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Supply Chain

Laurie Turnbull

Supply Chain Expertise

Supply Chain Consultant at Cole International, Laurie Turnbull, joins us to make the complex simpler in Supply Chain Management.


Shawn Casemore

Shawn Casemore interviewed by Randall CRaig on Professionally Speaking TV

Improving Operational Performance

“Success is not elusive,” says Shawn Casemore, Founder and President of Casemore & Co. Discussing the key elements in achieving operational success, Shawn Casemore talks about the importance and skill in executing strategies, aligning processes, and integrating software. He also reveals what’s changed in operational excellence over the years. Revealing secreats to craftinga great team, a multi-generational workforce, procurement, and the future of supply chain, Shawn Casemore hits all the key spots making this an interview you won’t want to miss!


Dan Goodwill

Dan Goodwill interviewed by Randall Craig on Professionally Speaking TV

Logistics, Transport, Supply Chain

“Smart companies see strategic supply chain management as a competitive weapon,” explains Dan Goodwill, founder of Dan Goodwill & Associates. Defining freight transport and the industry dynamics, he discusses capacity and managing the impact and efficiencies.


Patricia Moser

Patricia Moser interviewed on Professionally Speaking TV

Procurement, Supply Chain, Demand

Breaking the glass ceiling of Supply Chain, Patricia Moser, President of i3 advantage inc., traces her career path. Reviewing processes and practices in past senior roles at Rogers Communications and Grand & Toy, she shares lessons learned and best practices. Patricia Moser discusses several contributing factors in successful procurement such as data mining analysis, effective value propositions, and supplier due diligence.


Greg Gulyas

Post image for Greg Gulyas

Sales, Outsourcing, Offshoring

Former Senior VP at IBM, Greg Gulyas, recounts the moments that made history. From introducing the scanner to Loblaws to the introduction of personal computers, he discusses the steps that brought IBM to the forefront of technology. Racing through IBM history, he talks about the OS/2, PCjr, and the ThinkPad.


Bob Armstrong

Post image for Bob Armstrong

Supply Chain Logistics

Bringing supply chain research to the forefront, Bob Armstrong of Supply Chain Logistics Association discusses their research, value proposition, and competitive advantage. With the current challenges facing the supply chain industry, Bob Armstrong talks about becoming cost-effective and innovative to participate and compete globally.


Kevin Maynard

Post image for Kevin Maynard

Supply Chain, Sourcing, Partnerships

Employing almost 750,000 Canadians across the country in various industries and occupations, Supply Chain is an essential sector in the Canadian economy. Kevin Maynard, Executive Director of the Canadian Supply Chain Sector Council, discusses the Supply Chain industry and it’s roles within Canada. He addresses the challenges of global sourcing, demand planning, and the impact of increasing fuel costs. Having a massive spectrum of labour forces involved in Supply Chain, Kevin Maynard talks about their efforts to recruit and retain employees. He focuses on some of the Council’s Programs and Partnerships to interest new recruits, and guide them into accreditation programs and professional designations.


Gerald Ford

Post image for Gerald Ford

Best Purchasing Practices

How transparent are you? Sharing his views on those burdensome RFP’s, Supply Chain Consultant and Chief Visionary Officer of Cambridge Solutions Inc., Gerald Ford, talks about best purchasing practice. With the benefit of working with various associations, Gerald Ford shares his thoughts and influences in the arena of securing bids and bidding mistakes.


Stephen Bauld

Post image for Stephen Bauld

Public Procurement Process

When we say that Stephen Bauld wrote the book on public procurement, we really mean it! Author of the Municipal Procurement Handbook, and President of Purchasing Consultants Inc., Stephen Bauld defines the public procurement process differentiating it from private sector procurement. Going through the various checks and balances of government procurement, Stephen Bauld discusses policies, pre-qualifications, bid evaluations, by-laws, and procedures.