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John Stanton

John Stanton interviewed on Professionally Speaking TV

Marathons, Training, Retail

“Much of our success is that tie-in to the community.” Founder of Running Room, John Stanton, joins us in the studio to discuss his hugely successful retail chain and the 25+ years of entrepreneurial triumph. Talking about his first run and where Running Room came from, John Stanton shares the challenges of expanding into the American market and what they are doing to succeed.


Sami Jo Small

Post image for Sami Jo Small

Olympic Gold-medal Athlete

Seven hours from puck drop, Sami Jo Small, three time Olympian in Women’s Hockey, found out she wasn’t playing in the final game of the Vancouver Olympics. Supporting her teammates, she cheered from the sidelines as they won the gold medal. Sami Jo Small has made a life out of sharing what it means to be a teammate, speaking around the world. After the Olympics she pursued hockey in a different way; establishing hockey camps and schools for youth ages 7-17, and founding the Canadian Women’s Hockey League.


Kary and Uche Odiatu

Post image for Kary and Uche Odiatu

Fitness, Health, Lifestyle

Exuding positive health and wellness, Canada’s First Couple of Fitness, Kary and Uche Odiatu, join us to talk about how they discovered their passion for health, how it’s changed their lives, and how it can change yours. Retracing how they met and built their careers, Kary and Uche Odiatu share how they maintain the balance in their lives together. Offering advice for those who are starting on the road to health, they give tips and strategies on how to integrate health into a lifestyle and make time for your health.


Burt Konzak

Post image for Burt Konzak

Karate, Business, Education

“Without ‘art’, Martial Art is just another way of fighting.” Scholar, teacher, martial artist, and founder of The Toronto Academy of Karate, Dr. Burt Konzak explains and expounds upon the history, wisdom, and practice of Karate. Describing his split career as University of Toronto professor and Karate Sensei, he discusses Karate’s deep training in ethics and it’s basis in character development.


Audley Stephenson

Post image for Audley Stephenson

Lessons from the World of Basketball

Using parallels from sports and specifically basketball, Audley Stephenson founder of Hard Court Lessons and self-professed “hoops junkie”, shares lessons on leadership through coaching the game. He shares how he crafted his message, and the influences that have helped him.