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06 2012

Changes Are Coming

Syndicated from: Change Bytes

With a view towards providing increasing value to my loyal readers, I’m excited to announce some changes that you’ll soon see happening with this blog space. Starting today, this blog will become a landing place for ideas, inspiration, and advice on transformational change. You’ll see brief, targeted blog posts that highlight some of my lessons learned working on the front lines of organizational and personal change. And the good news is that this change is going to be painless for you! No need to change the bookmark on your web browser. So, think of this space as your place to hang out, voice your own keen insights, gnarly challenges and the tips & tools that work for you. If you currently subscribe to my monthly ‘Change Bytes’ newsletter, you won’t see it here going forward, but don’t worry, it will continue to find it’s way into your Inbox. If you’ve not yet received the newsletter, just sign up and you’ll also receive my complementary e-book, 19 Hopeful Hints for Managing the Big Fat Changes at Work. Try it…you’ll like it!And, follow me on Twitter under the new handle @Change Bytes. Join me there for a daily dose of inspiration and challenge to help you change what you thought you couldn’t. We’re all in this together, so I’ll do my part to keep you energized and moving forward.Remember, you can change it…I can help!

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