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Ashish Malik

Ashish Malik interviewed by Randall Craig on Professionally Speaking TV

Technology, Client Services, CRM


Pina Russo

Pina Russo interviewed by Randall Craig on Professionally Speaking TV

Cross-cultural + Digital Strategies

Pina Russo, Director of Mercatto Media, is an authority on cross-cultural intelligence in the Hispanic segment. She is also an author, blogger and speaker with a deep passion for exploring how culture and consumer behavior are affecting the way we communicate and work with ethnic markets.


Jeffrey Han

Jeffrey Han interviewed by Randall Craig for Professionally Speaking TV

Google Business Photography

As an innovative sales leader with deep expertise in digital marketing, Jeffrey Han is the Managing Director of Virtuo360 Global Inc, an interactive marketing and social media agency that provides comprehensive online solutions to businesses locally and nationwide. Virtuo360 is Canada’s Top performing Google Trusted Agency that offers one of the leading online marketing tools in Toronto and Montreal. For national clients located in other provinces, Vituo360 Global connects them to Google Trusted Photographers in their area to help optimize user engagement and brand recognition with Google Street View.


Ken Gruber

Ken Gruber of Delta Chelsea Hotel interviewed by Randall Craig on

Hospitality Marketing

Marketing Director of the Delta Chelsea Hotel, Ken Gruber, joins us in the PSTV studio to discuss Toronto’s entertainment hotel. He shares his marketing tips on what they’ve done lately to promote these 1600 rooms, and how they market the city with the hotel. From traditional to online to social media, Ken Gruber examines the effectiveness of past campaigns and the impact it’s had on business.


Hessie Jones

Hessie Jones interviewed on Professionally Speaking TV

Seasoned Digital Strategist

Discussing all things digital, Hessie Jones, Digital Strategist, joins Randall Craig, Host, in the Professionally Speaking TV studio. No stone is unturned in this one-on-one discussion of community, mobile, influencers, and strategy. Hessie shares tips from the field and valuable insight in her years in the digital field.


Wendy Kane

Wendy Kane interviewed by Randall Craig on Professionally Speaking TV

Event Marketing Specialists

Wendy Kane, founder and President of Wendy Kane & Associates, joined Randall Craig in the PSTV studio to discuss event and sports management. As a leader in the industry, Wendy Kane shared her challenges and lessons moving from an entrepreneur to a giant in the industry working gaining experience with such events as the Winter Olympics and the Grey Cup!


Bill Johnson

Post image for Bill Johnson

Former President of McDonald's Canada

From burger flipper to CEO, Bill Johnson, former President of McDonald’s Canada, traces his climb up the ladder. Now a coveted speaker at IVEY School of Business, he shares his ‘no cash registers in the boardroom’ philosophy. Revealing trials and lessons learned, Bill Johnson talks about developing the business in Mexico, building a new supply chain, and the international aspect of McDonald’s.


Suzanne Stevens

Post image for Suzanne Stevens

Sales, Management, Philanthropy

What’s your potential? With the unique belief that we perform best at the edge of our comfort zone, President and founder of Ignite Excellence, Suzanne Stevens, shares her company’s approach to sales and leadership training. She defines several key areas of focus such as, differentiating the sales process, establishing the relationship, and using Socio-Value Influencers. In the professional arena as well as the personal, Suzanne Stevens challenges the restrictions we place on ourselves and to get out of our own way.


Andrew Angus

Andy Angus interviewed by Randall Craig on

Educating Your Audience

Andrew Angus, founder of Switch Video, joins us on PSTV with stories from the entrepreneurial trenches.


Jill Harrington

Jill Harrington interviewed by Randall Craig on Professionally Speaking TV

Helping Sales Professionals

Join host, Randall Craig, as he interviews Sales Expert, Trainer, and Speaker, Jill Harrington. Sharing insight from years of experience in the sales field, Jill Harrington talks about closing the gap between buyers and sellers. She reveals how to gain faster access to the customers you want, and how to keep them coming back for more. Jill Harrington also shares her entrepreneurial adventure in building up the sterling reputation of her organization, SalesSHIFT.


Kim O’Connell

Kim O'Connell interviewed by Randall Craig on Professionally Speaking TV

Design, Print, Campaigns

“Communication is always the key.” Kim O’Connell, General Manager for Artistic Minds Inc (AMi), and print production dynamo, talks about the inner workings of an internal print agency and how they support some of the biggest fast food agencies in North America – KFC, Taco Bell, and Pizza Hut. In the print industry for 35 years, Kim O’Connell shares thoughts on direct mailing, coupons, trade printers and outsourcing. She offers insight into the age-old debate of traditional marketing versus social media and how AMi, a non-profit agency, stays competitive.
***** Due to technical difficulties, this interview has been removed. *****


Alex Barseghian

Alex Barseghian interviewed by Randall Craig on Professionally Speaking TV

Gift Box Experiences

The unique concept of the gift box experience was turned successfully into a thriving business. Here to talk about this exciting venture is Alex Barseghian, CEO and Founder of Samba Days. Listen in as he shares his lessons and learnings on PSTV.


Sharon Worsley

Sharon Worsley interviewed by Randall Craig on Professionally Speaking TV

Personal Leadership

Join Sharon Worsley, creator of The 4 Diamond Leader, as she takes us through what makes an effective leader.


CSAE Social Media Best Practices Research

Randall Craig and Gerry Bramm CSAE Social Media Best Practices Research

Research, Benchmarking, Social Media

Randall Craig and Gerald Bramm discuss their recent report on CSAE Social Media best practices.


Ed Barisa

Ed Barisa interviewed by Randall Craig on

Boards, Professionals, Members

Discussing legal, regulatory, and advocacy issues in Ontario Real Estate, Ed Barisa, CEO of the Ontario Real Estate Association (OREA), offers insight and wisdom into an old and often misunderstood profession. Ed Barisa talks about the Competition Bureau, the Multiple Listing System (MLS), and the Buyers Representation Agreement as he takes us through some Real Estate industry trends.


Greg Taylor

Greg Taylor interviewed by Randall Craig on Professionally Speaking TV

Premium Canadian Pilsner

“We’re all about the celebration of Craft Beer.” Greg Taylor, Co-Founder of Steam Whistle Brewing Company, joins host Randall Craig as they discuss the art of brewing beer. Tracing his path to his current role, Greg Taylor tells the story behind the business. From bottle design and packaging to ingredients and brewing process, he reveals the advantages and disadvantages of craft brewing. Greg Taylor reveals why Steam Whistle Brewing focuses on doing one thing really well and how that focus has launched a successful brand. The interview continues onto grow opportunities and industry trends as he touches on what’s in store for Steam Whistle Brewing Company.


Denise Meehan

Denise Meehan interviewed by Randall Craig on Professionally Speaking TV

Fast food, Retail, Marketing

“We cook with a conscience.” Denise Meehan, founder and owner of Lick’s Homeburgers, shares the defining inspiration behind this Canadian institution. Maintaining the ‘homemade’ taste unique to Lick’s, she discusses the reach into grocery retail, controlling the supply chain, and protecting the integrity of quality. Denise Meehan recounts how the Natureburger her investment in beef pasteurization has paid off by providing food that fills a growing demand for healthy and safe options. Maintaining the mantra that Lick’s serves good food that is good for you, the Lick’s experience hasn’t changed much over the years. Maintaining an eye on food quality and service, Denise Meehan talks about staying ahead of industry trends and what’s next for Lick’s Homeburgers.


Ross Jefferson

Ross Jefferson interviewed by Randall Craig on Professionally Speaking TV

Destination Marketing

“Waterfronts can be a very powerful catalyst for change in a community.” Executive Director of Discover Saint John, Ross Jefferson, discusses city character and destination marketing. With waterfront cities acting as a ‘gateway’, he shares the connection between economic development and tourism, and how the public/private partnership model of Discover Saint John is a benefit to all involved. Ross Jefferson reveals the biggest challenges and biggest opportunities he faces in destination marketing, and how he approaches each head on. Learn where the dollars come from. Learn what the tough questions are. And learn how Saint John is quickly becoming a top tier destination.


Gerald Bramm

Gerald Bramm interviewed by Randall Craig on Professionally Speaking TV

Surveys, Reasearch, Interviews

Do you need more information? Gerald Bramm, of G.Bramm & Associates, reveals trade secrets in the field of Market Research. As he traces the history and pivotal highlights of market and consumer research, Gerald Bramm defines its impact on society over the years. Discussing development, collection, and analysis, Gerald Bramm explains the variations between focus groups, interviews and surveys and how technology is impacting the industry.


Ellen Kral

Ellen Krall interviewed by Randall Craig on Professionally Speaking TV

Publishing, B2B, Media

What’s the difference between a good magazine and an exceptional one? Ask Ellen Kral, CEO of Kenilworth Media. As one of Canada’s Top Women Entrepreneurs 2010 by PROFIT magazine, she offers insight into the realm of successful trade and association publishing. Profiling several of Kenilworth’s publications, Ellen Kral discusses the delicate balance between content and advertising. Revealing industry challenges and how she’s overcome them, she talks about Kenilworth’s competitive strategy and plans for growth.


Barry Kuntz

Post image for Barry Kuntz

GM, Leadership, Performance

Discussing the ride up the ladder, Barry Kuntz, former senior executive at General Motors, recalls his evolving roles at GM. As past Director of Fleet and Commercial he shares the sales process that allowed him to generate 30% of product sales for GM. Discussing negotiations, market segments, and dealer relations Barry Kuntz gives an inside perspective on GM and when the moment of change occurred in the automotive industry.


Grail Noble

Grail Noble interviewed on Professionally Speaking TV

Event Marketing

Bringing your brand to life. Grail Noble, Founder and President of Yellow House Events, talks about events – from planning to execution to marketing – and how to use events to connect your brand to your customer. Specializing in corporate events, Grail Noble discusses the various points that make an event successful and uses actual client examples from her diverse portfolio to prove it. Taking an in-depth look at a recent ‘flash-mob’ event, Grail Noble takes us through the steps of organization while watching the final moment on video.


Michele Bailey

Michele Bailey interviewed by Professionally Speaking TV

Creator, Designer, Strategizer

With almost two decades of experience in the business of design and advertising, Michele Bailey, founder and president of Blazing The Agency, talks marketing, advertising, and design. Referencing QR codes, smart phones, and iPads, she discusses digital marketing and how Blazing The Agency uses technology.


Randall Craig

Post image for Randall Craig

Social Media & Web Strategist

In response to viewer demand, Randall Craig, the usual host of Professionally Speaking TV, steps in as a featured guest in this episode. As a best-selling author, and sought after consultant in the field of social media and web strategy, he shares several best practices on how to successfully bind online activities to a business strategy. With a strong history in developing engaged communities, Randall Craig talks about broadcasting versus engagement, handling “comments”, and developing successful client relationships. With social media being a particular strength of his, Randall Craig offers up avenues of connecting social media with Customer Relationship Management and Search Engine Optimization to create a powerful online presence with an impact on business. Learn about Randall Craig’s coveted Anchors and Outpost strategy. Learn how to mitigate risks in online identity theft. Learn how the 4 P’s of marketing fit into today’s strategies.


Steve Taylor

Post image for Steve Taylor

Style, Design, Technology

Since 1875, Bulova’s single-category company has maintained their business and reputation of excellence. President of Bulova Canada, Steve Taylor, discusses patents, manufacturing, and the evolving technology of time keeping.


Corrine Sandler

Post image for Corrine Sandler

Fresh Intelligence Gathering

From data to intelligence, Fresh Intelligence founder and CEO, Corrine Sandler, defines market research in today’s fast-paced society. With almost a decade in the marketing and market research industry, she offers a revolutionary blending of methodology and technology that gathers online and digital intelligence.


Greg Gulyas

Post image for Greg Gulyas

Sales, Outsourcing, Offshoring

Former Senior VP at IBM, Greg Gulyas, recounts the moments that made history. From introducing the scanner to Loblaws to the introduction of personal computers, he discusses the steps that brought IBM to the forefront of technology. Racing through IBM history, he talks about the OS/2, PCjr, and the ThinkPad.


Stephen Rayfield

Post image for Stephen Rayfield

Marketing plans, Marketing research, Marketing mix

Marketing Knowledge Mentor. What do Frankenberry cereal and Nature Valley granola bars have in common? They we both marketed and launched by Stephen Rayfield, Marketing Knowledge Mentor. Giving real examples from his own distinguished career, Stephen Rayfield discusses the importance, impact, and integration of a marketing plan. Discussing the key elements and tools of the marketing department, he refers to maneuvering the marketing mix, and typical hurdles in a marketing plan.


Jody Steinhauer

Post image for Jody Steinhauer

Chief Bargains Officer

Who doesn’t love a bargain? President and Chief Bargains Officer of The Bargains Group, Jody Steinhauer talks about the wholesale industry and the development of retail discount in Canada. Discussing the apparel industry, major chains, and the coming of American retail into Canada, Jody Steinhauer offers insight into the business of merchandise in North America.


Dobri Stojsic

Dobri Stojsic interviewed by Randall Craig on Professionally Speaking TV

Strategic Plans, Cascading Actions

How far ahead do you plan? Dobri Stojsic, Senior partner at the Strategic Planning Group, and former senior executive at the Bank of Montreal, talks about strategic planning and the necessary actions that should be taken.


Laura Booker

Post image for Laura Booker

Word of Mouth Marketing

What’s the secret to a good buzz? Laura Booker, Word-of-mouth Marketing Expert and Business Strategist, shares the strategy of designing a successful word-of-mouth campaign. Using Laura Bookers intricate formula of the five T’s of the three C’s of the five P’s we learn the breakdown of how starting the right conversations with the right people on the right topics can create a hailstorm of increased revenue.


Steve Slaunwhite

Post image for Steve Slaunwhite

Copywriting Expert

What are you doing with your marketing? Can you get more from what you’re already doing? Expert Copy Writer, Marketing Coach and Author, Steve Slaunwhite shares powerful concepts on writing and marketing more effectively for your business. Learn what not to forget in your copy, how to use ‘belief builders’, and how to reverse risk. Steve Slaunwhite discusses the challenges and opportunities in copy, and gives examples of excellent strategies and models. He reviews various writing styles and how they can be most effectively used.


Karen Dalton

Post image for Karen Dalton

PR, Image, Media

How well maintained is your organization’s public image? Executive Director of the Canadian Public Relations Society, Karen Dalton talks about the strategic management of relationships with stakeholders. Giving positive and negative examples, Karen Dalton talks about the impact of social media, masquerading advertisers, crisis management, and the public’s trust in PR. Discussing PR development on a global scale, she reveals how Canadian PR associates rank and if we differ from Americans.


Louise Karch

Post image for Louise Karch

Fighter of Mediocrity

Presentation expert, career planning guru, brand maven, professional speaker, double gold-medal figure skater, and management consultant Louise Karch offers a diverse background that is linked by performance excellence. She discusses her career, challenges and inspiration. Describing her ‘OutPerform’ services and ‘brand-aide’, Louise Karch discusses brand issues and problems, and how brand integrity can become legacy.


Suzanne Sherkin

Post image for Suzanne Sherkin

Communication, Speaking, Presenting

Life is a presentation. Luckily, Chief Presentation Officer of Highborn Communications, Suzanne Sherkin can help. With a detailed focus in presentation coaching, she helps find your authentic voice, and helps bring out the key message and core values of your presentation. She offers insight into the entire process; from body language and power point to audience disengagement and saying things with power. Learn how to break down your topic and organize content.


Ashley Konson

Post image for Ashley Konson

Marketing, Strategy, Branding

What does ‘branding’ mean today? Can brand value be quantified? How can a brand be improved? As president of Cohesion Inc., and Course Director of the MBA Brand Management Program at Schulich School of Business, Ashley Konson is in a unique position to answer these questions. From major international companies to brand new entrepreneurial ventures, he discusses how to create brand aligned behavior and the influence it has in all areas of the business.


Kelly McCormick

Post image for Kelly McCormick

Reinventor of Business and Sales Processes

Are you living in the land of assumptions? Kelly McCormick, Sales Consultant and author of Outsell Yourself, talks about best sales practices and the difference between presentations and questions. Following an entrepreneurial path from an early age, Kelly McCormick shares her lessons on sales pressure, intentional pauses, and first-time buyers. Giving sales advice to non-sales people, she confronts the “so what” and promotes the probing questions that gain agreement and build trust.


Mark Bowden

Post image for Mark Bowden

Body Language and Gestures

Do you give speeches or presentations? How do you want to be perceived? Honest? Energetic? Arrogant? Mark Bowden, creator of Truth Plane – a model of training in communication, shares how gestures impact communication. Specializing in non-verbal communication, Mark Bowden demonstrates common gestures and explains their connection to the audience’s perception of the speaker. He discusses the use and view of gestures across, cultures, stereotypes, geography, and age. Mark Bowden reveals techniques to become a calm and confident speaker.


Christine Aquin Pope

Post image for Christine Aquin Pope

Corporate Sales and Lead Generation

Fear motivates people. It’s what motivated Christine Aquin-Pope, President of Gun Powder Business, to succeed in sales and business development. With a focus on selling to Fortune 1000 companies, she reveals how to set your sales force up for success. Sharing her secrets on sales lead generations and garnering C-level meetings, Christine Aquin-Pope talks about how she developed her niche specialty.


George Torok

Post image for George Torok

Non-traditional Marketing

Author of bestseller Secrets of Power Marketing: Promote Brand You, George Torok shares his expertise on non-traditional marketing, and presentation skills. Discussing the use of marketing oriented systems, he gives examples of follow-ups and checklists that make all the difference.


Kelley Robertson

Post image for Kelley Robertson

Fearless Selling

Do you find your sales goals being missed more often than being made? President of The Robertson Training Group, Kelley Robertson discusses Fearless Selling and how he helps teams overcome fears and challenges in selling. From management down to the sales floor, he offers practical tips on finding prospects, generating leads, handling objections, negotiating, and asking for the sale. Sharing his knowledge on buying motivators, Kelley Robertson tells you how to find them and how to use them.


Richard Peterson

Post image for Richard Peterson

Presentation Coach

With over 8000 presentations under his belt, Richard Peterson, Certified Sales Professional and founder of the Presentation Coaching Institute, reveals how to give a memorable presentation. Discussing the role of the presenter he talks about the benefit of rehearsing; how much is adequate and is this different from being prepared? Richard Peterson shares his thoughts on new versus existing content and how you can avoid the “stock” presentation trap.


Adrian Davis

Adrian Davis interviewed on Professionally Speaking TV

The intersection of Sales and Strategy

Are you selling something? Founder and CEO of Whetstone Inc., Adrian Davis offers insight into healthy selling. As he details the connection between sales and relationships, we learn lessons and concepts in strategic selling.


Michel Neray

Post image for Michel Neray

Marketing Differentiation

Chief Differentiation Officer, Michel Neray, shares how he found his Essential Message and built his company around it. Leveraging his pull between creativity and strategy is how he helps find the real core differentiation in his clients. Sharing the lessons he learned in this discovery process, he explains how he saw what was previously invisible. Michel Neray discusses getting client buy-in, involving the client in the solution, and why an essential message is more effective than an elevator pitch.


Warren Evans

Post image for Warren Evans

Trends Blending Expert

Known to be ahead of the curve, Trends Blending Expert, Warren Evans speaks on strategic planning, changing trends, and what drives them. With corporate roots, he talks about the three-year transition he made into speaking and the influences that add to his success. Being a founding member of CAPS and in the Canadian Speakers Hall of Fame, he discusses speaking as a critical job skill and offers advice to those Executives seeking to enter professional speaking. Feeding into his charitable foundation, Laura’s Hope, Warren Evans offers a speaker Boot Camp to professionals internationally to help work on structure and presentation.


Susan Sweeney

Post image for Susan Sweeney

Internet marketing

The 101 Ways Susan Sweeney, Internet marketing expert and author of several books on the subject, shares some powerful information and Internet marketing wisdom. Susan Sweeney talks about how she became a force in the online marketing world as she traces her career history and all it’s triumphs and pitfalls. She reveals her no-nonsense approach of: meet objectives, fit target markets, and promote products and services.


Shelle Rose Charvet

Post image for Shelle Rose Charvet

Words that Change Minds

Is your butt on the line if you don’t bring home the proverbial bacon? Shelle Rose Charvet, President of Success Strategies, talks about influence, persuasion, and the below conscious communication process. Using Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) and the Language And Behaviour (LAB) profile, she finds what triggers motivation, and what to do to keep them motivated. Helping to decode behaviour and decisions, Shelle Rose Charvet discusses the uses and application of this in sales, customer service, and various negotiation tactics.


Tom Stoyan

Post image for Tom Stoyan

Canadian Sales Coach

Do you wear a sales hat? Canada’s Sales Coach, Tom Stoyan, offers coaching insights on how to become active in your customer’s buying decision and sell more effectively. Tracing his 24-year career, Tom Stoyan shares the lessons, influences, and challenges that have carved out his ‘Selling with Integrity’ training program.