programs and how these programs provide life-saving skills and necessary support.


Vivian Prokop

Post image for Vivian Prokop

Championing Tomorrow's Entrepreneurs

She’s in the business of entrepreneurship. Vivian Prokop, the CEO of the Canadian Youth Business Foundation (CYBF), shares the secret to their 94 percent success rate. Defining the parameters of the successful program, she traces the process of a CYBF entrepreneur applicant and outlines the stepping-stones to their destined success.


David Agnew

Post image for David Agnew

Innovative, Competitive, Collaborative

With 100,000 students and 10 campuses across the Greater Toronto Area, Seneca College is a major player in the arena of post secondary education. David Agnew, President of Seneca College, discusses the evolution of college and how the face of higher education is changing. Helping navigate the various degrees, certificates, and diplomas being offered by today’s educational institutions, he reviews the competitive landscape,– and how Seneca is playing a leading role.


Jody Steinhauer

Post image for Jody Steinhauer

Chief Bargains Officer

Who doesn’t love a bargain? President and Chief Bargains Officer of The Bargains Group, Jody Steinhauer talks about the wholesale industry and the development of retail discount in Canada. Discussing the apparel industry, major chains, and the coming of American retail into Canada, Jody Steinhauer offers insight into the business of merchandise in North America.


Alan Borovoy

Post image for Alan Borovoy

Social Action, Social Change, Social Justice

Looking back on Alan Borovoy’s long and distinguished career, from law school to social action, he recalls his contributions to social improvement and the struggles along the way. Landmark stories ranging from the First Nations in Kenora, to the FLQ and War Measures Act, to the Earnst Zündel trial, help define his career of over 40 years.


Kevin Maynard

Post image for Kevin Maynard

Supply Chain, Sourcing, Partnerships

Employing almost 750,000 Canadians across the country in various industries and occupations, Supply Chain is an essential sector in the Canadian economy. Kevin Maynard, Executive Director of the Canadian Supply Chain Sector Council, discusses the Supply Chain industry and it’s roles within Canada. He addresses the challenges of global sourcing, demand planning, and the impact of increasing fuel costs. Having a massive spectrum of labour forces involved in Supply Chain, Kevin Maynard talks about their efforts to recruit and retain employees. He focuses on some of the Council’s Programs and Partnerships to interest new recruits, and guide them into accreditation programs and professional designations.


Gar Mahood

Post image for Gar Mahood

Tobacco, Public Policy, Legislation

“The tobacco fight is trench warfare”, says Gar Mahood, Executive Director of the Non-Smokers Rights Association and recipient of the Order of Canada. Countering the tobacco industry’s ‘denormalization’ strategy, Gar Mahood sheds light upon the tobacco epidemic in Canada. Playing a lead role in public policy strategy, he discusses the impact on Canada, and the position of provincial and federal governments.


Karen Dalton

Post image for Karen Dalton

PR, Image, Media

How well maintained is your organization’s public image? Executive Director of the Canadian Public Relations Society, Karen Dalton talks about the strategic management of relationships with stakeholders. Giving positive and negative examples, Karen Dalton talks about the impact of social media, masquerading advertisers, crisis management, and the public’s trust in PR. Discussing PR development on a global scale, she reveals how Canadian PR associates rank and if we differ from Americans.


Greig Clark

Post image for Greig Clark

Founder of College Pro Painters

College Pro Painters founder, Greig Clark talks franchises, venture capitalism, and advisory boards and how the success in each area is all about getting the right people. As he traces his career back to starting the popular franchise College Pro Painters, he talks about the learning curve of building the business and how he knew it was time to leave. 15 years after entering the arena of venture capitalism, Grieg Clark discusses what he learned: evaluating the players, analyzing the financial proposal, and indicators of success or failure. Offering tips on how investees and entrepreneurs work with a venture capitalist, he explains the importance of continuous process improvement.


Gail Nyberg

Post image for Gail Nyberg

Hunger, Poverty, Social Assistance

‘39% of adults go hungry at least once a week,’ states The Daily Bread Food Bank’s Annual Poverty Report. Join Gail Nyberg, Executive Director of the Daily Bread Food Bank, in discussing the issues of hunger and poverty in Toronto. Helping to define the food bank visitor, she talks about the diversity of clients, needs and services that are being met through the Daily Bread, and why it’s not just a food bank.


Carol Seidman

Post image for Carol Seidman

Fundraising and Major Gifts

She still wants to change the world. Carol Seidman, former CEO of the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation and Fundraising Consultant, is passionate about doing good in the world. From fundraising techniques to donor stewarding, Carol Seidman discusses corporate and individual giving in the charity business today. She compares the governance between profit corporations and not-for-profits discussing what makes them so similar, including the controversial CEO salaries.


Jack Shand

Post image for Jack Shand

Executive search, Not-for-profit expert

You don’t want to acquire a racehorse to pull a plow. Jack Shand, Management Consultant and President of Leader Quest – an Executive Search firm – offers insight into the competition for talent and the demand that is still to come. Jack Shand shares the issues facing not for profits today and the war for talent. He offers advice on the measurable returns on management hires, as well as the growing trend of executive movement into the not for profit.


Peter Moore

Post image for Peter Moore

Children's Mental Health

One in five children have a diagnosable mental illness. This is one of the statistics that Peter Moore, Executive Director of the Kinark Child and Family Services, mentions. Established in 1916 and treating 10,000 cases a year, Kinark is the largest mental health agency in Ontario. Working to defeat the stigma and shame associated with it, Peter Moore discusses the role parents, and the community plays in a child’s well being. He describes some of the centers, programs and services offered through Kinark, such as Autism Services, Youth Justice services, and Therapeutic recreation. Peter Moore also talks about their recent initiative to reach out to remote, northern communities and the complexities involved with that initiative.