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19 2013

Characteristics of successful entrepreneurs

Syndicated from: Canadian Youth Business Foundation

There are a few key attributes which distinguish the high-potential entrepreneur from their peers in the start-up community, which are observable especially when you have (as I’ve had), the opportunity to meet entrepreneurs in various circumstances and situations. The characteristics that really define and differentiate the founder (or co-founders, as a team) from the herd include the following: Coachable Humble (see above) Team player – there is no “I” in “team” Committed – believes in themselves and their team Sees opportunity that others do not, “disruptive thinking” Takes the long view, but executes in the present Ability to pivot, when and where circumstances require Community-minded This is not a short list, but an important list for investors, when considering where to place their hard-earned capital. By Sandy Robertson, Georgian Angel Network, Collingwood, ON

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